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    Iron Chef (Japan) 
  • Kaga's reaction when he asks Katsuyo Kobayashi to choose an Iron Chef. The traditional tension of the moment gets ruined when Kobayashi cheerfully says she doesn't care who she faces, since all three are Iron Chefs. Kaga is taken aback by such a gentle response.
    • Really, Kobayashi's appearance on the show in general, just because she's such a sweetheart. Especially when she goes over to Chen's side of the kitchen to watch him and give him advice.
  • Kyoko Kagata became the first female challenger to defeat Chen. When she returned for a second show a few years later, she once more chose Chen who first nods then has a hysterical "oh, not again!" face. (He won the rematch).
  • In a rematch with Bobby Flay, there's a scene where Chairman Kaga smiles endearingly at a burger and then tries to bite into it, only to have the contents slip out of the bun.
  • Kandagawa taunting Sakai in Battle Lotus Root, which was funny in and of itself, reached a head after Kandagawa made a long strip out of one lotus root and presented it to Sakai, remarking "You wanna wear this belt?" Sakai finally snapped, telling Kandagawa to leave him alone and finally shouting "You're always bothering people! Nobody LIKES you!"
    • Another funny part was Kandagawa, of all people, telling Sakai to make the best of it when Sakai fussed about the ingredient while they were gathering it.
  • In one episode, the challenger brought his mentor as a guest/assistant. During the battle, the (visibly drunk) mentor was looking over the shoulder of one of the assistants working on the challenger's side when suddenly, the mentor flat-out punched him in the face! And when asked why he did that, the mentor said something like "Oh, he wasn't doing it right."
  • The look on Chen's face when the secret ingredient is unveiled... in Battle Yogurt. When questioned about his dishes he looks and sounds like he doesn't even remember what he'd just been through for the last hour. He then wins. The look of visible shock on his face, complete with pointing at himself in disbelief, is priceless.
    • Heck, the entire battle is this. Every time Ohta goes to Chen for commentary on the cooking, Chen is extremely irritated and complains that he's flying by the seat of his pants. Chen also gives some great sarcastic comments to the producers after the battle is over.
  • Sakai's reactions at the start of his battle against Italian chef Kyōnori Miura, with the theme being squid. First he says in surprise, "They're alive!" and soon gets bitten by one as he prepares it. The commentators don't miss a chance to poke fun at Sakai's disgust with handling the slimy ingredient either.
    • He was even worse during an earlier battle that used octopus. Sakai actually drops one on the floor and leaves it to squirm around while the announcers laugh and exclaim "It's getting away!"
  • There is a Rice battle involving Chen that was never officially dubbed. Chairman Kaga's introduction of the theme ingredient is a sight to behold.
  • From the Yamashita/Morimoto overtime Scallion battle (following the Cod Roe tie), one of the judges talks to the food.
  • Kaga absolutely hates Udon and voices his opinion regarding it during one Udon battle.
    Tenmei Kanoh: Kaga-san, do you like udon?
    Kaga: Me? Leave me alone. *Everyone laughs*. I hate udon. *More laughter*
    Kanoh: You don't like it?
    Kaga: But when these chefs cook, they turn it into something else.
  • Challenger Wang Zhijian's reaction to the day's theme ingredient. His opponent, Michiba? Completely stonefaced.
  • The way Chairman Kaga announces ingredients in his native Japanese tongue. From the flair he introduces them to uttering "familiar" words in a different context (Example: Tako (pronounced "Taco"; yes, the Mexican Meal) is Japanese for Octopus).
  • During a mushroom battle that was never officially dubbed, Italian challenger Daniella Ozik spontaneously breaks out into song in the middle of the battle. With a minute to go and all her dishes complete, she starts singing in Chen's direction, to the amusement of the commentators.
  • At the start of a never-dubbed all-Iron Chef Japanese (Nakamura v Morimoto) battle, Michiba is announcing the theme ingredientnote . After yanking the red tablecloth off the dais, up rises a wicker hutch containing three live hens (thankfully *not* the theme ingredient), straw and a buttload of white eggs. Nakamura already cracks up, and sports a doofy "WTF?" grin at the over-the-top presentation (while Morimoto stays stonefaced)...and then Michiba just says "Tamago!" ("Eggs!") with nothing resembling Kaga's trademark hammy gravitas. Kaga, also at the dais with Michiba, totally corpses, cracking up with an audible wheeze. See here.
  • Comedian Shinsuke Shimada challenged Chen Kenichi in a Taisho Shrimp battle in 1996. With a minute to go in the battle, he sits on a bucket and reads the horse race section of the newspaper. Ohta chimes in with a report that this was Shimada's image of Japanese cuisine chefs. Then, at the 30-second mark, Shimada has a hard time getting back up, saying, "My butt got stuck."
    • Just prior to Shimada pulling out the newspaper, Ohta reports Chen claimed to have been ignored, thanks to the high profile of the challenger.
  • During the guinea fowl battle, which was to be served on Wedgewood china, the judges were asked to dress in costume for it. This was Masumi Okada's take on it:
    "Good evening, I think I look like a lion tamer."
  • The side eye Kaga gives after Kandagawa comments on how he's eating so well, he's glowing. And based on the shit-eating grin Kandagawa's sporting, he knows he got under Kaga's skin.
  • During Battle Black Pig Sakai ends up slipping and falling on the floor. That's not the funny part. The funny part is this was in a battle against a former classmate of his, with many of his former classmates and his teacher in the royal box. Poor Sakai.
  • In Battle Natto, the normally stonefaced Michiba is the one grinning from ear to ear when the ingredient is revealed while his opponent is the one looking serious. Bonus points to how Chairman Kaga presents the natto with his fingers stretching out like sticky threads.
