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  • Chance's trying to talk down Hollis in the first part of the pilot episode before he decides to shoot a rifle at his suicide vest before the ex-firm employee could harm the police or his target. Also when Hollis asks if he was crazy.
    Chance: "I'm assuming that it was a rhetorical question..."
  • Funny, Awesome, Heartwarming, I don't know what but... Guerrero hooking up with Ilsa's sister-in-law is a Crowning Moment of something all right!
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  • When Chance arrives to the hotel where the princess is staying in "Victoria", the press were all over again until they realize that he's just a nobody.
  • The first part of "Imbroglio" when Guerrero and Chance are testing kevlar armor by using a catcher's mask and a mattress.
  • Just the conversation between Guerrero and Winston to decide which wire to cut.
    Winston: (needing to know which wire to cut to defuse a bomb) Did you just flip a coin?!
    Guerrero: No.


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