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  • The new intro features Inspector Gadget accidentally incapacitating Dr. Claw's nephew Talon by slamming a door on him.
  • Any time when Talon's attempts at being flirty (briefly) work on Penny.
    • From "Towering Towers"
    Talon: Hey, Penny. How's it going?
    Penny: (embarrassed) Oh, you know...
    (Penny shakes herself out of a heart-filled Imagine Spot)
    Penny: Hey! Enough with the charm, you!
    • From "A Penny Saved"
    Talon: Aren't you supposed to be in the other wing with the rest of the coins, Penny?
    Penny: Aren't burglars supposed to be sneaky? I smelled your hair gel halfway across the museum.
    Talon: You like it? It's Hot Breeze.
    Penny: It is kinda fresh....Ooooh, I hate when you do that!
  • Several from "Towering Towers":
    • Dr. Claw complaining that Talon is taking all the fun out of being a villain.
    Dr. Claw: You're just taking all the fun out of this! Don't you have evil training to do or something?
    Talon: Fine, [grumbling] I need my own evil lair...
    • Dr. Claw cutting off MADthew's description of his anti-Gadget plan with, "No spoilers!"
    • Penny and Talon playing around with the elevator buttons.
    • When Talon and Penny get stuck together, Talon seductively wiggles his eyebrows. Penny looks taken aback, but her eyes slowly focus on his lips.
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    • The poor MAD robot. Why was a robot programmed to feel pain?
  • Dr. Claw's hilariously outdated MAD recruitment video from "A Higher Class of MAD".
    Dr. Claw: Don't be a jive turkey!
  • From "One Bad Apple", a man is climbing a tree and reaching for an apple when Gadget accidentally knocks the apple off the tree and knocks the man onto a branch.
    Gadget: [unironically] That apple looks just like a person!
  • The entire scene where Inspector Gadget meets the monkey in "Sucks Like MAD".
    Gadget: Go go gadget bananas!
    • Also the entire scene between Penny (who's stuck in a vacuum trap) and Talon.
    Penny: A suction trap at a vacuum convention? Isn't that a little cliche?
    Talon: I know! That's what I said, but Uncle Claw's all: "You have to do things my way!"
  • "Train-ing Day" is chock-full of laughs:
    • Quimby's appearance, popping out of a cooler/lunchbox.
    Gadget: Lunch is on the Chief!
    • Or when the Running Gag of the message exploding on Quimby seems to be averted when Gadget opens a G-Portal:
    Quimby: "Well, that was easier than usual." *Gadgetmobile falls on him* "I stand corrected." *message explodes*
    • MAD Cat pretends to be a coyote. Gadget goes to impressive lengths to take care of her and capture her after she escapes, thinking MAD Cat is a hurt coyote the whole time.
    • The whole "Caped Canine" bit: after Inspector Gadget's pet-catcher malfunctions, Brain emerges from a lavatory wrapped in toilet paper and a cape. Not only does Gadget mistake him for an actual superhero, Brain himself seems to ham it up for the role; he even gives a standard hero's flying pose after Gadget picks him up on his jet pack.
    Talon: Is your dog wearing a cape?
    Penny: Maybe.
    • When Talon sees Penny evading the Hover Express' security systems:
    Talon: Girl's got game.
    Von Slickstein and Sir Owen: [singsong] Ooh, he likes her!
    • Then, when Penny delivers a burn to Talon:
    Von Slickstein and Sir Owen: Ooh, sassy!
    Talon: *shuts them up using the sticky gun*
  • In "Ice Ice Yeti", Gadget's lack of knowledge of microwaves leads him to think that MAD wants to mess up his lunch.
  • Penny's pitiful plots from "Evil U", which involve, among other things, replacing sugar with salt and walking on the grass despite a clear "No walking on the grass" sign.
  • The way Penny's coworkers ship her with Talon despite her protests in "Tiny Talon Time".
    • Also, when Talon teases her about thinking he's "super-cute", and she immediately turns on her best friend Kayla, suspecting her of blurting that information out (Talon had actually overheard her while infiltrating HQ).
  • "Tool Russia With Love" has Penny working with her Russian counterpart Pasha, who is less than convinced with Penny's claims of hating Talon when she goes from talking about his annoying tendency to escape to his charming laugh and perfect hair.
    • Also, when the girls successfully disable Talon's rocket boots, this conversation happens:
    Pasha: You are not very smart, very handsome boy.
    Talon (to Penny): Heh. She said I'm handsome.
    Penny: Stop that.
    Penny notices Pasha giving them a Fascinating Eyebrow
    Penny: Stop that!
  • The mere fact that MAD Cat successfully took over the world in "Back to the MAD Future."
    • On that note, good Chief Claw.
    Claw: You've reached HQ! This is Chief Claw speaking, how can I help you?
    • Gadget's obsession with stopping "a MAD butterfly agent" because he misunderstood the concept of the butterfly effect.
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    • Gadget teaming up with his past self.
    Present!Gadget: You remind me of me, only much younger!
    Past!Gadget: And you remind me of the Chief, only taller, thinner, and more Gadget-ier!
    • "Go-go Gadget Elaborate Handshake!"
    • Talon is constantly dragged around by MAD Cat's mechsuit.
    "I don't wanna time travel, it always makes me queasy!"
    • Talon and Past!Claw meeting.
    Talon: I've got all fifty of the greatest ever evil plans, all on smooth, shiny holodisc.
    Claw: Sounds rad! Got a copy on VHS?
    Talon: *beat* What's VHS?
  • During an episode about cloning, Gadget mistakes Brain in a coat and fedora for an evil clone of himself, who he believes he's been able to turn to the path of good.
    Gadget: It's good to know that there's another me somewhere out there, fighting the good fight!

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