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  • Devi's internal musing when Tenna is knocking at her door:
    Devi: (Thinking to herself) Privacy Protection System armed. Organism behind door is friend. Do not bludgeon with toaster.
    • Along with Tenna's first on-panel words:
    • Which is a Brick Joke for Devi's response when she answers the phone:
    Devi: Hello, Wet Jimmy's Gourmet Assmeats. Will this be a pick-up or a delivery?
  • Devi's boss's appointment with one of his employees, Jhonen Vasquez.
    Jhonen: You wanted to see me, Mr.
    Jhonen Vasquez: "Um..."
  • One of Nny's lines to Devi:
    Nny: "Or maybe you'd turn into some hideous, madness plagued lunatic bent on performing ghoulishly obscene acts of murder from which there is no conceivable redemption?"
    Devi: "Nope!"
    Nny: "Damn, so that's just me, huh?"
    Devi: "What?"
    Nny: "Nuthin'..."
  • Devi's attempts at dating:
    • First guy dies after trying to get in her pants. Not from crashing his car dodging a mongoose, but from being smothered by the late airbag. And assuming it's Devi's arse. To be fair, the mongoose had taken his brain.
    • "He shit in his fucking pants! It was practically shooting out of every orifice! It was like watching an outhouse explode! It ruined dinner! I'm trying to eat here, could you please stop POOPING!"
    • Vampire wannabe makes his enterance with smokebombs, introduces a mummy wannabe (who uses bees instead of smokebombs), has a fang fall out, escapes with more smoke bombs... and sets himself on fire.
    • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. Tellingly, this is the most normal flashback out of the bunch. Then again, it occurred before he tried to kill her.
    • Zombie date eats the waiter's brains.
  • Sickness' varying attempts to poison Devi's creating process include getting random people to come over (which she knows Devi hates), getting Devi to injure her own hands, and singing songs she knows Devi hates.
    • How many ways can an evil demon doll stall someone antisocial as Devi from painting something? In a single apartment building? It gets surprisingly repetitive.
      • It eventually has to resort to a fat old lady getting stuck in the middle of the hallway, completely and totally blocking it off and forcing Devi to wedge herself between it and the walls.

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