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Funny / Hotel Transylvania: The Series

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  • "Exit Sandman"
    • Aunt Lydia remarks that she's certain the humans are up to something vile. We then see a cutaway of the Cartwright family on a picnic, with Donald flying a kite.
    • When Diane attacks the sand sculptures of the gang that Pedro created, Mavis asks why Diane would hate them. Immediately after we again see the flashback of Mavis, Hank, Pedro, and Wendy destroying Diane's chicken coop, Mavis states that she remembers now in a mortified tone.
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  • In "Top Wing", when Pedro asks if the leader of the Night Warts crushes the pins because it's fun, she nods.
  • "Fried Mean Tomatoes"
    • The beginning of the episode has Diane complain about Aunt Lydia eating an egg. Aunt Lydia's response is golden.
    Aunt Lydia: Yes, Diane. I am eating a hard spoiled egg. I'm a monster. Deal with it.
    • During his class, Quasimodo states that the next step is a pinch of salt. He pinches a waiter's butt and defends his actions on the grounds that the waiter is named Salt.
    • Aunt Lydia goes through with her punishment of having the dungeon rats give Quasimodo and Mavis "manicures" when having Quasimodo teach cooking turns out to fail, but the rats turn out to be docile because they enjoy Quasimodo's cooking, leaving Quasimodo and Mavis' fingers unharmed.

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