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Of course, in the wake of That Guy with the Glasses (with varying evidences that he's apparently influenced by it) he did a pretty good job of being funny. Funny enough, at least.

  • He points out the one funny moment in every movie he has suffered through. It's funny because those movies were "horrible".
  • In his first episode, he got a really decent start in his Happily N'Ever After review.
    • Pointing out Rick and Ella's hair are switched.
    • "See? See!? They even tell you that you're doomed!!"
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    • His reaction to Andy Dick—I mean, Mambo, rapping.
  • Erik confusing the opening of The Ten Commandments for a PlayStation 1 game. And then we have his reaction when he realizes the outdated CGI is the animation used for the movie.
    • "This isn't a game, is it? This is the movie..."
    • Speaking of which, his reactions to the film's poor human models.
      • "WHAT IS THAT?! Is that Pharaoh's SON?! That's gotta be the worst CGI modelling I've ever seen in my life! Look at those muscles, they're disgusting!!!"
      • "Wait, wait, wait, is that... is that... is that? AWWW... his arm IS clipping through his robe!!!"
  • In his review of Freddie as F.R.O.7, he doesn't react to well to the Villain Song.
    Erik: Oh Lord, please don't let it be so... Could somebody please tell me why the hell Messina has an hourglass figure, or at least an hourglass as much as a cobra can get? And why does their organization consist of Tuskan Raiders, Nazis without swastikas, and Klansmen? And why does the music sound like Duran Duran outsourced to the Disney Channel!? Yeah, I'm done with this scene.
  • His reviewing of The Elm-Chanted Forest is so over-the-top, it'd be best if that's all to be said.
    • "Cripes! I thought that was a girl!"
    • Starting to smoke a piece of weed a quarter-way into the video.
  • Erik makes his-long awaited return tackling not one, but three Italian Titanic movies. Here are some highlights:
    • (wearing a tin foil hat) "Why yes, I did watch all three in a row. I'm still sane! (beat) Keeps aliens from reading my head..."
    • Every time The Legend of the Titanic makes a Critical Research Failure. "WRONG!!!"
    • After naming the list of blatant Disney ripoffs in Titanic: The Legend Goes On:
    • The terrible Spanish dub doesn't bother dubbing the songs. Hilarity Ensues.
      • "You didn't dub the songs?" (a map of Spain looks away furtively) "You didn't dub the rapping dog?!" (Erik preps his belt, cue the map of Spain realizing it's not going to end well.)
    • Erik's reaction after the Off-Model depiction of people trying to escape the Titanic repeats three times in a row.
      • (sniffs the air) "Smell that budget? Smells tiny, doesn't it?!"
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    • His hilarious fascination with the Buxom Is Better singer and then raging about how it's seemed to be implied that she has not survived.
    • The Running Gag about how the girls in the movies only wanted to be Disney Princesses.
    • His little skit about how Connor's little "weeee" before he runs may be a bit not neccesary, especially after he gets married.
      Erik!Stella: Connors, honey... I'm pregnant.
      Erik!Connors: Oh ho... Weee!
    • His response to one of the mice performing a Heroic Sacrifice by connecting his mustache to wires for a telegraph.
    *holding two wires at either side of his head* Oh, that's ridiculous! Human hair can't conduct— *touches wire to his head, suddenly stiffens* DAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
  • The multiple parallels he draws between "The King And I" and "Invader Zim"
  • From his Tentacolino review, after being infuriated by the "gay jack-in-the-box fish."
    Erik: *glares at the camera, a map of Italy next to him*
    Erik: *turns to the map, holding a bottle of Ragu* "American store-bought pasta sauce..." *the map begins screaming in agony* "Loook at iiiit...LOOOOK AT IIIIIT!"
  • In his review of Doogal, when he criticizes the narrator for constantly pointing out things we can already see:
    Erik: (brandishes and whips out a pocketknife) Got your bloody cheek right here, bitch.
  • In the Delgo review, Erik notes that the main villain was banished to a continent full of trolls, to which he remarks:
    Erik: I believe that continent was called......YouTube.
  • In the Katy la Oruga review, once Katy (voiced by Barbara Goodson in the English dub), emerges from her cocoon, this happens:
    • At the beginning of the same review:
    Erik: And yet despite all this, it ends up here. On my show. To be ripped apart by a chubby 20-something in his parents' house.


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