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  • While Honey, I Blew Up the Kid is generally inferior to its prequel, it has its fair share of moments, like where Diane confronts Wayne over what happened to Adam, the titular kid. The look on Wayne's face was absolutely priceless.
    Diane: (sweetly) Sweetheart, you can tell me~ How bad can it be? (kisses Wayne)
    (Wayne looks very nervous)
    Diane: After all, it's not like you've done anything to one of our kids, again.
    (Wayne raises his eyebrows, then chuckles)
    Diane: (growing serious) Wayne, where is Adam?
    Wayne: Well, um...
    Diane: Who was that man in the van? (holding up a bigger Big Bunny) And where did this bunny come from?!
    Wayne: (cracks) All right, I confess! I did it!
    Diane: Did what?!
    Adam: (breaks down the door) Peek-a-boo~!! (knocks on the open door)
    Wayne: I blew up the baby!
    (Diane faints)
    Adam: Mama fall down! Mama...
    Nick: How'd she take it?
    Wayne: 'Bout like usual.
    Adam: Mama sleeping?
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  • The next scene where Wayne's tending to an unconscious Diane while Adam's making a mess in the next room.
    Diane: (Mumbling while unconscious) I'll kill Wayne.
    Wayne: You don't wanna kill Wayne.
    Diane: I wanna kill Wayne.
    Wayne: (To Nick, regarding the noise Adam's making) What's he doing?
    Nick: He's playing with his toys.
    Wayne: Well, make him stop!
  • Wayne and Nick screaming off screen when they see the now seven-foot Adam, and proceeding to run back into the living room to dive behind the couch.
  • The entire sequence of Wayne, Diane, and Nick trying to tame Adam. Hilarity ensues.
  • When Nick tries to imitate his father's Big Bunny voice to Adam.
  • Wayne and Diane have just retrieved the shrink ray from Sterling Labs in order to get Adam back to normal size. Diane is perplexed on how to get out since it is solar-powered.
    Diane: Wayne, this is a solar van. We're inside!
    Wayne: There's a switch marked "batteries". Just be careful not to switch it to...
    (Diane flips the switch, and the van zooms off as Diane screams)
    Wayne: High!
    Diane: Hold on!
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  • The look on Wayne's face after Diane told him to un-shrink the policemen he inadvertently tested the shrink ray on.
    White Cop: They're getting away!
    Black Cop: I think they're out of our jurisdiction.
  • Mandy's reaction after Adam grows even bigger and escapes from the house, leaving an Adam-shaped hole in the wall:
    Mandy: There's no way I'm changing those diapers.
  • A TV promo, which included the scene of Adam about to put the car with Nick and his girlfriend Mandy inside his mouth followed by a "gulp" from Adam, made it look like he did eat them.
  • Anytime Wayne mentions naptime in front of Adam. This comes back to bite him hard when he tries to distract him with his oversized bunny toy:
    Wayne: Boy! I'm tired! Are you tired big bunny? [...] I got an idea! How about we all have a nice....
    Nick: NO!
    Wayne: Long...
    Diane: Don't say it!
    Wayne: Nap!
    Nick: (To Mandy) Brace yourself!
    Adam: (Wakes up, slams the bunny) NO nap!
    Wayne: Whoa! Hang on! Get me out of here, get me a way from him, pull me away!
    Adam: No.......NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!!!
    Wayne: I get it! No nap!
  • In one scene, Dr. Hendrickson, the film's Big Bad, wants to shoot Adam with a tranquilizer dart cannon. Diane, who has been enlarged to try to get Adam to hold still, grabs the helicopter Hendrickson is flying in, gets right in his face, and commands, "Back... off!" The reaction from a stunned onlooker is "Whoa, look at that mother!"
    • Later on, when everything is normal again, Diane confronts Hendrickson sweetly about the tranquilizer gun, then punches him in the face and knocks him out.
      Diane: (Quietly and dangerously) Doctor Hendrickson, that looked like some sort of rifle that you were shooting at my baby.
      Dr. Hendrickson: They were tranquilizer cartridges, they wouldn't have hurt him, I assure you.
      Diane: (sarcastic laughing) Tranquilizer cartridges... (KNOCKS OUT Hendrickson)
      Wayne: (to Adam) Never cross mommy.
  • At the end of the film, even though Adam is back to normal size, Big Bunny is still a really Big Bunny. While Diana asks Wayne what they're going to do with the giant toy, Adam is happily playing with the giant rabbit's ear.
  • Two scientists work themselves up over a blurry photo of Adam and Big Bunny being some kind of alien. Hendrickson takes one look and simply increases the resolution.
    "I knew it was a baby. I just didn't know it was a bunny."
  • The 50-foot Adam politely stopping at a red light until it turns green again.

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