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    The Boss Baby 
  • The Boss Baby (aka Glenbaby Glen Boss)
    • The Narrator spends almost all of the trailer completely flabbergasted at the movie's workings.
      Narrator: Shrek made you laugh. How to Train Your Dragon made you feel. Now DreamWorks newest franchise will make you question the very fabric of reality.
    • Noting how Boss Baby combines Alec Baldwin's bossiest roles, noting the "Cookies are for closers" line is lifted from Glengarry Glen Ross, and the Boss Baby crying and getting the parents to run over is lifted from his portrayal of Donald Trump in Saturday Night Live.
    • The Narrator can't tell whether the movie is supposed to be All Just a Dream or Real After All.
      Narrator: Because Tim falls asleep at the beginning, so it's fake. But then the mom is actually pregnant, so it's real. But it's all from Tim's point of view, so it's fake. But the parents acknowledge the baby is wearing a suit, so it must be real.
      Mom: He's like a little man!
      Narrator: But the action is shown to be exaggerated, so it's fake. But Tim records the baby actually talking, so that's real! But the parents never hear the tape, so it's fake! But the parents do hear the baby talk, so it's real! But at the end, grown up Tim says it's just how he remembers it, so it's fake!! But his daughter is also a Boss Baby, so it's real!! AHHHHHH!!! Stop it, movie!! I can't take it anymore!! YOU'VE BROKEN ME!!!


    It (2017) 

    Get Out 
  • Get Out (aka The Stepford Whites)
    • After sincerely praising the film's Foreshadowing, Epic Voice Guy talks about the plot holes such as brains aging just as fast as humans, which means the Armitage's immortality gambit wouldn't even give them borrowed time, nobody noticing the people Rose dated going missing, and Rose eating Froot Loops separate from the milk, leading to him asking if that actually is a thing white people do.

    Transformers: The Last Knight 


    The Blade Trilogy 

    Justice League 
  • Justice League (aka Warner Bros. Presents Joss Whedon's Zack Snyder's Justice League Part One ...of One)
    • In the intro:
      Narrator: Somewhere between the awful Suicide Squad and the excellent Wonder Woman, a new DC will get it sorta down the middle, [annoyed] but when the best comic book characters ever united for a movie that's just okay... YOU BLEW IT. AGAIN! AAARGH!!! How does this keep happening?!
    • The Narrator describing the film's Troubled Production:
      Narrator: In the midst of a production beset by tragedy, Warner Bros. bravely forged ahead... so executives could keep their bonuses [shows article titled "WB Refused to Delay Justice League Release So That Executives Could Keep Their Bonuses"], mixing Zack Snyder's trademark gloom with the optimism of Joss Whedon, and the priorities of Brett Ratner's production company [shows scenes from the film focusing on Diana/Wonder Woman's rear]
    • The Take That! directed at the Zack Snyder fanboys:
      Narrator: Man, I wish Warner Bros would release the Snyder Cut already! Also: Man, I wish that the Snyder Cut wasn't a made-up fanboy pipe dream.
    • Of course the Honest Trailer mentions to the debacle about Henry Cavill's mustache having to be CGI'd out resulting in Special Effect Failure:
      • First, when noting the conspiciously high use of CGI ever for comic book superhero movie standards:
        Narrator: This CGI villain steals these CGI boxes from their CGI hiding places, uniting these CGI heroes in a big CGI fight, on a CGI battle field, until this CGI hero merges with this CGI box, while this CGI villain gets punched in the mouth by the hero with a mouth made out of CGI. Ugh, that just looks... wrong.
      • Later, when listing the heroes, the Narrator can't even do the Running Gag from the Man of Steel and Batman v Superman Honest Trailers about drooling over Cavill's "aaabs!"
        Narrator: Superman... eh... agh... uh... God! Mouth is so distracting! Poor Henry Cavill worked out for months for this role, but all I can look at is his weird fake baby mouth. They really couldn't shave his mustache? Or grow a beard? Or, you know, delay the movie?
    • Referring to Aquaman as "BROSEIDON, KING OF THE BROCEAN!"
    • The Narrator refering to Steppenwolf's habit of refering to the Mother Boxes as just "Mother" as "no character since Buster Bluth has ever been this much of a mother lover."
    • Starring: A Wad of Tin Foil Scrunched Around a Laser Pointer (Cyborg), Jason Moana (Aquaman), The DCEU Hunger Games Champion (Wonder Woman), Super Side Eye (Superman doing a side eye), The Voice of Warner Brothers (Alfred saying "We might not have thought this through."), Deathpool. I Mean, Deadstroke (Deathstroke), Smashed Mouth (Henry Cavill's CGI'd mouth), Spider-Car, Spider Car, Does Whatever a Spider-Car Does (the Knightcrawler's Spider Tank mode), Oh Miles Dyson, When Will You Learn? (Silas Stone), Mike Pence (Steppenwolf), Speeder Parker (The Flash), and They Recast Luthor! Yay! (the inmate used as a decoy for Luthor at the asylum) Awww... (after showing the actual Luthor)

