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  • In Chapter 15: A confused Teru has a hilarious Blue with Shock expression as a smiling Hikage takes him on a ferris wheel ride. Doubles as Heartwarming, as Hikage noticed Teru was depressed and wanted to make him feel better and help him like how he helped her while he was Black Rabbit.
  • Chapter 16.5, which is a flashback chapter during Hinata's and Teru's elementary school years:
    Hinata: I've got kendo practice today.
    Teru: Huh? You do kendo?
    Hinata: Yup Always have.
    Teru: That's... That's why girls don't like you!! Ahahaha Is that the guy who stinks of sweat!? Eww!
    Hinata: [blushes] I don't do because because I want to be popular!

    Hinata: Wheee? Look, look! I got a love letter!
    Teru: Meh, I'm not interested in that anymore. Don't care...
    • A short comic after Chapter 16.5:
      Teru: Oh yeah, what about that Black Rabbit doll you made? {For some reason.}
      Hikage: Huh? Sometimes I hug it when I sleep.
      [Hinata is shocked as Teru has a spit take]
      Hinata: B-B-B-B-But...
      Hikage: I can't sleep by myself. I sleep really good when I'm between Black Rabbit and MegaPIG. ♡
      Hinata: Hey... what about my doll...
      Hikage: You want one too?
      Hinata: No... I don't want one, but...
      [Caption words: 'This is one side benefit for me,' Teru thinks.]
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    • Chapter 19.5:
      Hikage: MegaPIG-san... is someone who leaves tyrannical and bullying (although sometimes nice, it's really up to interpretation) comments... Th... That MegaPIG-san!?
      MegaPIG: ... Hey, what you thought just now was kind of rude.
      Hikage: [flinches] Oh... Sorry...

      Hikage: You'll... rely on me...?
      MegaPIG: [cross popping veins] ... I'd rather die than do something so humiliating.
      Hikage: Waah! I'm sorry!

      Hikage: Now that you mention it... I wonder... what MegaPIG-san looks like in real life... Please teach me a little bit about what you look like in real life. Is it a boy? A girl? Older? Younger? Where do they live? People on the internet are a big puzzle... so I'm excited! Ah! An answer.
      MegaPIG: Male. From Osaka. Weight: 200kg. My middle looks like of like face.
      [Hikage is shown visibly shocked as she imagines it]
      MegaPIG: Heh heh... I wonder what kind of reaction Himawari had to that. [MegaPIG is revealed to be a shy, megane bishounen] Somehow I'm kind of ashamed of myself!

      Teru: Alright! I'll cooperate. Because Black Rabbit, and therefore myself, is his friend.
      Hikage: Th... Thank you! ♡
      Teru: Well, you can thank me by going on a date with—
      [Hinata chucks an eraser at Teru's head]
      Teru: What the hell—
      Hinata: [smiles] I'll cooperate as well!

      Hikage: [reading compiled advice to MegaPIG] Be bright, be cool, be easy to talk to. Look over her gently on occasion. 99% get used to your mutual love. That is all.

      [After Teru suggests that MegaPIG should try direct contact with Hiyori, MegaPIG goes "kyaa!?" after touching hands with her]
      Hikage: ... Could it be that MegaPIG-san is... weak...?
      Hinata and Teru: This guy's hopeless...

      MegaPIG: However, Black Rabbit and the Bright Person's [Hinata's] advice was a waste of time. Really.
      Teru: [cross popping veins] THAT BASTARD PIG!!
      Hikage: [sweatdrop] Teru-kun, calm down!
      MegaPIG: I can't stop my wicked tongue after all!


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