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  • In one episode where Jeannie transfers her powers to Tony, and he accidentally ends up transferring the powers to Bellows, Bellows thinks he's starting to go crazy, after Bellows is able to give Tony the powers back by saying that he wishes Tony had the same problems as he has. Tony ends up saying that Bellows is the happiest man; cue Bellows transforming into a laughing clown.
  • In another episode, Bellows' reaction when he thinks that he died after his heart "stopped" (Jeannie tricking him), although he's still alive and well during and after this.
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  • One episode has Jeannie trying to improve Tony's eyesight before an important mission. She first gives him partial x-ray vision, then when trying to fix that nearly blinds him. She then tries to fix that. Cut to Tony's POV: two skeletons asking him how he feels.
  • In another episode Tony starts dating an old flame, who turns out to be the wife of a mobster. When the guy shows up, Tony takes the hulking, brick-faced gangster for a jealous Jeannie in disguise and starts berating 'her' for interfering, going so far as to threaten to spank 'her.' The look on the crook's face is priceless.
  • After Tony returns from a space mission, Jeannie can't wait to see him, so she blinks into the re-entry capsule and begins smothering him with kisses:
    Tony: "Jeannie, what are you doing?!"
    Jeannie: "If you don't know, I must be doing it wrong!"


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