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  • The Warblers' bets and increasing frustration in "The Outlaws," and how Crazy-Prepared they are in general.
    • Especially this bit:
    Nick: No. No, Blaine. That story better have ninjas crashing the party, we're-about-to-die sex and we-beat-some-fucking-ninjas sex with Kurt, dressing up again afterward to keep your parents from discovering the wounds, and a declaration in front of the fucking school that you and Kurt finally did it. And that you two are now gay ninjas, so bitches better not mess with you again.
    Lemony Narrator: The story has a distinct lack of ninjas, peril, and sex. Neither does Blaine confess his love for Kurt (or their new status as gay ninjas) in front of the entire school. In fact, the story involves a drunk Blaine making out with Rachel Berry, mistaking drunk-and-horny feelings for feelings-feelings (which means Blaine's obviously never had alcohol before, not that anyone's surprised), and Kurt getting mad because not only was Blaine being an idiot, Rachel once said that she'd always have a better chance at winning guys than Kurt because most guys are straight and she's a girl.
  • In "The Hunters," they pick Blaine up and drag him to a counselor. And it turns out the Warblers do this at least once a year. Doubles as heartwarming, since they clearly care a lot about each other.
  • In the middle of the Wham Episode that is "Nikos," David tries to call an ambulance, but Alex grabs his phone and throws it away. Wes' response when it hits a car and the alarm goes off?
    • Also, the Warblers' mass-text conversation is a combination of hilarious and heartwarming.
  • "All in favour of repressing that statement with inexplicable kazoo music?" *a minute later* "Sorry, Wes, we couldn't hear you over those damn things."
  • In "The Curse", Nick and Jeff's response to the stalker's arrival at the hospital is just hilarious:
    Nick: We all fucking know that he's guilty! Giving him a trial is fucktarded!
    • Actually, it's a word in the Urban Dictionary...
  • All of "Robin Hood". Nick's trips are hilarious.
  • David's phone has... interesting names for those he considers friends. They range from the innocuous 'Horrible Spy' (Kurt) and 'Wins Every Bet By Losing His Soul' (Wes) to the downright hilarious 'I Am Offended By A Completely Harmless Thing You Said' (Thad) and 'I Fucked Up Again, Please Help' (Blaine).
  • This Noodle Incident from "Jack Jingly":
    Trent: It wasn't like he got hurt. It was even a PG trip- not like David's birthday, when they accidentally ate half the pot brownies.
    Jeff: I told you! I didn't use the lube for sex! I thought it was glitter and his house was alive!
    • The Warblers try to answer a question:
    JJ: I'm sorry if I'm prying, but I'm just really curious: Is Jeff gay?
    Thad: Yes.
    Wes: No! They're just the sexually-incompatible version of Kurt and Blaine.
    David: He dated three girls and two guys. He's at least a little bit bi.
    Martin: Or maybe he's just experimenting.
    Dante: Homeboy's Nick-sexual and he doesn't know or won't admit to it. You can't accidentally date five people with black or dark brown hair-
    Trent: Guys! We just gave her five answers to 'is Jeff gay'!
  • Nick and Hotch have an interview, and Nick frequently interrupts to remind Hotch of how long they've got until the weed cookie he ate kicks in.
    • Wes' extremely specific questions to Nick on the subject of getting high.
    • Kurt gets high off his pain meds.
    • The clusterfuck within the Stark family when it turns out that Robb got a girl pregnant who wasn't his wife.

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