    The Oscars (2018) 

    Thor: Ragnarok 
  • Thor: Ragnarok (aka Flash Thordon)
    • Right off the bat, some possible Foreshadowing as the Narrator's first real gripe is with the new Marvel Studios Vanity Plate dragging on a little too long.
      Narrator: From Marvel Studios... [as the logo is still going] the new logo is still going? Alright, I'll wait. [beat] From... still going. [beat] Alright, here it comes... From Maaarrrvvveeelll... Jeez, how long is this thing? Just cut it off, nobody has time for that. [cuts from the logo just as it's about to end to the film's title card] Great, now we're running behind. It's Thor... Thor: Ragnarok.
    • Pointing out how the Thor title's revitalization involved "trimming all the dead weight off the franchise", then shifting to Black Comedy by pointing out that includes his homeland Asgard, "his friends you couldn't name with a gun in your head" (the Warriors Three), his right eye, Odin, his hair, and even Mjolnir.
      Narrator: It's like the whole franchise got on Hemsworth's steamed chicken diet. [cue Shirtless Scene] Aaaaaaaaabs.
    • And some long-awaited Lampshade Hanging:
      Narrator: Are we sure Thor's not the adopted one? Put him next to Hela, Loki and a young Anthony Hopkins and tell me he's not the odd one out.
      [shows pictures of Thor, Hela, Loki and a young Hopkins, showing that the latter three were all gaunt and with black hair while Thor specifically isn't]
    • Similar to the Honest Trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the Narrator notes that Taika Waititi's brand of humor leads the movie to overdoing Mood Whiplash moments, but unlike with Guardians 2, he doesn't seem to be bothered with it.
      Narrator: Where boring exposition scenes get tagged by jokes...
      Surtur: I will tower over the mountains and bury my sword deep in Asgard.
      Thor: [struggling with some chains he's suspended from] Hang on...
      Narrator: ...badass moments get tagged by jokes...
      [shows the scene in which Bruce Banner attempts to force himself to transform into the Hulk by jumping out of a spaceship, but doesn't transform and painfully splats onto the ground]
      Narrator: ...and even heartfelt emotional beats get tagged by jokes.
      [shows Korg charging at an illusion of Loki dissappearing, shouting "Piss off, ghost!" and kicking a wall, after the scene in which Loki attempts to betray Thor once again, leaving Thor lying on the floor, writhing in pain and heartbroken]
      Narrator: Yeah, they overdo it sometimes, but this is a movie where an orgy spaceship shoots fireworks over the Rainbow Bridge while Hulk fights a zombie wolf. If you're mad it tries to make you laugh, too, you're doing it wrong.
    • The Narrator stating that the new additions; "depressive, alcoholic" Valkyrie, "a Taika Waititi made of rocks" (Korg), and "a mute bug with knives for arms" (Miek), "still have more personality than the Warriors Three."
      Narrator: [shows an article explaining that Lady Sif isn't in the movie due to scheduling conficts with her actress] Dodged that bullet, Lady Sif. But don't worry, you still got it coming.
    • The Narrator points out that the scene of jumping off one vehicle to hit another vehicle by hand also happened in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and even Black Panther, which came after this movie, which leads the Narrator to an conclusion he's not excited about:
      Narrator: Hey, we found Marvel's new sky beam. [in flat joy] Yay.
    • The Narrator concluding that hopefully, the film taught Marvel an important lesson:
      Narrator: Don't fire the weirdo! Embrace him, embrace the weirdo! [shows Taika Waititi doing a bunch of silly faces]
    • Starring: Happythor.gif (the memetic Big "YES!" shot), I Am Lorde, Ya Ya Ya (Loki), Actual Jeff Goldblum (the Grandmaster), For the Horde! (Hulk in his gladiator look), Ben Dimm (Korg), Someone Get This Woman an Untitled Standalone Movie (Valkyrie), Heimdall The Time They Were Able to Get Idris Elba For (Heimdall), She's So Thorny (Hela), George Arr Arr Martin (Odin), Sher-Contractually-Locked into a Cameo (Doctor Strange), Zorak (Miek), The Current State of the DCEU (a shot of the Sakaaran Landfill Beyond the Stars), (Church Lady voice) "Could it be... SATAN?" (Surtur), and Thor: The 4D Experience (Coming Summer 2020 to Disney's California Adventure) (the scene where Thor is strapped to a chair and put through an Acid-Trip Dimension).

