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Funny / Hunters of Death

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  • John constantly griping about the need to carry 4 weapons despite not being able to use 2 of them.
    • Becomes a nice brick joke when later, the first thing he uses his "Do anything" authority of Spectre-hood to do is to take off the two weapons that he doesn't use.
  • Jane hacking Tevos' omni-tool to prove to a guard that John and her are Spectres. Immediately followed by the Asari guard completely disbelieving it because Tevos' voice isn't "as sexy as the real thing."
  • When everyone is introducing themselves to Mordin and Liara the introductions are pretty standard; name and then their main affiliation. Then Jane introduces Wrex.
    Jane takes over, smirking as she thumbs at Wrex. "And this is Wrex, of anywhere he wants."
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  • When being attacked by a horde of mini-Kaiju Jane decides to take the time to act like a tour guide. It was number 6 on the Shepards' bucket list.
    Jane: Please grab a gun and enjoy your stay.
  • As a battle between Baolo-Molo and Neptune Overlord is going on one woman, Kelly Chambers, watches in exasperation as they fight in the city streets.
    Woman: This is exactly why I left Tokyo in the first place!

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