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Crowning Moments of Funny for the Nanoha fanfic, Infinity

Many of these occur during the battle scenes, ensuring that when you're not gripping the edge of your seat or pumping your fist in the air, you'll be laughing your guts out.

  • The story just about begins with a massively built bully-turned-pirate who, upon coming face to face with the little girl that a) slagged his warship and b) sounded honestly apologetic about doing so, loses it and attacks her. The last thing he hears as he passes out three seconds later?
    Nanoha: "I did ask you to come quietly."
  • Kitten!
  • "Don't worry, you've got nothing to be ashamed for. Your underwear is perfectly normal."
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  • Chrono: AMY! We don't even have latrine duty, but I swear that if you finish that sentence I will land us on a planet and dig some latrines just to make you clean them!
  • Chrono Tempting Fate (No, not in that way)
    Chrono: (sighs) "If that's the worst thing that happens to me today, I'll be a happy man."
    *The very instant he said 'man', the Asura's alarms began to blare.*
    Amy: "Dimensional disturbance located! Tracking... Chrono, the incursion is exactly the same as the readings Fate gave us. It's them."
    Chrono: "... I'm not happy, Amy."
  • Chrono finding out he is being relieved of his command...
    Chrono: "Captain Chrono Harlaown. Child genius. Completed the TSAB Fleet academy's three-year curriculum in one year. Completed the one-year officer training course in three months. Became on official Enforcer at the age of twelve, the youngest ranked officer of his generation. Made Captain of the flagship Asura at the age of fifteen, also the youngest of his generation." Chrono said in a mechanical tone. "All of that is from my personnel file, you know. It looked very impressive. And now it's going to be joined by 'And on his first official mission as a captain, his mommy had to come save him'."
    • Also this gem:
    (After getting smothered)
    Susanoo: "Pervert! Dirty Old Man!"
    Amaterasu: "I'm not a man!"
  • Fate and Chrono's little sibling quarrel after their targets start running away.
    Chrono: Well, we should catch them, then.
    Fate: A wise decision sir.
    Chrono: ... Agent, I should remind you that as your commanding officer, I do not appreciate your thinly veiled mirth at my confusion and demand to be treated with proper respect. And as your older brother, stop that or I'm telling mom.
  • Amaterasu concluding that Belkan Knights considered their headgear to be religiously significant and that setting them on fire is considered very bad form. She concludes this while in the process of getting clobbered.
    • Granted, this is VITA and her Hayate-granted bunny hat.
    • "Young lady, are you insane?"
  • Vita and Nanoha arguing about which one of them gets to distract Precia, and both of them want to be the bait. At one point, Vita suggests that they play Rock, Paper, Scissors. Nanoha wins by doing something incredibly stupid: pointing out the fact that it's her fault that Preica's plan for the Jewel Seeds failed.
  • End of Chapter 19: Chrono responded to this exchange in the only manner that seemed appropriate. "... ... ... huh?"
  • Chapter 21: Tsukuyomi and the Director have a conversation that leaves him reeling, and confused.
  • Chapter 25: Lindy-Vision!
    And then Precia was arrested, and had to go to jail and wear a prison jumpsuit, which made her look even less attractive. So Lindy was the winner and also prettier by a lot. And she and Fate were mother and daughter forever and ate ice cream.
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  • Hayate and Amaterasu bonding over their shared interest. Signum's reaction of utter despair clinches it, and then Vita's late reaction absolutely squashes it.
    Signum: This is Hell then? I'm in hell...
    Vita: So... wait, am I sleeping on the couch or not?
  • "Is something wrong? Is this about the sheathe? Because I'm informed Miss Atenza has the parts needed to replace it, and the order should be done within the week, so it isn't too great a concern."
  • Anytime anyone spouts Suspiciously Specific Denial. From the worst (Tsukuyomi) to the best (Admiral Lindy).
  • "You're always alive! Worse than a cockroach, I swear."
  • All of Amateratsu's interactions with Hayate, especially Signum's reactions.
  • Chapter 35: Susanoo's idea of holding Suzuka hostage.
    Susanoo: Hey, wanna take a door off it's hinges, use it as a makeshift sled, and slide down those big stairs near the main hallway?
    Suzuka: ...that would be a very, very silly thing to do.
    Five minutes and one door later
    Both: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  • Hayate's pornography totally legal "exotic materials" that are totally legal for a child of her age to own totally legally.
  • Signum manages to make Tsukuyomi laugh with a single question, " How do I get your sister to stop hitting on me?"
  • Arf's attempts at cooking. Especially since it immediately follows the Director saying that the group is not to be underestimated.
    Nanoha: Fate, the pudding is angry!
    • Over the course of the following three days, everyone manages to wreak havoc upon TSAB headquarters with the exception of Chrono, Yuuno, Zafira, and Shamal (since they were all confined to the medical bay). Bottom line? "locking a group of energetic geniuses with extremely unusual world views in a giant tin can floating in space was a horrible idea".

Crowning Moments of Funny for the Marvel Comic Crisis Crossover event, Infinity

  • From What If? Infinity: Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket Raccoon recounts the battle between the Illuminati and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Part way through, he admits he didn't really pay attention to what anyone was saying which eventually lead to this dialogue:
    Namor: Imperius Rex!
    Drax: MUSCLES!
    Groot: I am Groot!
    Rocket Raccoon!Narrator: That one was easy.
    Beast: Rawr!
    Black Panther: Meow!
    • From the same book, Rocket imagines having his own popular cartoon and visualizes it as an episode of Regular Show with Mordicai, Rigby, and Muscleman replaced with Groot, himself, and Drax respectively. Him and Groot are even doing the "Oooooooh" pose from the show.

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