  • Bright (aka Edgelord of the Rings)
    • The trailer begins noting that the film was made by the director of Suicide Squad (David Ayer), the writer of Victor Frankenstein (Max Landis) and a production company called Trigger Warning Entertainment - and points out that those three may not have been the best people to try and make an allegory about race relations.
    • The narrator going off on an increasingly frustrated rant about how little the movie made use of its premise of a modern day cop drama set in a world where fantasy creatures have existed for thousands of years, especially how outside of fantasy creatures living among the population, little is different from the actual world:
      Narrator: [after Will Smith's character makes a reference to Shrek] How does Shrek still exist? Is it a documentary? There's dragons flying around, but our buildings never changed? And what's this centaur cop doing? They never even mention that! You can't just add the word "magic" and claim it's any different from a normal cop movie!

    Every Wes Anderson Movie 

    The Last Jedi 

    Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 

    The Greatest Showman 

    Baby Driver 

    The Incredible Hulk 
  • The Incredible Hulk (aka The Disposable Hulk)
    • In the intro:
      Narrator: From Marvel Studios and Universal(?) comes the second movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that we're doing an Honest Trailer for because Infinity War is coming out. We've already done all the other MCU movies, and Black Panther... isn't... on... Blu-ray yet.
    • The narrator first having to get straight which Bruce Banner he is talking about.
      Narrator: Meet Bruce Banner [shows Mark Ruffalo as Banner in The Avengers] No, not the one people like. [shows Eric Bana as Banner in Hulk] Who's that? He never played the Hulk, did he? No, you know the one I'm talking about, the Death to Smoochy guy. [shows Edward Norton as Banner] There he is.
    • The narrator's description of Edward Norton's performance:
      Narrator: Edward Norton shines as the first Marvel actor to show off how many crunches he did for the part (Aaaaaaaaabs), and he's bringing his incredible range to a role that has him act like he's on Xanax.
      Bruce Banner: [to Betty Ross] I know a few techniques that could help you manage that anger very effectively.
      Narrator: While off-camera he's bringing his incredible ego to a full rewrite of the script under the fake name "Edward Harrison." [shows "Edward Harrison" actually getting credited in one poster] Do you want to get Terrence Howard'd? [shows a news article about Howard being replaced as War Machine by Don Cheadle] Because that's how you get Terrence Howard'd.
    • Noting the Hulk's Destructive Saviour tendencies:
      Narrator: [Hulk is] actually a huge danger to the entire planet, the economy of Brazil, [shows the destruction of the Brazilian factory] and all of Harlem. [shows the climatic battle of Harlem] Yeeesh. I'm glad that he flew up to not-Planet Hulk, it would mean there's Earth left for Thanos to punch.
    • The narrator's description of the antagonist, Emil Blonsky/The Abomination:
      Narrator: You've always wanted to see the Hulk match up against a villain that could equal his powers. Well, too bad, because he's fighting the skinny British guy from Reservoir Dogs. He's a decorated veteran with zero personal connection to Bruce Banner and zero threat to the Hulk, but when he shoots himself full of tainted Captain America juice, he'll turn into one of the most forgettable monsters in the MCU, that was so bad, he got his ass kicked all the way to Batman v Superman [shows the Abomination and BvS's Doomsday side by side] Ugh!
    • When noting the differences this movie has with subsequent MCU films, the Narrator notes that it didn't make a billion dollars at the box office.
    • The Narrator notes that, although Edward Norton may have exited the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he at least later joined Wes Anderson's "Fancy Boy Cinematic Universe."
      Narrator: Oh man! I cannot wait for The Royal Tenenbaums to fight Steve Zissou in Budapest Hotel: Infinity Floor. [shows J.G. Jopling (Willem Dafoe) punching out several people in The Grand Budapest Hotel] Alright Green Goblin, nobody punches out Flash Thompson in this quirky hotel and gets away with it!
    • Starring: I Am Jack's Departure Due to Creative Differences (Bruce Banner), Iggy Pop (Emil Blonsky), Like a Ross (Gen. "Thunderbolt" Ross), Y'All Got an Iron Man Suit That Needs Voicing? (Betty Ross),Explanation  and Teenage Mutant Ninja Heroin Addict (The Abomination).

