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Brandt: Is that all you've got? A cheap trick and a cheesy one-liner?
Tony: Sweetheart, that could be the name of my autobiography.

Funny moments in Iron Man 3.

Tony Stark/Iron Man
  • In the film proper, the whole testing of the wireless suit up. It starts out fine, but the pieces start coming in faster than Tony realizes. He handles it at first and even pulls off a badass flip to catch the faceplate...then one of the parts that flew into one of his display cases hits him from behind and sends him and the pieces of the suit flying.
    • Made even funnier by the fact that the piece that hit him from behind was the butt plate.
    • Jarvis's comment as Tony is sprawled on the floor and groaning takes the hilarity Up to Eleven:
      Jarvis: [deadpan] As always, it's a pleasure to watch you work, sir.
  • The Mark XLII chilling on Tony's couch. Then Pepper flirts with Tony while he's in the suit. Or rather, while he's not. When he mentions she had a meeting with Aldrich Killian, the suit turns to Pepper in a disapproving look!
    • And then Pepper looks back at it, goes "What?" and the armor looks sad and walks off.
    • Pepper's reaction to the reveal that the armor was empty and Tony was downstairs in his basement doing something else. Or rather, her lack of reaction.
  • Tony leaving Harley behind.
    Tony: Wait, you're guilt tripping me aren't you?
    Harley: I'm cold.
    Tony: I can tell, you know how I can tell? [beat] Because we're connected. [drives away]
    Harley: [beat] It was worth a shot.
    • Tony's expression during this just sells it. That wry grin of his is absolutely hilarious.
  • After saving the crew of Air Force One, Iron Man looks to make sure everyone's okay. When he confirms they are, he turns around to fly away... and gets hit by a truck. Good thing he wasn't in it.
  • Tony's waiting and stalling for the Iron Man armor to arrive when he's been captured so he can break free. His antics whilst waiting are hilarious, then become a Moment of Awesome.
    Guard: How did we end up with this shift?
    • Even better, it comes after he takes out the guards with only two pieces of his armor and a gun.
      • The scene is made even funnier when a third guard runs into Tony Stark, who's now armed, leading to this exchange:
      Guard 3: Honestly, I hate working here, they are so weird. *drops gun*
      *Tony waves with his repulsor hand, and guard runs away*
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    • When he finally gets outside, he's fully suited up save for his faceplate. Remembers how it beaned him the last time. He quickly grabs it out of the air as it's rocketing toward him and calmly puts it on.
    • Then when he tries to fly, the thrusters short out, lacking power. Seeing Tony clonk delicately down a flight of stairs in the armor is nothing short of hysterical.
  • The first time Tony jumps up to take a peek over the crate to see how many enemies they're up against:
    Rhodey: What'd you see?
    Tony: Too fast, nothing.
    • It's even funnier when you know that Robert Downey Jr. ad-libbed that.
    • Funnier still when you realize that Tony, played by the man who played Sherlock Holmes, just failed a Sherlock Scan.
  • Tony Stark is not good with kids:
    Harley: Well, mom already left for the diner, and dad went to 7-Eleven to get scratchers. I guess he won, 'cuz that was six years ago.
    Tony: [awkward pause] Which happens. Dads leave, no need to be a pussy about it.
    • Yet another example of Stark's A+ Parenting:
      Harley: [after being asked to be given a full report by Tony] Yeah, I'm still eating that candy. Do you want- Do you want me to keep eating it?
      Tony: How much have you had?
