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  • Generally, any time someone recycles a Power Cube (for up to 160 XM) instead of using it (for up to 8000 XM), usually by accident.
    • Already fixed such that a recycled Power Cube gives the same amount of XM as it contains.
  • Any time a single item is dropped in the middle of nowhere.
  • Any time players are out making a "level 8 farm" (that is, filling a collection of Portals with level 8 Resonators to bring the Portals up to level 8) and someone places a lower-level Resonator by accident (usually as the result of deploying an level 8 Resonator and then pressing the Deploy button a few too many times, causing the next highest-leveled Resonator that is allowed to be deployed).
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  • Whenever someone messages __JARVIS__ or __ADA__ over comms, as they are NPCs whose name appears on all the resonators and mods of a portal if someone uses a virus from the opposite faction (Jarvis virus for Resistance players, ADA refactor for Enlightened players) on a portal.
  • Seeing four Link Amps on a Portal, especially if the Portal is not being used for a major fielding operation. Although it probably isn't funny if it's a Portal of your faction, as Mods, once installed, are permanent until destroyed by enemy players.
  • Since Portal Keys are extremely tedious to recycle, players who need to get rid of excess Keys will take the slightly less tedious option of dropping the keys resulting in a very amusing mess of keys strewn all over the area.
  • It's possible, depending on your device's specs, to trigger so many Resonators with an XMP attack that the game crashes.
    • A related partially-hilarious and partially-annoying event is triggering so many portals at once they all zap the shit out of you and burn your XM bar.
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  • Any time you see an enemy player destroy a Portal Link or Control Field made by a player of their own faction on COMM; you can probably imagine the tongue-lashing the poor linking player is getting for practicing poor linking strategies.
  • From the Dunraven/PRIME Universe Videos:
    • Turns out PRIME!Hank Johnson isn't quite the badass like Original!Hank, and comes off more as an amateur Youtube personality. PRIME!Jahan tends to get just a little bit exasperated over the fact that she's stuck with having to bringing him up to speed on things or reigning in his extremely excitable personality.
    • Speaking of OG!Hank, he's back, and is still just as snarky in his trans-dimensional/universe appearances. Such as Wendy asking for "Old Hank" to help clear up some things for her:
    Original!Hank: "I'm not answering to that."
    Wendy: "Fine. Ruggedly handsome Hank."
    Original!Hank: "That I'll accept."
    • OG!Hank really isn't impressed at all by his younger PRIME'Verse self when they finally meet face to face as part of Operation Ko Lan.