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Funny / Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart

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  • The moments where Resta breaks her pure girl image are hilarious, like in one post mission scene-
    Noire: We can't rest yet. Besides, this is partially all of your faults, as well.
    Estelle: You're acting like an evil dragon!
    Lee-Fi: Like a big red cape-wearing jerk!
    Resta: (whispering) Forever alone...
    Noire: Uh, wait. Did I just imagine Resta saying something incredibly rude?
    Resta: You must be hearing things.
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  • In one optional scene, Noire runs across Ein Al betting on a yellow bird race. Noire learns that Ein is using the Basilicom's budget and tries to stop her, but runs into some resistance.
    Noire: Dang it! If you lose, you're going to pay it all back! Every credit!
    Ein Al: It all rests in the hands of fate.
    Noire: This is unbelievable... I can't help anyone if we're flat broke, you know?
    Ein Al: What a miser. Money symbolizes greed for the material. How sad to see you embracing such a vice...
    Noire: You're one to talk, you gamble-happy bird racer!
  • The furniture you can purchase in Sim Noire talks. Yeah. Most of them give tutorial-like advice or say pretty innocuous things. One of them, however...
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  • If Vert gets MVP for a battle than ends while she's transformed, she performs the same Boobs-and-Butt Pose as her victory screen from the main games... while still Super-Deformed. Seeing a bobblehead try and pose sexily is just hilarious.
  • Estelle performing the ancient legendary "Boing Boing" move on Noire


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