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  • In their guide to making a successful RPG, Hsu mentions that an method to instant success is making the words "Final Fantasy" very noticeable on the box and points out a time when they once sold copies of Pong in boxes labeled "Final Fantasy 7" until their lawyers advised them to stop.
  • After making a connection between playing video games and violent behavior in real life (they forced an unstable teenager to play an educational game on the Sega Master System for 4 straight hours) the brothers determine it is their duty to be more responsible with their jobs, leading to this.
    Chan: It is our responsibility to ensure that the content of our games be dictated by our own sacred values and not the baser whims of the consumer public.
    Hsu: Hmm indeed.
    Beat Panel
    Hsu: Is greed a sacred value?
    Chan: Sacred enough. Onward to the restaurant.
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  • Thunderblarg has the brothers doing some field research on the spy genre by trying to live out the roles show in a James Bond movie. Cue reality kicking in hard as Hsu (in the James Bond role) gets severely hungover after a night of heavy drinking while dealing with his "high speed romantic conquest" taking offense to being a one-night stand.
    Gila Mobster: This is painful to watch, boss. You want I should pop him one in the head, just to be kind?
    Chan: No no. This is for science. Make sure the camera's running.
  • The Christmas 2017 special. 15 minutes of holiday joy and humor as the brothers examine how well Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams... (the only Christmas themed video game without going into shovelware, mobile games, or the NES version of Home Alone) has aged, watch and commentate over a Christmas Carol, and recount the time Santa Claus set off a homemade security trap which ended with him pumped full of horse tranquilizer.

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