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  • Knockout's first appearance in the story. He is just so focused on making Megatron looking beautiful again without noticing that Megatron is blind after the Senate's episode. Megatron points out that he just needs getting his optics back.
  • Everytime Rumble and Frenzy acting Shipper on Deck for Megatron and Soundwave. Especially after Orion Pax is in the picture.
    • Especially this part.
    "You want me to take 'im out, Boss?" Frenzy asked, punching his own open palm, psyching himself up for a fight. As tempting as the idea was, Soundwave had to decline.
    "Okay, so we don't gotta off 'im. What if we just . . . casually told him to back off?"
    • Or this part:
    "Do it, Boss! That fresh-sparked librarian's got nothin' on you!" And no matter how much Rumble urged.
    "There ain't no security system you can't crack!" And Frenzy flattered.
    "And Megatronus – err, Megatron will love you for it," and Buzzsaw bribed.
  • The chapter 14.
    • First we have Megatron and Soundwave's Held Gaze moment ruined by Shockwave insisting that Soundwave shall rest. Soundwave is not happy.
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    • The first time Starscream joins Decepticons. Especially his first meeting with Soundwave. He calls Soundwave "floozy", much to Soundwave's irritation. Megatron immediately corrects him about this.
    • Not only that, but he interrupts Megatron and Soundwave's private sparring. Soundwave silently wills Starscream "to scamper off somewhere with Shockwave and leave well-enough alone".
    • Soundwave noticing Starscream's interest in Megatron. He really tries to convince himself that he isn't jealous of him. Of course, we don't buy it.
      • Not to mention that Starscream sounds as jealous of Soundwave as Soundwave is of Starscream.

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