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A list of some funny moments from the Chaos Stream!

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    Hazbin Hotel Animation Cleanup 
  • Using dialogue from one of the streamsnote  involving the Hazbin crew, a fan made an animation wherein Alastor tells a bunch of dad jokes in a stand-up comedy setting.
    • Kellen gets in on it too.
      Kellen: Hey Angel!
      Angel: What, Kellen?
      Kellen: What does James Bond do before bed?
      Angel: What? I dunno I never fucked him, what does he do?
      Kellen: He goes under cover!
      Ashley: (bursts out laughing) GET THE FUCK OUT, KELLEN!
    • Eventually, Angel gets fed up with Alastor's jokes.
      Ashley: (through giggles) Angel, let him have his jokes, it makes him happy!
      Alastor: So how many more jokes do we need?

  • The Running Gag of the Hazbin Hotel cast (mainly Michael and Ed) flirting with Ashley in their character voices. The various increasingly flustered noises she makes must be heard to be believed. Here's just some of the moments from the various Cleanup streams:

    Ed: (as Alastor) Oh Ashley.~ You know, I'm a big fan of your artwork and I was wondering, would you draw me like one of your cartoon characters?~
    Ashley: (Incoherent squeaking) Goddammit! First these streams started with Angel flirting with me and now it's Alastor?! (collapses into embarrassed giggling)
    Michael: (laughs) There we go! Ashley loves being flirted with in character.
    Ed: She really does!
    Ashley: NO I DON'T!

    Michael: So one dollar from Clay, they want me in an Angel voice to make Ash really embarrassed and uncomfortable.
    Ashley: Oh no, why?
    Michael: (In a seductive Angel voice) All I have to do is do this. This is all I have to do.~ Mmmm...
    Vivzi: (giggles)
    Ashley: (Increasingly flustered) Not in front of-not in front of Mom!

    Ashley: (attempting to be flirty) Oh Ed, is your ego the only thing you want stroked? ~
    Ed: (in a deep seductive voice) No it's not. But I have a question for you, Ashley. Are you from St. Louis?
    Ashley: No, why?
    Ed: Well, I can still teach you how to arch your back.~
    (Everyone in the Discord call collapses into flustered hysterics)
    Kennedy: GOD DAMN, THAT'S HOT!

    Michael: (As Angel) Oh Ashley...~
    Ashley: (squeaks) I was prepared! And I've heard it a million times! And I still-
    Ed: Yeah, but he's got such dulcet tones.
    Michael: (As Angel, even deeper) Oh Ashley...~

  • Ed teasing the cast with his "sexy" voices.
    Ed: (in a deep voice) I have a question. If I did this just in my normal sexy voice, is this good enough?
    Ashley: (squeaks)
    Michael: They say both voices are gorgeous. Whatever voice you wanna do.
    Ed: Actually, I can do you one better, Ashley. (switches to a smooth Cajun accent) You see, 'cause a lady likes a dude wit' an accent right there, so if I do a little bit o' southern flair for you...
    Ashley: (Incredibly embarrassed) Are we just going to ignore the fact that Michael is 100% okay with what's happening here?
    Michael: Hey, it's for the bit! It's funny!
    Ed: (continuing with the accent) Here's the thing, you gotta commit to the bit, so why don't you commit to the bit, Ashley? Or better yet, why don't you do it to me?~
    Elsie: I am...I politely ask that you cease and desist. I am very weak for that accent.
    Ed: Oh, so there's two lovely ladies enjoyin' themselves.~ (Ashley and Elsie promptly melt into goo and giggle madly)

  • So We Got Stamper
    • Put it his way: when an episode of the Hunicast comes with a disclaimer, you know it's gonna be good.
    • In the middle of an Alastor voice request, Stamper immediately yells for Ed to stop... because his big toe hurt. After admonishing him for the interruption, he goes again, only for Stamper to interrupt him on purpose; this time, by screaming at him in the middle of the take. Only after yelling at him a second time is Ed allowed to finish the request. Perfectly animated here.
  • This fan animatic of Ed being challenged to recite Angel's "Harder daddy" line in an Angel voice. It just comes across as sounding like a submissive Alastor, much to Ed's embarrassment.
  • Guess what, motherfuckers! I can play the Rugrats theme! (Because we want Angel Dust near babies, now)
    Ashley: Whoever gave you that synthesizer, Michael, I need to either punch them, or thank them.

    Charity Streams 


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