    Honest Trailers (Written by a Robot) 
  • This trailer is written by Botnik Labs, the people behind that fake Harry Potter chapter written entirely with predictive keyboards. Let's just say, it goes off the rails pretty quickly.
  • Starring: Lana Del Toro, Beetlejuice Bueller, "You Better Tune Out", the same shots of Wolverine sitting on computers over and over again, unlikable Jane Lynch, this guy chasing a car, Nazis Playing Pokemon Snap, Sugarman: The Little Guy, Tuck Grandpa, The Millennium Dustin, Innuendos That Are Memes That Are also Metaphors, some loud boy who really shouldn't talk, Manny Canyon As A Very Sarcastic Bug, The Smirking Baby That Goes to Hell, this scene (cue the "Sgt. Candy" scene), and Academy Award winning actor Solemn Phillip.

    Fifty Shades Freed 
  • Fifty Shades Freed (aka Fifty Shades Free-King Put Me Out of My Misery Already)
    • The Narrator notes that after three movies, it still isn't revealed what Christian Grey's company does.
      Anastasia Steele: I love what you're doing in Africa.
      Christian Grey: Oh, thank you.
      Narrator: Ten bucks that it's a moon laser that runs on blood diamonds.
    • When the Narrator describes Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson's chemistry as that of siblings, it cuts to an interview Dornan did on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he actually described his relationship with Johnson in real life as Like Brother and Sister.
    • When the Narrator states that Christian covers his psycological abuse of Anastasia with money, he gets fed up and states that not everything has a price, like friendship. It immediately cuts to a scene in which Christian brought Anastasia's friends for a surprise, which leads the Narrator to say, "Nevermind."
    • The "Starring" section this time around consists of a "flashback of the dumbest moments in the franchise," still set to the parody of the slowed-down version of "Crazy in Love."

    Black Panther 

    Star Wars Spinoffs 

    Every Christopher Nolan Movie 

    A Wrinkle in Time 
  • A Wrinkle in Time (aka The Lisa Franktrix)
    • The Narrator's description of the film's acid-trip sequences.
      Narrator: Enjoy the simple story of a girl with low self-esteem finding her missing father and learning to believe in herself, while at the same time, director Ava DuVernay pours LSD directly into both your eyeballs, in a bonkers mix of grounded, straightforward storytelling and Reese Witherspoon transforming into a giant flying leaf Pokémon. I'm freaking out, man!
    • The Narrator describes Meg as "a girl who gets bullied about as much as Meg from Family Guy."
      Charles Wallace Murry: Shut up Meg!
      Red: Yeah, shut up Meg.
      Peter Griffin: Shut up Meg.
    • The Narrator's description of the three Mrs.:
      Narrator: Get ready for more A-List stars dressed like J-Pop idols than an anime-themed Met Gala, featuring the larger-than-life wise sage known as Oprah as a more grounded 100 foot tall version of herself, Reese Whiterspoon as your favorite weird aunt, and Mindy Kaling as that copy of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations you leave near the toilet.
      Mrs. Who: Tomorrow, there will be more of us. Miranda, American. [...] The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground. Buddha, Nepali. [...] DAMN!!! Tucker, American.
      Narrator: Enough!!! Epic Voice Guy, Internet.
    • The Narrator is in for a surprise when he discovers that despite being made by Disney, the movie did not perform as expected.
      Narrator: So thrill at the latest Disney juggernaut, which enchanted critics, and made over a billion dollars at the box— Wait, what? It wasn't a critical sucess? [shows the film's Rotten Tomatoes page, showing that it got a Rotten score with both critics and audiences] And it was a box office disappointment? And this isn't the first time they screwed up A Wrinkle in Time? That's impossible! I mean, that just doesn't happen to Disney! Is this a dream? No seriously, is this a dream? Am I dreaming right now man? Because I had a couple of edibles before seeing the movie and I'm kind of waiting for the second one to kick in— [shows another trippy sequence] Oooohhh nooo...
    • The "Starring" section this time around consists of lines from the movie "that work better as motivational Instagram posts" read in a Matthew McConaughey voice.
    • In The Stinger:
      Mrs. Whatsit: To you I give you the gift of your faults.
      Mrs. Which: My gift is my command.
      Narrator: Note to self: Don't invite Reese Witherspoon and Oprah to your Secret Santa. Their gifts suck!

