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  • Upon Delsin learning about his new powers:
    Delsin: Of course the only downside being... ummm [Beat] Nope can't think of anything; this is pretty freaking awesome.
  • Delsin, on the way to Seattle:
    Delsin: Alright, I got this whole thing figured out, okay? We hit the town. We load up at the all-you-can-leech "Conduit Power" buffet — maybe swing by the Space Needle, always wanted to see it — and we're back home to save some lives!
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  • When Delsin finally convinces Reggie to go help what sounds like a woman in distress early on, Reggie goes off while telling Delsin "don't touch anything". By that point, Reggie's off screen and Delsin's mouth moves exactly in sync with his brother's words, as if it wasn't the first time this kind of situation has happened before. Then afterwards...
    Delsin: I am going to touch everything.
  • Just before they reach the D.U.P. checkpoint into Seattle:
    Reggie: Listen, promise me you'll play it cool up ahead.
    Delsin: Hey, they used to call me "Mr. Cool."
    Reggie: No one has ever once called you that. Ever.
  • On one of the missions, Delsin has trouble locating a boat, supposedly marked with a dolphin. When he finally finds it, a conversation between him and Fetch ends up comparing porpoises and dolphins.
    Delsin: Well no wonder it took me so long, Fetch. You said "dolphin" but clearly, this is a "porpoise". It's a common mistake.
    Fetch: This is why I hate working with boys.
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  • This gem:
    Delsin: Angels? Are you kidding me right now? So either one of those escapees can make angels... or I'm going after God. And I do not like my odds in that match-up.
  • "Reggie Takes Flight". The whole mission. Just... all of it.
    • To elaborate, Delsin and Reggie need to find the Angel Conduit's lair. Reggie suggests that he pretends to be a Bio-Terrorist suspect to trick the Angels into grabbing him. As they run along, he starts being the most over-the-top villain possible, complete with over-the-top "scary" motions and a stereotypical "evil" deep voice... And all while dressed in a yellow D.U.P. restraint jacket and a grey sweatsuit.
      Reggie: Fear me! I am a Bio-Terrorist! Run away in fear! For I have powers! Horrible, ugly mean-spirited super powers!
    • Next stop:
      Reggie: I am a Bio-Terrorist! I eat children! And. KITTENS!
      Delsin: Plea...Conduits don't really do that.
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    • While in the park:
      Reggie: Fear my powers, world! BOW to my grandeur!
      Delsin: You don't have to bow, honest.
    • Another line
      Reggie: Flee in terror, mortals! I could MELT your FACES with nothing more than my PINKIE!
      Delsin: And, cops wet the bed.
    • Reggie makes careful note that Delsin needs to try his hardest to not be a dick and shoot him. Be a dick and shoot him anyways.
      "Double dick!"
      "I swear to God if you pull out the chain..."
      "Delsin, I said near misses!"
      "Delsin, that is NOT COOL!"
      "Do you want me to shoot back?"
      "This was my idea, do you want my help or not?"
      "Hey, What'd I tell you?"
    • What makes this even more funny is that, no matter how many times you hit him, Reggie never goes down. Delsin's probably holding back so the shots probably feel like someone poking you.
    • While being carried off by the angel construct, Delsin suggests that Reggie make himself "less wind resistant" to help him keep up.
      Reggie (while being carried away by an Angel): Hey! Hey! Follow my phone. (fading): AND DON'T BE A DICK!
    • The things say Reggie says to the Angel carrying him sounds like it's doing more than carrying him.
      "Hey, maybe a little slower. It's my first time with an angel, you know."
      "Wow. You angels have really soft hands. Any of the other abductees tell you that?"
      • What makes it funnier is Delsin telling Reggie to kick them in the..."whatever they have down there."
    • After Reggie is dropped off at the end, he is very exhausted/traumatized by the whole ordeal.
      Reggie (groaning & coughing): Ah, fuck! Worst idea ever. What the hell?
      Delsin: Whoo. I gotta hand it to you big brother, you make excellent live bait. (Reggie scowls) What, it worked didn't it? Found the Angel Conduit's lair, now we can go take him out. Are you coming with me or what?
      Reggie: I'm gonna take this shit off...and then I'm gonna go cry myself to sleep. There has got to be a ton of weird, spiky shit down there. And that, brother, it's all you.
      Delsin (As Reggie limps away): Don't walk away mad. (Reggie stops) It was your plan!
    • And before all this we have Delsin checking porta-potties for conduits. Potentially the most powerful conduit in the world, relegated to opening porta-potties one by one.
  • Whenever Delsin begins a District Showdown mission, he vandalizes a D.U.P. billboard and calls their hotline to report a bio-terrorist incident. His various interactions with the female operator are hilarious.
    Operator: Hi, you have reached the D.U.P. help line, do you have a bio-terrorist incident to report?
    Delsin: (In a deep voice) Uh, there's been a disturbance nearby, by a rather handsome bio-terrorist, he decided to vandalize your billboard.
    Operator: Please hold and stay where you are, we are sending D.U.P. troops to neutralize the threat.

