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  • Hori's reaction when the girls in class took an interest in Miyamura due to a magazine article. Starting with accidentally breaking a mechanical pencil
  • Miyamura's reaction when he saw his old friend, Shindo, talking to Hori:
    "GO DIE!"
  • The second part of Chapter 41, where Souta's friends are under the impression that Miyamura and Hori are his unhappily-married parents.
  • Yuki asking Tooru to be her pretend-boyfriend, and Hori and Miyamura's reaction to finding out that he's outclassed in every possible way by Yanagi.
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  • The entirety of Chapter 50, focusing on a cooking class with Sakura, Remi, and Sengoku. Basically, Remi and Sengoku are less horrible cooks more as in they completely do not comprehend the basics of cooking to begin with. Highlights include Remi somehow burning something just by mixing it, Sengoku thinking they need to surround the pot with veggies to create a curry fountain, and both managing to make vegetables disappear by peeling them too much. Watching Sakura's constant exasperation at the sheer level of incompetency and common sense of her friends in the kitchen makes it even better.


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