    The Incredibles 
  • The Incredibles (aka This Is Fantastic Forty)
    • Honest Trailers had hyped up for a long time their love for this film, and the intro clearly reminds you of that:
      Narrator: If you like well-written animated films with heart, humor, and great action... Actually, scratch that. If you are currently or have ever been alive, then you probably love... The Incredibles.
    • The Narrator notes that Pixar's well-known tendency for knowing how to tug audiences' heartstrings this time reaches harsh Mood Whiplash levels.
      Narrator: [in a cheerful voice tone] Experience a film that's got a little bit of everything, from Silver Age comic book heroes, [switches to somber voice tone] to a dark snapshot of a dying marriage, [switches back to cheerful voice tone] slick retro James Bond style, [switches back to somber voice tone] to a portrait of a mid-life crisis, [switches back to cheerful voice tone] the warm glow of familiar love, [switches back to somber voice tone] to the soul-crushing modern day workplace. Once again, you'll pay Pixar to yank your heart around like an emotional yo-yo. [sobbing] I love this...
    • Noting how dysfunctional the Parrs are:
      Narrator: Meet the Parrs, an incredible-y dysfunctional family. Violet is neglected, Dash is hurting people for fun, [shows Dash pranking his teacher] Bob is sneaking around behind his wife's back, and Helen is in denial about his obvious lies. They've got more issues than a comic book shop, and the only way to resolve them is to put on spandex and beat the crap out of some robots together.
    • The Narrator questions Bob's motivations.
      Narrator: Enter a world where the government has banned superheroes for fairly obvious reasons. Now, Bob will have to adjust to not being able to punch people for a living, until he leaves in an oportunity to work for a killer robot company with a volcano lair. Dude! You were a hero for, like, decades! You didn't see any red flags here? I'm starting to think this guy just wants to hurt people with no consequences. [shows Bob throwing his boss across several walls] Hey, heroes don't do that! Unless you're Batman. Batman totally does that.
    • The Narrator's description of Syndrome:
      Narrator: Cower before one of the best supervillains of all time: Syndrome. A perfect prediction of today's entitled fan culture; he's a nerd who loves something so much, that when it didn't live up to his expectations, he declared war on it. [shows several petitions related to changing things from movies] And now, only the Incredibles can stop him from... uh... letting me buy rocket boots?
      Syndrome: I'll sell my inventions so that everyone can be superheroes.
      Narrator: Well, that's just great! Now how am I supposed to become a hero? Toxic waste-covered reptiles aren't cheap, you know!
    • The Narrator finally goes deep into his belief that it's a better adaptation of the Fantastic Four than the actual movies.
      Narrator: Enjoy the best Fantastic Four movie never made, that fixes all the flaws from those awful, awful films: Having its four heroes feel like a real family, not treating their powers like a joke, and making it so Mr. Fantastic is married to the Thing, which is... way hotter. I mean, better. I mean... Dammit! They're just both so thicc.
    • After seeing how violent the movie is despite being an animated kids movie, the Narrator wonders "what made Brad Bird fly into an homicidal rage between The Iron Giant and this movie." When he then checks that The Iron Giant was a Box Office Bomb, he summarizes that it was probably that.
    • Starring: Hunk Hill (Bob/Mr. Incredible), Stretch Arms-Mom (Helen/Elastigirl), Nick Flurry (Lucius/Frozone), Phony Stark (Syndrome), Dicksilver (Dash), Violet! You're Turning Violent, Violet!, The EPCOT Center (Omnidroid), Grown-Up Stewie (Dash's teacher), Do You Find Something Comical About My Appearance When I Am Driving My Automobile? (Bob driving his car), and Send in the FEMBOTS! (Edna Mode)
    • In The Stinger:
      Narrator: So, that whole cape rant that Edna goes on?
      Edna Mode: No capes!
      Narrator: Were those her designs that got all those heroes killed before she learned her lesson? Because, uh, whew, that's dark!