    Operator: Hi, you have reached the D.U.P. help line, do you have a bio-terrorist incident to report?
    Delsin: (In a French accent) Oh dear! A bio-terrorist has covered this billboard in amazing avant garde designs, please assist!
    Operator: Strange, second time a billboard has been vandalized recently, we will send D.U.P. troops immediately.

    Operator: Hi, you have reached the D.U.P. help line, do you have a bio-terrorist incident to report?
    Delsin: (In an old man voice) Uh, a damn bio-terrorist is on the loose, his painting skills are top notch...umm I mean defiling your billboard.
    Operator: I am fearing this is a trend... We will address this immediately.

    Operator: Hi, you have reached the D.U.P help line, do you have a bio-terrorist incident to report?
    Delsin: Oh my god, there's a bio-terrorist! He's so threatening and stunningly handsome! I CAN'T CONTROL MYSELF!
    Operator: Someone is on the way, dear.

    Operator: Hi, you have reached the D.U.P. help line, do you have a bio-terrorist incident to report?
    Delsin: (In a mocking tone) Guess what? Another billboard is covered, by a bio-terrorist. What ever will I do?
    Operator: I recognize your voice, sir, I don't find this funny. We will handle you.
    Delsin: Alright, lady, bring it on.

    Operator: Hi, you have reached the D.U.P. help line, do you have a bio-terrorist incident to report?
    Delsin: So... What're you wearin'?
    Operator: Is that you, honey?... Wait, I know that voice, you're that punk kid who keeps calling. ARGH!
    Delsin: Why do they even keep answering my calls?

    Operator: Hi, you have reached the D.U.P help line, do you have a bio-terrorist incident to report?
    Delsin: Yeah, this is Delsin. Rowe. Do your worst.
    Operator: Hold please.

    Operator: Hi, you have reached the D.U.P. help line, do you have a bio-terrorist incident to report?
    Delsin: You know, why don't you tell me your name, sweetheart, cause you and I...we seem to be building a real relationship here.
    Operator: I am not going to tell my name to some bio-terrorist! You might powers or something.

    Operator: Hi, you have reached the D.U.P help line, do you have a bio-terrorist incident to report?
    Delsin: You know, pretty soon you guys are gonna run out of billboards for me to tag.
    Operator: Oh fine, have it your way./Mr. Rowe, KNOCK IT OFF!

