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Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • Black walking into Elro's house while Robin is illegally fixing things isn't really funny, until Black puts her hands next to her head in mock horror and says "Oh no. Hedonism. Robin, you little rascal, you're doing the thing!" You can practically hear the Dull Surprise in her voice.
  • A message from Black to Tolo:
    tolo get your stupid loverboy general chrome down to the camp immediately!!!!!!!

    - black
  • Royal brings Robin to a One Concern camp intending for people to praise her because she just helped him fight off an Isi mech. However, they're in the middle of a meeting informing the troops of who to look for. Cue everyone getting shocked by the fact that the girl they're looking for is literally standing on the stage.
    • If you selected "I'm not a girl!" before the One Concern box sorting minigame, you get this line during the meeting:
      Tolo: Also, according to them she should not be called a girl... ?
  • Royal saving Robin's life when Black wanted him to kill her:
    Black: (in quaking text) Let's just SHOOT people, okay?!
  • Royal's attempt at getting Robin into the Tower by legitimate means, which only results in getting everyone jailed instead. Mina shows her appreciation by way of obnoxious clapping.
  • Robin's introduction to Samba:
    Samba: Behind you there is the woman who likely ruined your free life.
    Mina: I was locked up BEFORE her!
    Samba: I wouldn't doubt the power of your negative influence.
  • When Isilugar gets moved, two Concern soldiers are worried about not having backup. One of them hopes that the townsfolk don't have some giant nasty robot waiting for them, the mention of which freaks his partner out. Amusingly, it turns out Robin and Mina were forced to destroy said giant robot earlier, as it had been hijacked by a Concern controller bot.
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  • Getting out of the jail cell in the Tower; Robin just ground-pounded her way out, much to Elro's (and Mina's) shock. After getting out of the cell, Mina yells at Robin for failing to search the evidence cabinets, as one of them had her shotgun in it, still loaded for bear.
  • The third fight against the Silver Watchman ends with him rage-quitting. Then Mina asks if Robin has any idea who the guy is. One response ("All of the ideas!") amusingly makes Robin think of a "Scary, super-fast ninja guy". We're not joking. Elro then asks what Robin's been reading, as though he believes she's gone cuckoo.
  • In the ending cutscene of the Tower, Black is about to execute Robin for being a constant thorn in her side. Then the Silver Watchman rushes Robin down, busting through the walls, and unwittingly saves her from Black's firearm. Black's response?
    Black: I HATE YOU ALL!!!
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  • Captain Myron attempting to explain things to Royal, to his chagrin, ends up with Royal just plugging his ears.
    Myron: The sign of a true leader.
  • Robin and Mina infiltrating One Concern West... by use of a fat coat.
    Mina: This is stupid.
  • Grey's attempt to get Black to smile.
    Grey: That man over there is named Elro.
    Black: Why should I care, Grey?
    Grey: He's the genius chemist that will one day concoct the brew that could make even you bare fangs in a smile.
    Black: Can't you be happy with a wince?
    *Tolo runs in*
    Tolo: Agents, there you are!
    Black: Okay, I'm ready to bare my fangs.
    • Followed by:
      Grey: Were we not discussing "empathy"?
      Black: Yes, I think you were saying things that I should paint on cheap canvas and sell in a discount store.
  • During the intro cutscene to the first Agent Black boss fight, Robin crouches down at the door to the Detritus pit causing Mina's... appropriate reaction, followed by the mother of all tone reversals.
    Mina: Don't point your butt at me.
  • The point shortly thereafter where Black finds out Robin and Mina have infiltrated the One Concern HQ.
    Black: (double face palming) Oh, heavens... I sit here, waiting for the cowboy to walk into this pit, but instead every other creature comes running. Why should I be surprised? Naturally, anyone can just stroll into the One Concern!
  • Mina's bluntly honest expression of her opinion of the Transcended shortly after the fight with Agent Black.
    Mina: You people still creep me out, sucking life out of floorboards.
  • The second part of the Final Boss. As it turns out, the Starworm is just a machine piloted by... an alien bird trucker, complete with fuzzy dice hanging off what would be the rearview mirror. No, we are not making this up. We promise.
    • This gets more amusing when you translate the alien sign in the boss room, which refers to the Starworm as being a truck.
  • The ending. Robin, and potentially Mina, have just killed what most of the world has considered God for the past three generations. Robin nonchalantly walks home, and when she gets in, Elro realizes all the round trees and the lack of quakes are her doing. Robin, having had enough of Elro's shit, proceeds to ignore him and collapse in bed. Everything's quiet for a moment...and then Elro wakes her up to say he'll finally stop telling her what to do from now on. Robin just looks at him for a moment, as if thinking "Finally", and collapses back in bed.

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