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Funny / Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi

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  • Poor Daigo, a lot of his antics simply get him in trouble if not just getting frustrated. The OVA provides some good examples:
    • Pissing off the 3 hot moms by absentmindedly calling them "old hags". And as a bonus, their eye-catch featuring them in cheerleader outfits.
    • Seeing his own mom in a maid outfit
    • Trying to take advantage of Hina's Cuteness Proximity by disguising himself as a cat (she actually fell for it and tried to take care of him as such) only to get caught by her Overprotective Dad when his disguise fell off while he fell on top of her
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    • Realizing that getting invited out of the blue by Ibuki is not good for your health
    • Getting caught by Kazuma (who was beyond pissed) when he accidentally fell on top of Ayumu while the latter was in a girl's swimsuit
  • The Chase Scene between Ui and Hina in the race during the School Festival, with the latter in a state of intoxication due to Cuteness Proximity and the former in a penguin suit running for her life.

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