      Harley: Two or three bowls.
      Tony: Can you still see straight?
      Harley: [squints] Sort of.
      Tony: That means you're fine. Give me JARVIS.
  • During the final battle, Tony calls for his Mark XLII armor. In the background, it comes closer and closer, Tony stands ready, the music builds up...only for the armor to hit a pole in the way and break into pieces. Tony's expression says it all.
    Tony: Well I'll be damned... The Prodigal Son returns...
    [Mark XLII crashes and breaks into pieces on the ground before reaching Tony]
    Tony: ...Whatever.
    • The look on Aldrich Killian's face when it happens just really sells it.
  • The post-credits stinger, which is that Tony was casually telling the film's story to a clearly asleep Bruce Banner, who tells him that he's Not That Kind of Doctor. Undeterred, Tony picks up where he left off and continues rambling.
    Bruce: I'm not a therapist, it's not my training. I don't have the —
    Tony: What, the time?
    Bruce: ...Temperament.
    • Bruce dozed off at "going down the elevator in Switzerland", and Tony didn't notice until the very end, he's that self-absorbed. He only realized Bruce wasn't paying attention when he dropped his glasses.
  • Tony's quips during his fight in Rose Hill against Ellen Brandt.
    Tony: You walked right into this: I've dated hotter chicks than you!
    Brandt: That all you got? A cheap trick and a cheesy one-liner?
    Tony: Sweetheart, that could be the name of my autobiography.
  • Tony nicknames a Mook "Ponytail Express". The exact character name that said actor gets in the end credits.
  • Tony begging Maya not to tell him there's a twelve year old kid in her car.
    Dr. Maya Hansen: He's thirteen.
    • Made even better by Tony's shoulders hitching immediately and a brief expression of absolute horror before he realises that she's messing with him.
  • After a particularly intense moment where Tony is investigating the Extremis attack that Happy was injured in, his doorbell suddenly rings and he sees on his security camera Maya standing at the door. Complete with JARVIS snarking back
    Tony: [to JARVIS, exasperated] Are we still at ding-dong? We're supposed to be on total security lockdown! C'mon! I threatened a terrorist!
    JARVIS: There's only so much I can do when you give the world's press your home address...
  • Tony asking Pepper why she doesn't walk around in lingerie more often.
  • Tony tells Maya not to be upset that he can't remember her because he can't remember what he had for breakfast. Without missing a beat, JARVIS informs him, "Gluten-free waffles, sir."
    • Without any other beats lost, "That was it."
  • Dr. Maya Hansen calls on Tony, is subjected to one of Tony and Pepper's signature squabbles, especially when her attention is drawn to the giant stuffed bunny in the room.
    Tony: Yes, that's normal. It's a big bunny, relax about it!
  • Much as the context is a CMOA, this line is still a big laugh:
    Tony: [stunned beat] I got nothing.
  • After reuniting with Maya in Killian's Base, Maya shows Tony the equations he had written down on the back of a card in the beginning of the movie 13 years ago... and he has absolutely no memory of the event (most likely due to the fact that he was drunk). Maya's reaction sells it. This equation has been what has fueled her research into Extremis for the last 13 years, and the man who gave it to her just revealed that it was something that he scribbled out one night when he was drunk and that he has no memory of ever doing.
    • On a similar note, towards the end of the film, Tony tells an Extremis-affected Pepper that she shouldn't worry about exploding.
      Tony: Don't worry. I almost had this 13 years ago when I was drunk.

