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  • "For The Sake Of Elena":
    • Havers' embarrassment when Lynley speaks to her about the case after just having come out of the shower, wearing nothing but a towel. She tries to be stoic throughout their conversation but ultimately gives up, at which point she tries to say Please Put Some Clothes On, but then changes her mind half-way and becomes even more embarrassed. Lynley understands exactly what's going on but finds it amusing anyway.
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    • Not that Havers is generally prudish. She has a rather perverted sense of humour, as seen by her quip a few scenes later after a suspect has, er, exposed himself to the two of them:
      Barbara: How shall I phrase that in my notes, sir? Would "hung" and "donkey" cover it?
  • "Playing For The Ashes":
    • When Barbara and Helen agree that Firemen Are Hot:
      Helen: Two female arsonists burnt down half a dozen semis between them. Something to do with firemen in...
      Barbara: ...uniforms, yeah. Just sat back and waited for the hunks with their hoses. [they laugh]
      [Lynley stares at them in disbelief]
    • Lynley visits Havers' new flat and Havers hurriedly tries to hide some drying knickers by stuffing them in a kitchen drawer. A few minutes later, Lynley decides to help her set the table, opens a kitchen drawer, and finds her knickers next to the cutlery.
  • "Deception On His Mind":
    • The pointed look that Lynley gives Barbara when he sees Barbara and Azhar emerging from her hotel room together at night. Barbara is quick to tell him that it is Not What It Looks Like.
  • "A Cry For Justice":
    • After Havers has been reinstated.
      Lynley: You really should keep up, Sergeant.... Yes, Sergeant?
      Barbara: [exasperated] You can stop calling me that!
      Lynley: [cheeky grin] Sorry, Sergeant.
  • "In The Guise Of Death":
    • Lynley has pretty much dragged Havers out of bed and forced her to accompany him for an unofficial early morning snoop-around:
      Lynley: Think, Havers. What is Cornwall famous for?
      Barbara: Pasties?
      Lynley: Yeah, well, apart from that.
      Barbara: Smoked fish.
      Lynley: Forget the food!
      Barbara: Well I wish I could, but we came out here without breakfast, remember?
  • "One Guilty Deed":
    • As Lynley and Havers try to locate the caravan they're going to be sharing:
      Lynley: Are you sure this isn't all a bit of a ruse, Havers? You couldn't find separate caravans?
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    • When Lynley emerges from the caravan bathroom dripping wet in a towel, at the same time as Havers is about to go into the bathroom, dressed only in pajamas. They have to squeeze past each other in the half-meter-wide corridor, all the while trying to maintain a Stiff Upper Lip about the glaring UST.
    • Lynley is having dinner with Helen on a trip to London. After dinner:
      Lynley: [checking his watch] I think I should be going. I don't want Havers to wait up. [Helen looks quizzically at him] I don't know if I've told you but we are sharing.
      Helen: Sharing what?
      Lynley: [Trying to be neutral] A caravan.
      Helen: Nnnoo...
      Lynley: In a holiday camp. [Helen begins to laugh and Lynley sinks his head in his hands in embarrassment].
      Helen: Poor Barbara!

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