    Jurassic Park III 

    Pacific Rim Uprising and Tomb Raider (2018) 

    The Purge 


    A Quiet Place 
  • A Quiet Place (aka The Quiet Game)
    • To match the tone of the movie, the narrator whispers through the entire trailer, and has provided a man using American Sign-Language in the corner.
    • Despite the post-apocalyptic setting, the narrator describes the film as a dad's paradise: the kids are always silent, there's plenty of time for fishing, and there's even a secret man-cave with sonic weapons. The narrator even asks if he can trade places with Lee.
    • Starring: Dunder Mufflin' (Lee), Shhhicario (Evelyn), Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! (Beau getting eaten by the monster), Literally Turning It To 11 (Regan), Aural Coral (Marcus), Chekhov's Nail (the nail in the stairstep), The Same Aliens As After Earth, Only They Sense Sound Instead Of Fear...Did Anyone Else See After Earth? (the aliens), Rocket, Nooo! (the raccoon that gets killed by a monster), And Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (the characters shushing each other)

    Ready Player One 
  • Ready Player One (aka VR Troopers)
    • The narrator complains about how, in a virtual world where anyone could appear as anything, everyone chooses generic avatars that are merely slight exaggeration of themselves. He then gives a list of more interesting avatars the characters should have used, like a 10-foot bag of Funnyuns, a talking raptor ("Alan!"), and a cloud made of microscopic Steve Buscemis.


    Deep Blue Sea 

    Avengers: Infinity War 
  • Avengers: Infinity War (aka Game of Stones)
    • The Narrator notes that, while this movie could be the best movie Marvel has ever made, it's certainly the most movie Marvel has ever made.
      Narrator: [over shots of Thor kicking ass] Man, there's just so much movie in this... movie! Look at all that movie!
    • The Narrator can perfectly understand that Peter Parker would rather follow Tony Stark into space and die there than make an appearance in Venom.
    • The Narrator notes that Bruce is in need of a Phase Three recap video, which is followed by a montage of the out-of-the-loop Banner's questions.
    • The Narrator notes that with this film, comic book movies have finally caught up with the source medium's tradition of temporarily killing off characters to boost sales. This is followed by an assertion that if the viewer believes the aforementioned is actually permanent, he's got a copy of The Death of Superman to sell the reader, followed by listing a series of "Death of [X]" comics,note  concluding with The Infinity Gauntlet, where the film's twist ending is lifted from, and which also ended in all the dead heroes returning to life.
    • Starring: Who Throws a Moon? Honestly? (Thanos controlling the moon), 4 Stooges (Thanos's henchmen), Beards of No Nation (Steve Rogers/Captain America), He Was a One-Eyed Blonde Thor Flying Purple People Beater (Thor), Under Armour (Tony Stark/Iron Man), Dumb Beau (Peter Quill/Star-Lord), Portal Kombat! (a shot of Spider-Man fighting Thanos with Doctor Strange's portals), To Wong, Thanks for Nothing, Signed the Avengers (Wong), Shorty LaForge (Eitri), A Hologram for the King (Okoye showing T'Challa a hologram of the Earth), Teen Titan Blow (Peter Parker disintegrating), It Wasn't Me! It Was the One-Armed Stan! (Bucky with one arm), Do Do Do Do Do Do, My Gamora (sung to the tune of "My Sharona" followed by Thanos saying the last part), Red Dead Redemption (Red Skull), and the Dustice League (various shots of heroes disintegrating).

