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  • "Tanks. Stampede, they have tanks." "I have no constructive advice for you at this juncture."
  • "This is Groo— Grover, and it is unseasonably warm."
  • At one point, Groove witnesses a UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico. The incident is never mentioned again. Also qualifies as a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment.
    Groove: Whoa.
    Taurus: What was that?!
    Taurus: Oh.
  • After Groove jumps the Piranha out of a trap and into a ditch, the engine is a loss.
    Taurus: It's okay, Skeeter put the van engine in.
    Groove: Jesus, Taurus, is that safe?
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  • One of Skeeter's missions in the Nitro Pack starts with him at Mondo Burger, ordering a Mondo Mondo With Cheese and without ____ (a randomly selected voice clip, including "no bun", "no meat", and "no cheese").
  • One of Jade's missions in the Nitro Pack starts with Taurus challenging her to a road race to the nearby gas station. The stakes? Loser has to clean Skeeter's van, because that's the worst possible punishment Taurus can think of. When Jade starts winning she asks if he's going to need a sponge or if he's just going to use his afro.
  • The sequel has a few, like this exchange after Skye informs Taurus they are being targeted by a Kill Sat.
    Taurus: You mean we're being shot at from orbit?!
    Skye: Yup.

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