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  • Scrat getting his tongue to an overhang of an ice glacier.
  • Just the whole "repopulating their race" thing with Manny and Ellie. It proves unfounded later, but still.
  • At one point, when Manny tells the animal kids the story of a burro.
    Fawn: Burro is a demeaning name. Typically, it's called a wild ass.
    Manny: Fine. "The wild ass boy came home to his wild ass mother." (As they all laugh) See, that's why I call it a burro!
  • The beaver dad's response to the shifting ice wall.
    Beaver: Dam!
    • It also counts since it's a wall of ice, which was like a giant beaver dam.
  • "Food, Glorious Food" is pretty funny, but Sid dancing to it, then humming it later, really puts the cap on it.
  • The two vultures doing a "traffic report" as they watch the mass migration of animals towards the boat:
    Vulture 1: We've got an overturned glyptodont in the far right lane. Traffic backed up as far as the eye can see!
    Vulture 2: Ooh, and it looks as though there may be a fatality! (beat) I call the dark meat!
  • The entire thing with the pygmy sloths and the "Fire King," even though it's a sacrificial cult.
    Sid: (as he is tied up with vines) This is either really good or reeeally bad...
    • This moment, when Sid returns to camp:
    Diego: So, you were sleepwalking.
    Sid: Oh no! I was kidnapped and worshiped by a tribe of mini-sloths!
  • Diego getting worked up during the other animals chanting at Sid.
    Diego: Jump! Jump! Jump! (Manny glares at him)...Sorry.
  • "If you jump off this now, the only respect you're going to get will be respect for the dead."
  • Crash & Eddie's first scene: Sid and Diego are humiliated by Crash & Eddie—being shot with rock spitballs. It becomes a big game of whack-a-possum.
    • One of the possums shoots Sid in the butt.
    Sid: Ow! Hey! I gotta sit on that!
    • Sid and Diego get tangled up in each other.
    Crash: Surrender?
    Sid and Diego: Never!
    Crash and Eddie: Cool!
    (They spit out more pebbles at Sid and Diego, who slump to the ground)
    Diego: If anyone asks, there were 50 of 'em. And they were... rattlesnakes.
    • Finally they mock them more before Diego chases them.
    Crash: Here, kitty, kitty!
    Diego: Big mistake, you miscreants!
    Eddie: "Miscreants?" (He and Crash laugh)
    Sid: Uh, Diego, they're possums.
    (Crash & Eddie mimic chicken clucks; Diego roars and chases after them)
    Crash: (jumps into Eddie's arms in terror) RETREAT!
  • Manny and Ellie's Crash-Into Hello.
  • Manny's thoughts on con artist armadillo Fast Tony.
    Manny: Come on don't listen to him. Fast Tony would sell his own mother for a grape.
    Fast Tony: Are you making an offer? (beat) I mean no! I would not!
  • When Ellie states that she's a possum, Manny sarcastically states "I'm an newt. This (points to Diego) is my friend the badger, and (points to Sid) my other friend, the platypus." Sid: "Hey, why am I the platypus? Make him the platypus!"
  • Near the end of the movie:
    Sid: We're gonna LIVE!
    (beat as they realize they're surrounded by rising water)
    Sid: We're gonna DIE!
  • "I think I just coughed up my spleen..."
  • After the herd sees Ellie standing on a log rolling down a hill like a unicycle:
    Manny: So, you think she's the girl for me?
    Sid: Oh, yeah! She's tons of fun, and you're no fun at all! She completes you.
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  • Manny catapults Crash, sending him soaring.
    Crash: "I believe I can fly—!" (slams into a tree)


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