    Deadpool 2 
  • Deadpool 2 (aka Dead Horse)
    • Deadpool doesn't even give the narrator a chance, demolishing the fourth wall and proceeding to an honest trailer on... Honest Trailers.
      • Right before that, however, he sums up the Honest Trailer of Deadpool 2 in... well, very few words.
        Deadpool: In a world, where blah blah, Disney, blah blah, T.J. Miller, blah blah blah, pretending to give a shit about Shatterstar.
    • Starring (as told by Deadpool): Nobody You've Ever Heard Of.

    The Conjuring 


    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 

    Solo: A Star Wars Story 

  • Gotti (aka Movie, Pass)
    • Starring: Itz-a Mee, Gotti-O (John Gotti), Young John Gotti, Jr., Old John Gotti, Jr.?, I Can Watch Keach For Hours (Neil Dellacroce), I Got Youse Babe (Victoria Gotti), The Menu at an Olive Garden (scenes of Gotti talking about food), and The Best Line Joe Pesci Never Got to Say:
      Gotti: I'll park a bus up your ass f*cking sideways!
      Narrator: What?

    Doctor Who (Modern) 

    Doctor Who (Classic) 
  • Doctor Who (Classic) (aka Inspector Spacetime)
    • Highlighting the Archive Panic nature of the series:
      Narrator: So if you like TV shows you can kick back and watch on Netflix, then definitely don't start watching Doctor Who, as this completionist's nightmare will send you scrambling to find episodes that the BBC erased decades ago, by hunting down dozens of DVD box sets, animated recreations and audio plays, while you secretly pray that all of it just magically turns up like those episodes from Africa.
    • Describing the notoriously Broken Base nature of the fandom:
      Narrator: But no matter which Doctor is operating the TARDIS, one thing remains constant: he is either the most overrated or underrated Doctor of all time, in either the most overrated or underrated era of the show. Okay, look. Getting Doctor Who fans to agree on who's the best Doctor is like trying to watch every episode of Doctor Who: it's pretty much impossible, so why even try?
    • Classic Who is described as a paradox: both timeless and copletely out-of-date, and predicting future phenomena while being completely inappropriate for modern times. The latter is demonstrated with a montage of clips from the notoriously-racist serial "The Talons of Weng-Chiang".
    • Starring: Easily-defeated Daleks, slow deaths, convoluted plots, bad fight scenes, flubbed lines, and villains WHO YELL!! (each accompanied by an appropriate montage)

    Ant-Man and the Wasp 

    Batman: The Animated Series 

    Incredibles 2 

    The Meg 

    Rocky IV 


    Mission: Impossible – Fallout 

    Japanese Spider-Man (Supaidaman
  • Japanese Spider-Man (aka Weeb of Spider-Man)
    • The Running Gag of using the show's eyecatch through the trailer.
    • Starring: Takuya's "Hmmm" Face (grid of Takuya making the same face), Naruto Running (grid of Spider-Man's goofy run), Tiny Shorts (grid of boys wearing tiny shorts), Dramatic Faces (montage of people making hammy expressions), Dramatic Zooms (montage of shots zooming in or out), Dramatic Deaths (montage of over-the-top death scenes), Dummies (montage of obvious dummies falling), Slaps (montage of Spider-Man slapping villains), Child Abuse (montage of children in peril or getting hurt), Murder (montage of people getting killed), Suicide?note  (montage of people killing themselves), Poorly Translated Episode Names (shows the title "A School of Love for Children Without Homes"), Poorly Translated Monster Names (shows the monster "Machine Bem Toothache Alligator"), Spider-Man Workshopping his Catchphrase (shows Spider-Man trying different introductions), and Spider-Man Settling on his Catch-Phrase (montage of Spider-Man saying "The emissary from hell, Spider-Man!")
      Narrator: Just once, I want to hear Tobey Maguire yell that.
    • In The Stinger, the Narrator gives a Flat "What" over one scene that looks like Spider-Man wants to run away with a young boy.