    Operator: Hi, you have reached the D.U.P help line, do you have a bio-terrorist incident to report?
    Delsin: So uhh...your billboard...uhhh...
    Operator: Stop calling! The D.U.P. will not tolerate this!
  • Some of the various stencil art pieces can be pretty amusing. Possible ones include:
    • Garden gnomes fleeing in terror and trying to climb away from an old man with a lawnmower.
    • Two squirrels with nuts, one of whom is struggling to use a (proportionally giant) handheld nut cracker to open his.
    • A D.U.P. trooper suspended in the air with a dog pulling his pants off in a manner reminiscent of the Coppertone girl.
    • A baby version of a D.U.P. trooper crying over a toy APC with a wheel fallen off.
    • A D.U.P. trooper dressed as a baby, being pushed around in a carriage by an annoyed looking Augustine.
  • Eugene's incredibly hammy behavior in his "He Who Dwells" persona is a hilarious contrast compared to his normal self, when he first shows up his One-Winged Angel form and decimates two DUP elites with himself and his army, Delsin decides to ask about it.
    Delsin: Hey, Eugene do you think you could teach me that?
    He Who Dwells: YOU ARE NOT WORTHY!
    Delsin: You know, you turn into a real ass when you're an angel, you know that?
    • Also, during the final mission:
      Eugene: Succumb to the vengeance of my Angels!
      Delsin: Easy on the trash talk, Eugene!
  • Zeke's advice to Delsin during the Cole's Legacy DLC.
    Zeke: I'm sure you've got a lot of questions about what's going on with your body. Your hormones are on fire, and you just wanna explode.
    Delsin: Whoa! Whoa, man... what're you talking about?
    Zeke: But you gotta keep in all that Conduit juice. It's dangerous. You understand me? Now when the time is right, you will find the right person to direct it towards, and that moment is going to be a turning point for you, my friend. It'll be like a big, firework sandwich, and you just wanna make sure you are safe about... biting into that firework sandwich, because.... it's gonna have fireworks in it... could be bad. You follow me?
    Delsin: ...No, not exactly.
  • This piece of helpful advice in case of train emergencies.
  • “Cole MCG's electronics"
  • Delsin and Reggie stumbling upon Fetch's sniper nest is a gem. Basically, Delsin says that this is the girliest sniper nest he's ever seen and sends photos to Reggie, of tiny thigh-high boots, pink purses, a copy of Jane Eyrie, and pictures of a guy named "Brent" with his name written everywhere. "Okay, yeah, we might be looking for a girl."
    • One of the item in the place is a women's bra. Yeah, we know you're tempted.
      Delsin: Hey, Reg, I was just thinking about the bras.
      Reggie (Deadpan): Well, stop, okay. Seriously, stop.
    • The best would be Reggie's comment when Delsin sends him the picture of Fetch's bras and panties. "Yeah, those definitely...very likely belong to a woman." So, according to Reggie, it could be a crossdresser.
    Delsin: (scoffs) Like you'd know.
  • If you finish all of the side-quests (except for the paper-trail one), get both karma endings and levels (Hero and Infamous) and beat the game on Expert (i.e. get all of the trophies) Delsin has one last thing to say.
    Delsin: Well buddy, you and me, we've been through a lot together. But officially, we're done.
    • Fetch also makes a little quip when you get all of the Trophies in First Light:
      Fetch: You know, keep playing much more? I might think you're stalking me.
  • Take a couple of good looks around the City, and you'll find a couple of gems. Apparently, The story of Empire City was adapted into a stage musical. Some news crawls around the world say that "Video Games found to be more dangerous than smallpox, "Tune in for videos on cats and enlightening videos on the Royal Baby", and "Sly Cooper arrested for burglary"
  • All around town there are signs that say "D.U.P. SECURITY OPERATION AUTHORIZED D.U.P. ONLY". One of these signs is put up in front of a perfectly fine coffee shop. Yes, the government commandeered off a coffee shop for their own personal use.
  • When Delsin tries to go to the southern island, he gets stopped by Augustine, who wants to see his new Neon powers. However, staying with Smoke as long as you can will provoke some humorous banter from her.
    You know, no one here will think less of you if you go for the neon.
    Aw, and I'd heard such glowing reports about you.
    I've seen suspected Bio-Terrorists put up a better fight.
    You are a stubborn one. Just charge up with neon. If you want, I'll close my eyes.
  • In the beginning of the game, after the collapsing bridge segment, Reggie and Delsin have to use scanners in order to get into Seattle. Once the sandbox opens, one of the objects you have to destroy are those scanners, but instead you can use them, at which point the alarms start blaring and Delsin sarcastically confirms that yes, he is, in fact, still a Conduit.
  • When Delsin and Augustine first meet, Delsin attempts to flatter Augustine by flirting with her. It's awkward. Really, really awkward.

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