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Funny / House on Haunted Hill (1959)

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  • The film is almost as much a comedy as a horror movie, but of special note is the scene where Nora explores a room in the basement and looks up to find the elderly mute female housekeeper standing there making like a witch from an Abbott and Costello movie. And then roller-blading out of the room.
  • And there's Pritchard. He's unintentionally comical with his drunken antics and constant maundering about the ghosts coming to get everyone; but why the heck did Price's character give that rum-soaked lunatic a loaded gun?
    • There's nothing in the film to suggest that any guns are loaded aside from Loren telling people they are. He does tell Nora he put blanks in her gun, but he's probably smarter than to risk anyone else accidentally shooting him or Nora picking up someone else's gun.
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  • A bit meta, but there was some comedy with the skeleton prop Castle used with the movie. The first one was made from plaster of Paris. Nice and sturdy right up to the point it slipped from the strings and dropped to hit a studio exec right in the head. The next one was inflatable, and proved an irresistible target for hordes of young boys with slingshots in theaters across America as it sailed overhead. That poor skeleton just couldn't win.
  • One of the female guests is apparently killed by a skeleton pushing her into a pool of acid. It's not even that DEEP and it doesn't hold her under, it just literally PUSHES HER IN.


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