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  • Near the beginning of the game, Neptune and Compa revisit the place Neptune crash landed. Neptune tries to joke and gets told off for it.
    Compa: Nep-Nep, did you lose anything by chance? Maybe an ID or anything?
    Neptune: I wish, but you know, I can't remember anything so... hey, wait... I do remember something I'm missing!
    Compa: Really?! What is it?
    Neptune: Well, that's obvious...
    Compa: Obvious...?
    Neptune: My memory!
    Compa: ...
    Neptune: Um... wasn't that... funny?
    Compa: Nep-Nep, I don't think now is the time to be fooling around...
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  • The fact the first case of someone acknowledging they're in a remake comes within 10 minutes or so of starting it: When the ground goes out from under Neptune. It sets the tone for the rest of the game.
  • Every single time the Brothers get punished for pissing off Vert. Particularly when they're forced to play through Vert's backlog of BL games.
  • The characters have a lot of entertaining things to say when they level up. Vert, for instance: " looks like my breasts leveled up too!"
  • When the Brothers are fawning over Purple Heart, Vert and Compa's huge tracts of land, IF is sulking due to her A-Cup Angst, that's still going on when they need info from her about changes in Lowee since Neptune's fall from Celestia. Vert says that if IF keeps this up she'll stop liking her, and then proceeds to list all the qualities she admires in IF...and then IF's back with extra burning passion to provide the requested info to the party, complete with Bishie Sparkle. It's pretty obvious who wears the pants in this relationship.
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  • When the Brothers offer to guard Vert and Compa, Blanc goes into Angry Face mode and gives us this gem:
    Blanc: You just want to guard them tatas!! You're staying right here!!
  • Plutia's SP attacks which involve her wacking the foe with her plushie doll in varied ways.
  • Peashy's "Bad Girl Spin" SP attack where she charges at the enemy rotating her arms forward. Somewhere, a certain Paper King of Koopas is feeling proud.
  • Iris Heart's Verbal Abuse skill, which is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. The player is treated to a first-person view of the enemy being stomped on by Iris Heart before her Badass Back leaving the opponent with hearts fluttering around implying the foe was enjoying the beating. And it happens on every foe. Including the Fake CPUs and Arfoire.
  • The sheer fact that there are enemies that look like Visual Novel screens.
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  • When the party is about to head to Celestia through the Planeptune Basilicom, they have to get a little cramped as the lift wasn't made for such a big group. Vert offers to hold IF in her arms to get enough space, which means IF getting a full faceful of Marshmallow Hell...which she reluctantly accepts. IF's face for sheer bliss during the whole thing is priceless.
  • Neptune's reaction to being fed pudding for the first time.
  • When Neptune first wakes up and finds herself in a void, the first thing she worries about when she thinks she's dead is that she didn't empty her HDD.
  • Every time the fourth wall is broken. Particularly this instance, right before a boss fight, after Compa has been grabbed by the boss -
    Neptune: Oh no, Compa! She's being *censored* and *censored*!
    Compa: I'm not being *censored*! I'm just off-screen, Nep-Nep!
  • Neptune's Yukkuri face.
  • Neptune, IF, and Compa's initial reaction to Nepgear's creation:
    Say whaaaaat?!
  • This Accidental Innuendo gem brought by IF:
    IF: Well, let's find a way out. You girls can do whatever at the hotel.
    Noire: H-H-H-HOTEL?!
    Neptune: I-Iffy?!
    Compa: ?
    IF: Hm? What's the matter? ... ...Huh? No! Don't misunderstand me! I didn't say "do" whatever at the hotel in that sense! No, not at all! Y-You both have your mind in the gutter!
  • This gem from Lowee:
    Lowee Basilicom Staff B: Not us! Go! Dragon, I choose you!
    Compa: We'll be serious, then! Go! Nep-Nep, I choose you!
    Neptune: Pika!
    IF: Uh! All right! Go! Lady Vert, I choose you!
  • The Shout-Out NPCs to other gaming series. There's an NPC which is a box with a hole through which an eye peeks out called David Snake, a red-clad mustached plumber named Maryo, a maid with blue dress and mushroom-shamed white hair with red spots named Toady, and a green-clade plumber named...player 2. Even as a Shout-Out, Luigi just can't get a break.
  • In the True Ending, when Histoire is visiting Compa after the final battle. Keep in mind that no one heard from Neptune since her final battle with Arfoire. Compa hears a very familiar scream to which IF passes up as being her imagination...And cue Neptune falling through the roof.
  • After the Black Heart boss battle, Neptune finds Noire, unaware that she's Black Heart, and notices her wounds. After Neptune says she has a friend that is a medical expert, the following dialogue takes place:
    Neptune: Compa-! Where are you, Compa-! Here, Compa, come here!
    Noire: I don't think calling as if calling a dog will work...
  • Another Neptune-Noire moment:
    Noire: N-N-N-NEPTUNE! W-what's going on?! Why are these twonote  in Lastation?!
    Neptune:Uh...well...that's because...
    Noire: Wait! You aren't planning on taking over Lastation with those two, are you? I can't believe you pulled this on me! I thought you were my friend! No matter, I'll take you three on myself. Don't think I'll go easy here. I'll make you pay for trampling on my feelings!
    Neptune:≧▽≦ Attack!
    Neptune: Calm down, Noire.
  • Anything involving the Legendary Weapons of the "Quartet" that defeated the original Goddess. The Trinity Blade has suffered from Excalibur in the Rust and needs to be refurbished into the Holy Fang Blade. The Dual Revolvers get blown up by a fake Black Heart beyond repair and the parts are used to make a sword. The Wisdom Bow rotted while in storage in Leanbox's vault and was re-crafted into a spear, and the Trust Spear was taken by a moustached plumber and reforged into a hammer. Histoire's reaction after all is done is the icing on the cake.
    • And then later, the Legendary Weapons are needed to unlock the Rainbow Bridge. However, even more Hilarity Ensues when the CPUs try to fit the now differently shaped weapons into their respective holes. Ending up desecrating the sacred ruins (and in Vert's case the weapon) in the process, much to Histoire's distress.
  • While Noire and Neptune are looking for Lastation's legendary weapon -
  • Compa sneaking up on Arfoire while stage-whispering "Sneaky-sneaky...", with her pitch getting gradually higher as she gets closer.
  • When the party tries to teleport to Celestia, they find that the teleport room is too small and they have to squeeze in. Vert uses this as an excuse to give IF some Marshmallow Hell, who eventually faints happily.
  • The party has to fight a fake Purple Heart. IF is happy about this, since she's had to put up with Neptune for a long time and now she gets to beat the crap out of something that looks exactly like her as stress relief. She says so right in front of the real Neptune, who naturally feels quite uneasy about it.
  • The entire Lowee CPU Q&A Quiz. In order to tell who is the real Blanc, the group decides to ask both of them questions that only the real one can answer. However these questions are actually about Blanc's embarrassing secrets, which involves her measurements and her secretly written novels. The real Blanc can't answer them because everyone in Lowee is listening, while the fake one easily reveals and answers them correctly. After the third question, Blanc snaps and lets out multiple swear words, knowing that everyone in Lowee knows of her secrets. Much to both Blancs' surprise, the people of Lowee confirm that the vulgar Blanc is the real one since they know her personal traits (despite the fake Blanc's bad attempts to say vulgar words).


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