    Mary Poppins 
  • Mary Poppins (aka Fantastic Brits and How to Mind Them)
    • The narrator opens the trailer calling it "the best live-action Disney movie of the 60's", and apologizes to the fans of The Gnome-Mobile, The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit, Monkeys, Go Home!, and The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (and then shows a really awkward clip from the latter).
      Narrator: Man, how did Disney stick around long enough to run the world? They spent like three decades making Troy McClure movies.
      Troy McClure: You might remember me from such films as Gladys, the Groovy Mule.
    • The honest lyrics:
      • The "recently unemployed" song (aka "Let's Go Fly a Kite").
        Ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, CRAP!
        I got sacked tonight
        Cash will be getting tight
        Maids, don't laugh, I have to send you packing
      • The "chimney sweeps are actually exposed to lethal amounts of carcinogen" song (aka "Step in Time").
        [sickly coughing]
        Filth and grime, filth and grime
        Filth and grime, filth and grime
        Never had a union, barely make a dime
        Our lungs are full of filth and grime
    • Starring: There's Something About Mary (Mary Poppins), Doik Van Doik, Guvna (Bert), Current Day Dick Van Dyke (Mr. Dawes, Sr.), Garbage Pale Kids (Jane and Michael), *Frustrated British Noises* (Mr. Banks), Doesn't Even Get a First Name (Mrs. Banks)note  Downtoon Abbey (the animated sequence), Happy Feet (the penguin waiters), The Bird Lady From Home Alone 2 (the Bird Woman), In the Navyyyy (Admiral Boom), and Did Mary Poppins Just Murder All These Old Ladies? How Whimsical! (the scene where the line of nannies get blown away)
    • In The Stinger:
      Narrator: You know what's the worst thing about living in Edwardian England? All the chimney sweeps flash-mobbing on your roof.
      Chimney Sweeps: [singing] Link your elbows, step in time! Link your elbows, step in time...
      Narrator: Keep it down, you filthy urchins!

Honest Game Trailers

    Xbox One 
    Sonic Forces 
    Street Fighter V 
    Doki Doki Literature Club 
    Animal Crossing 
    Shadow of the Colossus 
    Dragon Ball Fighter Z 
    Monster Hunter World 
  • Bayonetta (aka Fifty Shades of Greyonetta)
    • The Narrator generally describing the series
      Narrator: Engorge yourself on the frenetic action of the Bayonetta series: A daring mash-up of Devil May Cry and softcore pornography, starring a titty witch with hair for clothes that gets naked to do special moves, that spends most of the game strapping literal angels to torture devices, and spanking them to death; in an experience that's equal parts blazing action, fanservice and straight-up sacrilege; that would give the "games are bad for kids" people an instant hategasm if they ever heard of it.
    • The Narrator calling Nintendo hypocrites for making Bayonetta a core Nintendo franchise despite its sexually-charged content, but deeming his Erotic Wario Series "inappropriate for the Miiverse."
    • The rather... sexually charged language used to close out the trailer before starring:
      Narrator: So cock those high heels, and get ready to climax; in a titillating experience that will leave you aroused, with some of the breast combat around, and action that will erect a timeless monument in gamers' memories. I guess what I'm trying to say is: beeeeewwwwwwwwbssss.
    • Starring: Don't Mess with the Weave (Bayonetta), Luigi (Jeanne), Poor Ardyn (Luka), Rodan in the Money (Rodin), Joe Pesci (Enzo), Mini Me (Cereza), Yu-Gi-Oh! (Loki), Daddy Kafka (Balder), and All These Bosses' Weird Baby Faces.
    • In The Stinger:
      Narrator: I still can't believe they put Bayonetta in Smash Bros., and she's not even the sexiest character!
      [shows a close-up of Wario's ass as he's charging a fart]
      Narrator: Oh yeah. That's the stuff.
    Devil May Cry 
    Metal Gear Survive 
    Far Cry 
    Sea of Thieves 
    Far Cry 5 
    Detective Pikachu 
    Welcome to the Game 
    Nintendo Labo 
    God of War 4 
    Donkey Kong 
    State of Decay 
    Shaq Fu 
    Detroit Become Human 
    Jurassic Park Games 
    Mario Sport Games 
    The Crew 
    Five Nights at Freddy's Ultimate Custom Night 
    Sonic Mania 
    Mega Man X 
    Octopath Traveller 
    Fortnite Season 5 
    We Happily Few 
    World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth 
    NBA 2k19 
    Spider-Man PS4 
    Shadow of the Tomb Raider 
    Mario Party 
    Mega Man 11 
    Luigi's Mansion 
    Assasin's Creed Odyssey 
    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 
    Diablo 3 


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