James Rhodes/Rhodey/War Machine/Iron Patriot

  • Tony Stark — who for years was a weapons designer and international arms dealer and is now a Crazy-Prepared superhero with armor for every combat eventuality under the sun — has very little knowledge on how garden-variety hand pistols work. Made funnier when you realize the guns they're using probably do use the same kind of ammunition... just not the same kind of magazine.
    Tony: [to Rhodey] Give me more bullets! You have spares!
    Rhodey: Mine's a different gun! They're not universal!
    • In fact if you look closely, they do use the same ammunition; both pistols are 9mm models, meaning they could take the ammo out of one of Rhodey's spare mags to refill Tony's pistol (albeit that would take time). But given Tony's marksmanship skills, the rounds might be better off right where they are.
    • Before this the two are trying to sneak onto the gantry crane and Rhodey tells Tony to cover him. Obviously Tony's combat experience lies in his suit so his performance is...erratic (he fires one-handed vaguely in the direction of possible enemies, mostly; compared to Rhodey's precision and discipline he looks like a flailing starfish). A mook spots them and opens fire. Tony tries to shoot back and hits the glass on the spotlight but not the bulb.
      Tony: You see that, nailed it!
      Rhodey: [sarcastically] Yeah, you killed the glass.
      Tony: I was aiming for the bulb. You can't hit the bulb at this distance!
      [Rhodey promptly pops out of cover and fires...hitting the bulb in one shot. Then gives Tony a "You were saying?" look.]
  • The Running Gag that everyone hates the decision for Rhode's gear to be changed from "War Machine" to "Iron Patriot" and be given a red-white-and-blue makeover. It mirrors the time when people tried to rename French fries into freedom fries.
    • Rhodey explaining that 'Iron Patriot' was popular in focus groups, in a tone that makes the lameness of such a defense clear.
    • Later, he comes into the Mandarin's supposed headquarters, demanding the Mandarin and threatens them all with his arm cannon... then gets a call from Tony. Awkwardly, he tells them he has to take it. It's Tony asking him for his login information for the federal database. Rhodey's password? WARMACHINEROX. When the captives he's holding start laughing, he points his Shoulder Cannon at them without looking.
      [Tony laughs loudly on the in-car telephone, as Rhodey lightly laughs back...]
      Tony: That is... so much better than Iron Patriot.
  • Rhodey gets a lot of funny lines. Of particular note is this Adorkable moment after he bursts into a sweatshop while searching for the Mandarin and the workers inside gratefully thank him as they rush outside;
    Rhodey: Yes, you're free! Uh, if you weren't before. No need to thank me... Iron Patriot on the job... Yeah...
  • Rhodey's protesting to his armor's AI, then switching to a cheerful "Okay, let's go!" upon being forced out of the Iron Patriot armor, as if he's not about to face down a bunch of Extremis soldiers with nothing but his fists.
    • Followed moments later by his completely dumbfounded reaction to Aldrich Killian breathing fire.
    • Savin's reaction is even more hilarious. When your own right-hand man can't believe what he's just seen, you know it's a funny moment. Throughout the movie, he's been unflappable. Caught in a near nuke level explosion, he walks it off. Discovering his boss can literally breathe fire, that puts him off his game.
    • Particularly amusing if you remember he's an Extremis subject as well, so his whole look could be summed up as "Holy shit! We can actually do that?! Why didn't anyone tell me?!"

