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Funny / I Don't Want This Kind of Hero

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  • Anything involving Sasa's lisp.
  • Naga, Hyena, and Sasa stop a motorcycle theft, and destroy the bike in the process.
    • The thief suffers a Groin Attack, and is later informed by Dr. Black Jack he's "lost his Johnson".
  • Guineung's Blatant Lies when talking about SPOON to a little girl.
  • Baek Morae sucks at darts.
Ep. 1 - The Path Is Chosen
  • After Naga rescues an old man and his dog from an out of control van, the dog's soul can be seen coming out.
  • The way Naga uses his powers
    • X-ray vision: Pay attention with his eyes closed
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    • Teleportation: Get to school on time.
    • Telekinesis: Take notes
  • After Naga lists his problems with becoming a hero, Dana gets him to join up by saying that heroes are paid civil servants, he'd get 3000 volunteer hours, and a special screening for university.
    Naga: You can treat me like a dog
Ep. 2 - Not Your Typical Company
  • Sasa sneezes and misfires his gun, ruining his stealth.
  • Naga's introduction to Hyena, 5th grade heroine.
Ep. 3 - Something to Sweep Everything Away
  • When Hyena comments that the worst that could happen to them was death, Naga decides to pretend he didn't hear that.
  • Naga finds something that could sweep everything away in a locked container. It's a broom.
  • Hyena demonstrates broom flight to Naga. However, she can't get very high and it's killer on the groin. Naga figures that's why there are no male witches.
  • When a group of mooks start chasing them, Naga teleports away. Then he comes back and gets Hyena, having forgotten her before.
    • They accidentally teleported into the container Sasa is trapped in, scaring the daylights out of Naga.
  • Sasa had been trying to dial his phone with his tongue after failing with his foot.
Ep. 4 - Shake It
  • Naga's really scared of ghosts.
    Naga: Try going to a scary movie with a guy sometime If he's got bad eyesight and he pulls down his glasses then he's definitely scared!
  • Hyena notices none of the mooks have guns:
    Mook: Of course we don't, you fools!
    Grunt: Hey, wait...!
    Mook: We're not your average criminals! We don't use those barbaric things- We believe in nonviolence!
    Grunt: You idiot...
    • Naga promptly kicks their asses.
  • Hyena interrogates a mook to find where the guns are. When he refuses to talk and says he won't give in to "filthy violence". Hyena wallops him.
    Hyena: Then drugs are clean?
  • Hyena has Naga shake a boatload of mooks, and Sasa mentally compares the briefcases falling out to the [?] boxes in Super Mario.
  • When Baek Morae is threatening Venom, he stops to ask Orca and Medusa, who are holding the end of his shirt to their faces, what they're doing.
    Orca and Medusa: We don't have gas masks.
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  • When Tracey rescues Venom from Baek Morae, there's a panel of her as a knight and Venom in a princess dress.
  • The reveal of Sasa's lisp.
    Sasa: Get over here qwickwy! Naga fewll down! He theemth hurt!
  • When Osu is introduced, Naga is late for work and winds up accompanying him to Spoon. They arrive at Dana's office. There's a split second of a furious Dana, who shuts the door. When they open it again, she's calmly putting the furniture back in place.
  • Haze lets Stell drive the car. He crashes it through a wall, then then uses his ability, blowing off the roof. Haze starts to cry, knowing he'll be paying for the damages.
  • After Ruli is revealed to be Sekrun's attacker, Sekrun shatters her image of a cute innocent penguin girl with a 2-hour long, foul-mouthed rant at how stupid Ruli's reasons are. Counts as a minor Awesome moment since she makes good, valid points.
  • When the twins' siblings are doting on Osu, one mentions that she brought him a present, but she didn't realize he was no longer a baby. Osu's in his twenties.