    • Also during the battle, Michiba commented in regards to his opponent (his culinary peer that Kaga said was the moon to Michiba's sun) that he "wished he would smile more" which is even funnier considering Michiba's default expression is a serious, no nonsense face.
  • When an Iron Chef gets an ingredient he's not fond of, he'll express it in various ways. Notable examples are Chen's facial expressions (especially in Battle Yogurt) and Sakai's verbal complaints while gathering the ingredient (Battle Lotus Root against Kandagawa is a prime example). The Japanese Iron Chefs often save their complaints for the commentary.
  • An undubbed Milk Battle with Sakai has both him and the challenger, Seiji Toyoshima, unable to keep from smiling when they see the large milk bottles arriving. But that's not quite what the ingredient is. Chairman Kaga's grin only gets wider when he has two dairy cows brought in and literally everyone is either cracking up or unable to keep from smiling. Sakai even goes over to one of the cows to tug at an udder while it's being milked.
  • For the 300th Challenger Special, the other three Iron Chefs plus Kandagawa are attending this one to watch Chen taking on Dominique Corby. What makes the moment truly funny is Sakai not only taking notes on what's being made but when the battle is a tie, he's the only one who looks gleeful about it. Chen, Corby, Kandagawa, Kobe, and Morimoto all look like they'd rather be literally anywhere but the Stadium.

    Iron Chef America 
    • Which then got topped by Alton digging himself deeper in a hole when he was caught in the corridor...again.
  • Mario Batali mocking the automated announcer in an early episode.
    "I was not mocking your announcer, good sir, merely repeating what she said in a different tone of voice!"
  • The Holiday episode in 2011 of Iron Chef America (Symon vs Morimoto) had Alton constantly letting you know that the theme ingredient was HIS fruitcake.
  • The holiday episode with Cat Cora and Paula Deen vs. Robert Irvine and Tyler Florence.
    • Paula actually BITES Robert's finger.
    • Not to mention judge Tina Fey telling Robert to "be careful with those guns" when he takes off his chef's jacket.
    • When the girls present one of their dishes with a little peppermint cocktail.
    Tina Fey: This seems like one of those really subtle drinks that sneaks up on you. One moment you're having a drink, and the next moment you've got your top off…
    Ted Allen: Tina! You're ruining Christmas for everyone!
  • Morimoto vs. Cantu: beets.
    • Honorable mention for Alton fangirling over most of what Cantu's doing, especially the "class IV laser" that he totes.
    • Then...there was the rematch. In particular, everything Morimoto did. The faces he made, taking a huge gulp of distilled white vinegar and flailing around in reaction, and his little "Da-da!" as he spritzed the judge's plates.
  • Angelo Sosa vs Bobby Flay in the Las Vegas episode. Prior to the announcement of the "secret ingredient", Angelo cheerfully states he's got his "red underwear on." The chairman is left stunned.
  • The way Dacascos announces a certain theme ingredient: beer. Witness.
  • The “Deep Freeze” episode with Cat Cora and Robert Irvine vs. Anne Burrell and Michael Symon: Michael has an over/under bet with the crew for when Robert will take off his chef’s jacket and “put on the gun show”.
    • When the point in time that most of the crew - including Michael - had placed money on passes without Robert removing his jacket, Alton Brown offers to double the amount in the pool if Irvine keeps his jacket on.
  • Symon vs. Goldman:
    • Alton’s impersonation of the chairman (who is absent for reasons unknown) during Duff’s introduction.
    • Alton’s frustration with Duff’s cheering section.
    • Michael attempts to curry favor with the all-female judging panel by pouring them each a glass of champagne.
    • When he challenges Michael, Duff accuses him of stealing his bald look and his laugh. As the cooking portion of the competition winds down Michael attempts to add another item to that list by stealing Duff’s cap - right off of his head.
  • Symon vs. Tio: Anthony Anderson stealing The Chairman’s cocktail and telling him, “I don’t think you should have this”, and Dacascos’ responding look of amusement.
  • Season Six, Episode Four: Bobby Flay versus the Rathbun Brothers in Battle Elk. At first glance, the battle looks to be in Flay's favor (his Southwestern approach working well with proteins like venison), but Elk is the second largest member of the Deer family (and one of the largest land mammals in North America period) and the chefs are told to nab whole sides of venison to take to their stations. Flay is completely unable to take a side of Elk by himself and requires the help of his sous chef, while each of the Rathbun's tosses a hunk of meat over their shoulders alone and casually walks it over to their side.
    Flay: The Rathbun brothers could basically be tag team members of the World Wrestling Federation. I mean, they're huge guys. And then there's me, who has the challenge of even getting the meat to the table.
    • Even better? Alton Brown's commentary throws constant shade at Flay for being unable to even lift his hunk of elk by himself.
    Alton: And Battle Elk is on here in Kitchen Stadium. This is, of course, the second largest deer variety in the world after the Moose, which is why it takes a couple of guys to haul this stuff around... unless, of course, you're Kent Rathbun, who seems to be handling his Elk with ease.
    • And it keeps getting worse as the battle goes on. Flay is exhausted by the time his side is able to bring the slabs of Elk to the station and he's completely unable to lift a smaller chunk by himself... while one of the Rathbun brothers is shown manhandling a slab between stations on-camera shortly afterwards.
    Alton: Over on the Rathbun side—(cut to Kent Rathbun swing a slab of Elk over his arm and moving it to a cutting board)—Kent doing some heavy lifting, and Bobby—(cut to Bobby Flay uselessly struggling to lift his slab)—clearly, well, he spends more time in the kitchen than the gym.