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  • David makes perhaps the most meta joke in a movie ever this side of Deadpool when the aliens begin trashing London:
    David: They like to get the landmarks.
    • Becomes a Brick Joke later on in the movie: when the harvester ship takes off after the queen dies there's a shot of Paris, which has apparently been entirely leveled with the exception of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Meta-Example: this Earth Day PSA with Jeff Goldblum in character as David Levinson.
    "I got some handy tips on how we can all help save the Earth. So, you know, it's not always just up me, by myself."
  • Meta-example: Jeff Goldblum meeting...David Levinson, proving that they are not the same person.
    • Further, they have a hard time seeing why folks get them mixed up. They note that they do wear the same style of glasses, and Jeff makes a point to tell David that his eyes look like "a glass of brandy, on a table as the sun comes in the window at sunset..."
    • Also, David has no idea what movies Jeff Goldblum has been in, and keeps making off-target guesses, such as getting him mixed up with Dabney Coleman.
  • Another possible meta-example: When the alien Harvester ship lands, its massive strut crushes much of Washington D.C., heading straight for the White House...and stops just short of crushing it. That's right: For once, the White House survives a Roland Emmerich movie!
    • There's an audible "tink" noise when a tiny piece of the ship knocks over an American flag, at least!
    • Not so in a deleted scene: a landing strut impales the White House.
  • When Dylan lands in the Moon base, he murmurs to himself "it's easy, you just have to not punch [Jake] at first sight". Two minutes later, and he manages to look at Jake for full five seconds before punching him in the face.
  • In the same landing scene, when Charlie sees Rain for the first time and Crush Filter kicks in. Her hair is flowing like it's a shampoo commercial even though they're in an airtight hangar.
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  • The first thing Okun says when he wakes up from his coma.
    "Did we win?!"
  • The crew of a salvage ship are trying to get at a wreck containing a hundred million dollars in gold when the alien harvester arrive. Figuring the world is about to end, they're getting drunk when a mate comes down, saying the government wants them to give reports on the harvester's beam.
    Captain: (laughing) Tell them we'll do it for a hundred million dollars.
    Mate: (talking on radio) They say it's a deal.
    (The crew looks at each other in stunned silence before moving to work while trying to sober up as quickly as humanly possible)
    • And when all is solved, the crew first gets relieved and then absolutely ecstatic shouting "WE'RE RICH!"
  • Jake tries to punch out an alien. It doesn't work.
    Jake: (while shaking his hand out) Probably should have kept running.
    • Made even funnier because in the last movie Steve Hiller was able to punch out an alien, with it in the exoskeleton.
      • In fairness, the original punched-out alien was a pilot in their version of a flight suit and Steve Hiller was extremely pissed off. This alien is an infantry grunt whose suit is significantly armored.
    • Made triply funny by the alien's "Really?" expression afterwards.
  • After the Alien Queen is brought down, her blood sprays in all directions, including the school bus David, Julius and the kids are on. After a pause, the windshield wipers push the alien blood away to show the occupants staring in wonder.
    • When the kids all get out of the bus after the queen is killed, one of the kids can be seen poking at the alien blood like it's a booger or something.
  • Julius Levinson has many hilarious scenes, from desperation while riding a tidal wave ("Ooooooh, why did I buy this boat?") to acting as a Moment Killer for David's Big Damn Kiss.
    • One kid says his father thinks the whole "going into space" thing was a conspiracy. Julius gives a hilariously blunt response: "Oh? Your father's a putz."
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  • "We haven't even got married and you're already shooting me?"
  • In a darkly amusing bit in an otherwise serious scene, when the mothership approaches the moon base, they open fire on it with their laser weaponry. Because of the massive size of the ship and the shields, it almost comically has no effect.
  • When the Sphere states that its species moved to virtual existence in artificial constructs as a proof of how advanced they are compared to humankind, doctor Okun is less awed and more:
    Okun: Well, that's pretty cool.
  • Jake distracting the aliens while Dylan and company go to steal their fighters by taking a leak in front of them while Flipping the Bird. Made especially funny by the two aliens glancing at each other.
  • Doctor Okun goes about half the movie without realizing that he has no pants on, and only catches on when Isaacs tells him.
    Okun: Why didn't you tell me my butt was exposed?!
  • Okun's laser, an experimental weapon that nearly destroyed Area 51 upon first use. Needless to say, everyone is afraid of what it can do...
  • When everyone goes inside the ship Jake's piloting taking them to the moon, Floyd refuses to go and insist they remain where they are. Until Umbutu's men surround him threateningly. He takes a seat.
  • After seeing Dikembe kill an alien with one of his machetes, the accountant suddenly wants to take his level in badass and demands that Dikembe give him one of his blades and teach him everything he knows. Dikembe is so not impressed.


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