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  • From the "On Top of the World" music video:
    • The Reveal that Imagine Dragons never actually went to the moon. After an abrupt loss of the broadcast signal, which also causes the song to stop, Dan Reynolds gets hit by a Visible Boom Mic.
    • That small moment where after Dan kisses his baby daughter Arrow goodbye, Arrow visibly recoils in apparent disgust.
    • The Dance Party Ending, especially because of how annoyed Stanley Kubrick looks due to all those Fangirls breaking into the studio.
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  • This fan-produced poster from the band's official store sees Daniel Platzman unable to imagine dragons in the same badass manner as his bandmates.
  • During the Smoke + Mirrors concert in St. Louis in 2015, Dan Reynolds claimed Wayne Sermon never speaks, and that he only communicates through guitar chords. It escalated from there.
    Dan Reynolds: Wayne, listen to me. If there is any love for the world, any hope left for humanity in your cold, dead heart, break your silence. Say something to us now.
    (Wayne leans into microphone)
    Wayne Sermon: No.
  • The band fleeing from the incoming explosion in the video for "It's Time" can be amusing.
  • The video for "Radioactive" opens with people betting on some animal fight, some other people imprisoned under the ring... Then the "animals" are revealed to be plushies. Seriously.
    • The band's melodramatically horrified reactions to the dismembered corpses of the plushies falling on them.
    • Ben McKee finding the body of a plushie that hung itself.
    • The pink teddy bear just mauled by the champion plushie suddenly fills his 'fist' with pink ki, starts flying and beats the champion with a Megaton Punch. Then he sends the betters running by vaporizing the fighting ring boss' mooks with Heat Vision.
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    • The video ends with the boss mauled to death by plushies previously crippled by the champion.

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