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  • Episode 1
    • Michael noting how, when Mike tends to finally understand something, he lets everyone realize it by letting out a loud "Ahhhhh!"
  • Episode 3
    • Mike explaining how he is "The White Knife in the Darkness". Barbara and the others immediately call him out, saying that he just messed up the saying "White Knight" and came up with some convoluted backstory to save face.
  • Episode 4
    • Mike's flimsy argument with everyone else about how Pokemon and Digimon are basically the same.
  • Episode 15:
    • The beginning of the "I'm just joshin' ya!" Running Joke.
  • Episode 17:
    • This gem of a conversation between the crew:
      Andrew: Ray, you're half-Japanese, right?
      Ray: DING DING DONG!
      *Cue The Hyena from Dylon*
  • Episode 28
  • Episode 30
    • Lindsay's story from her college days about "the most disgusting thing she's ever done".
  • Episode 37
    • Two words: Gay Dumbledore.
  • Episode 39
    • Mike's absolutely insane thoughts on Mount Rushmore. Some tidbits include:
      • Wondering if Obama's face would be added purely because he's black.
      • Thinking that an Obama inclusion would be a "fuck you" to the other Presidents because they were all in office when slavery was legal (something that isn't even true in Theodore Roosevelt's case).
      • Him being asked what the faces on the mountain are, and coming up with Herbert Hoover and Richard Nixon as two possible answers.
  • Episode 49
    • Mike talks about being amazed at a commercial for strapless bras on the shopping network, leading to everyone talking about how he's never had sex before. When they get to the questions segment of the episode, a large number of the questions revolve around Mike's (in)experience with sex, causing him further embarrassment (to the scorn of Michael, who points out that Mike chose the questions).
  • Episode 52
    • Kerry steals Ray's "Howdy" for the first time, much to the dismay and rage of Ray.
    • The random screams that Michael, Lindsey, and Ray let out throughout the episode.
    • The crew comes up with their idea of what a dying giraffe sounds like.
  • Episode 55
    • Mike talking about how one "bangs the yolk" of a Tenga Egg.
  • Episode 56
    • Andrew reveals that his aunts sat him down and told him that he apparently has an African-American ancestor from around the Civil War period.
      Andrew: Dude, this podcast now has a black!
      Michael: Oh, my God.
      Andrew: ...member!
      • Ray reveals that Andrew thought black people got presents on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. day.
      Andrew: You know what, though? As a brother, why is it the shortest month of the year?
  • Episode 57
    • Mike follows up the previous episode by correcting Andrew's claims on Black ancestry, instead noting that the person he thought was an African-American ancestor was actually a slave to his white ancestors of the time.
  • Episode 58
    • Andrew tries to justify exclaiming that he was black by bringing up YOLO as an excuse.
    • The discussion about how PewDiePie reacted to an image of Mike's face photoshopped onto a pigeon.
  • Episode 59
    • Barbara tells everyone to look up the word "coughing" on Google Image Search, as it looks like a bunch of people giving invisible blowjobs.
    • The tangent about Andrew's alternate 1950s mob persona, named "Big Red".
  • Episode 61
    • Andrew calling out Mike's tendency to derail conversations by not paying attention to the subject and interjecting with irrelevant information, forcing everyone to bring things to a halt and pay attention to him.
      Ray: Fucking Andrew's going on a whole tangent about Batman and Justice League, and fucking Mike's like 'Right, so LL Cool J, am I right?'"
  • Episode 83
    • The group referencing the clapping bit from the opening to the Friends' intro at multiple times throughout the episode.
    • One of the questions asked is: What video game would best describe your sex life? Ray's answer is Dead Space, Barbara's is Oblivion, and Mike's is Alone in the Dark.
  • Episode 84
    • "...And then Mike died."
  • Episode 89
    • Lindsay calling out Mike on being a "stupid asshole".
      Michael: Lindsay, apologize to Mike.
      Lindsay: Never!
      Michael: Okay, fair enough.
      Mike: What!?
  • Episode 102
    • For whatever reason, Dylon was the only one in this episode, which lead to a solid 2 hours of him Talking to Himself with the audience not hearing the other half of said conversation.
  • Episode 105
    • Mike reads a listener question, detailing a scenario where Barbara has become the last woman on Earth before asking Mike what he would do. His response is that he would probably eat her, which is immediately followed up by Barbara pointing out that they wouldn't be the last two humans on Earth.
  • Episode 120
    • After 120 episodes, Michael finally steals Ray's "Howdy". Ray takes it well.
    • Dylon begins a train of thought that starts by asking if anyone on the podcast knew anyone in grade school that still wore a diaper and ends with Lindsay mentioning that she knew people in catholic school who would pull their pants down and start slapping each others dicks like they were duelling.
  • Episode XX
    • It has Gavin revealing that the fans of the Internet Box would clog up his Twitter feed every so often with the things that the cast had suggested they spam at him. The one that enraged him the most was Sylvester Stallone.
  • Episode XXX
    • The intro is basically a Dragonball Z parody, with Ray fighting off against the FCC as X-Ray. He eventually powers up to "X-Blaze" with "the power of marijuana", only to die anticlimactically at the end of the intro.

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