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  • Ghost David's Together in Death reunion with Rachel. It's weird, sure, but still kind of sweet in its own way. Then David fires off this gem:
    *cheerfully* "Let's go back to Hell!" :D
  • Stealing Cashman's remote from the operator of the level he first appears in, and using it to make him kill himself. ("Cashman's on fire!")
  • Failing to grab Randy's brain before you rescue him results in Brainless Randy, who communicates entirely through hoots and grunts. Especially great on Killerman. Watching him try to solve a murder mystery while he can't even talk is just wonderful. It can be seen here.
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  • In the rulebook for Woodpuppets in "Woodman Hunting", they show teammates. Ignoring Randy's (which is simply "*&$#@?!"), there's Dosco Takagy's question and subsequent answer via rulebook:
    "Any prize for Woodpuppets?"
    Note: No prize for Woodpuppets.
  • A little while after the Monkiller steals the Horror Monitor at the start of "The Revenge of Worm Queen", there's a cutscene of him using it, and sounding pretty aroused. Why? He's using it to see your character naked.

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