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  • The entire show is riddled with moments that will make you cry with laughter. Even in between serious moments that already have you crying.
  • Morita's last-minute birthday present to Takemoto is a Twister game set he made with Hagu's paints. Except being an art student, instead of the simple red/yellow/blue/green combination he's put in every single colour possible, from purple to moss green to mineral violet. Thus he and Takemoto, the two participants, have an excruciating hard time making it through one round without dying of pain. The game finishes with the two guys collapsed with all sorts of injuries and covered with a white blanket, while the others cower in the corner with fear. Takemoto nails the ending by barely reaching for a spot on the game mat and weakly saying, "Passion blue."
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  • Morita finally graduates... and then he immediately comes back as a freshman because he feels he hasn't studied enough, even though he's been at college for eight years.
  • One of the best jokes from the entire series was the unicorns protecting Yamada. Their voices were priceless. And when they're charging alongside the train she's riding? Too good for words.
  • Shinobu's 32 minute long rant after accepting an Mocademy Award for best CGI. Eventually security has to drag him off stage!


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