Pepper Potts

...and Everyone Else

  • From the Comic Con Footage:
  • The flashback shows us Happy's fashion choices in 1999. He looks like Vincent Vega.
  • Any scene with The Mandarin/ Trevor after The Reveal because he is a goofy nobody off camera, complete with a British accent.
    • A throwaway moment in his big confrontation with Tony Stark. He makes his entrance from the bathroom, warning his lady friends that the room should be avoided for a while. A short time later Tony orders them into the bathroom; as they exit stage left, you can hear their disgusted reactions to the smell.
    • When Savin arrives and knocks out Tony, he asks why Trevor didn't hit the panic button:
      Trevor: Well, I panicked...and then I handled it.
    • Later, when Tony and Rhodey confront him, he continues to be scatter-brained - at one point, he's distracted by the Liverpool-Chelsea English Premier League match, when Liverpool defender Daniel Agger scores to make it 3-0 Liverpool. That said, while the film was set around Christmas, the match shown actually took place in May 2012, with Liverpool winning 4-1.
  • What a mook says when Tony points a MAC-10 and repulsor at him: "Honestly, I hate working here; they are SO weird." He then proceeds to run.
  • Killian mentioning that Trevor's King Lear was 'the toast of Croydon, wherever that is' got a laugh with British audiences as Croydon is a suburb of south London with a reputation for being very dull.
  • Any time they bring up the limited-edition Dora the Explorer watch Tony wears for a good portion of the film.
    • Also, Tony's reaction when a henchman destroys the watch.
    • And the fact that there's a replacement for Harley at the end of the movie — try to imagine the conversation that took place between Tony and the manufacturer. "Hello, this is Tony Stark. This is going to sound strange, but..."
  • Iron Man's obsessed fan finds Tony Stark in the back of his news van, complete with a tattoo.
  • Towards the beginning, Happy has difficulty using a tablet computer. Tony telling him to "flip the screen" (or rather turn the screen so the camera facing toward what he wants Tony to see) is the icing on the cake.
    • Tony has to hack the damn thing just to see what Happy's fussing about.
    • Also, telling Tony about Aldrich Killian. Obviously, he doesn't remember him.
      Happy: Well, of course you don't remember him, he's not a blonde with a big rack!
    • When Happy first makes the call and doesn't know precisely where the camera is.
      Tony: Is this the forehead of security?
    • He's also not good with words.
      Happy: [Killian]'s showing [Pepper] his big brain. And she likes it. [it's a literal hologram of his brain]
  • After Happy wakes up in the hospital, his nurse comes to him only for him to shush her because Downton Abbey is on.
    • We also see him start getting a little twitchy when he looks back at the nurse. Why? Because she wasn't wearing her security badge.
  • Stan Lee's cameo as a beauty pageant judge.
  • JARVIS develops a few glitches after flying Tony to safety, such as ending some sentences with the wrong cranberry.
  • Tony's reaction when he regains consciousness just in time to find out that in the aftermath of his house getting attacked by Killian's forces, the suit's flown him to Rose Hill, Tennessee:
    Tony: WHY. JARVIS? Not my idea! What are we doing here, this is thousands of miles away, I gotta get Pepper, I gotta...
    JARVIS: [incredulous, almost insulted] I prepared a flight plan. This was the location!
    • Especially hilarious as Tony was in fact going to head that way before his home got blown sky high. He even ordered JARVIS to make a flight plan. So JARVIS's tone is "You told me to do it, dummy!"
  • JARVIS informing Tony he's made a safety protocol "for you to entirely ignore." Which Tony agrees he will.
  • The adorable Dunce Cap on "Dummy".
    Tony: Why are you wearing that hat? Because you earned it.
  • Savin going into Air Force One and killing the Secret Service agents? Disturbing. Savin repulsor-blasting one of them and then looking at his palm in a vaguely surprised "that was unexpected and yet awesome" way? Hilarious.
  • After Rhodey rescues President Ellis and gets back in his armor, we get this exchange:
    Rhodey: Ready, Mister President?
    President Ellis: What do you mean, [Rhodey flies off suddenly while carrying the president] reaAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
  • This exchange between Happy and Pepper early in the film, in regard to Happy wanting to replace the security staff with Tony's spare suits:
    Happy: I'm just saying that the human element of human resources is a major weak point, we should begin phasing it out immediately.
    Pepper: What? Did you really just say that?
  • "Ladies...children...sheep."
  • Harley trying his 'I'm cold' routine is shamelessly cynical and hilarious. Of course, so is Tony, which is why it doesn't work.
  • The aftermath of the fake execution.
  • In a meta sense, Killian's big final declaration of "It was me all along! I am the Mandarin!" is especially gut-busting to hear now since Marvel has constantly gone out of its way to assure us that, no, he wasn't.


  • The extended look trailer because it is more 'extensive than extended'.
  • This poster. The sinister Mandarin looks so silly. It's especially funny after the film was released!
  • Not part of the movie, but part of the credits. It gets to the Digital Effects department, and for about five to ten seconds there's just this giant wall of names. Also a Moment of Awesome for them.
  • The Air Force One passengers who Tony save are credited as the "Barrel of Monkeys Skydiving Team".
  • Though it's a production gaffe, if you look closely during the scene where Tony threatens the Mandarin, the reporter's phone upgrades from a flip-phone to a smartphone merely by being in Tony Stark's presence.
  • The deleted scenes have plenty of it: extended takes for scenes here (the Tony fanboy, Robert Downey Jr. speaking plenty of one-liners before the repulsor glove arrives, Ben Kingsley doing various accents), turning the Newscaster Cameo from the beginning into full segments of Real Time with Bill Maher and Fashion Police, and Savin-dressed-as-Iron Patriot punching an NSA agent who annoys him.
    • Even better, there's what Savin says to distract said agent
      Savin: Hey, is that Thor? [THWONK]
    • Kelly Osbourne offers up an opinion of the Iron Patriot armor:
      Kelly: Did it not look like he'd raided Captain America's wardrobe?
    • During Happy's rant about Tony and his "superfriends" you can catch this gem:
      "...hanging out with people twice your height and half your age..."


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