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    RoboCop (1987) 
  • The trailer's best moment: "RoboCop: A blatant Jesus metaphor who dies, gets resurrected, and walks on water. But instead of dying for our sins, this Jesus...shoots the dick!"
  • "This trailer is rated 'R', because that's how you make a f*cking RoboCop movie!"
  • "The 80s, when movies were made for adults, and marketed towards children!" Cut to an 80s toy commercial for Robocop.
  • "Journey to a futuristic Detroit that's become a bankrupt, crime-ridden hellhole. Basically, present day Detroit."
  • "RoboCop is the last movie that needs a freakin' remake. What are they gonna do next? Die Hard? Oh, no! I've said too much!"

  • A scene showing Ryan's POV as she spins helplessly out of control is overlaid with jaunty carnival ride music, as the narrator comments that "you'll be on the edge of your seat...trying to hold in your barf."
  • The astronauts bouncing off of things in space are punctuated with pinball noises.

  • The film is described as "a blend of historical truth and Zack Snyder nonsense, mixing... actual Persian fighting units with mutant Persian goat men? Huh?"
  • Reciting the long, long list of instances of Ho Yay from the film, including "men wearing thongs, men holding hands, men holding men tenderly from behind, men getting all wet in the rain, men getting all sweaty on the beach, men playing two flutes at the same time, and a male-to-female nipple ratio of 600 to 4. Man, I haven't seen a movie this deep in the closet since Top Gun."

    The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 
  • The narrator cowers when Katniss gives him a Death Glare for saying that all books must be lazily padded into as many films as possible.
    Narrator: Okay, we'll see the sequels! Don't hurt us!
  • And this:
    Narrator: Watch as this good movie gets hailed as great, because everyone wants to be BFFs with Jennifer Lawrence. [cuts to a clip of Jennifer Lawrence] God, she's just so down-to-earth!
  • Among the "starring" list is "the Claaaaw!"


    Captain America: The First Avenger 

    Game of Thrones (Seasons 1 – 3) 
  • When the narrator advertises the spoiler-free version of the trailer at the beginning:
    Narrator: Just be sure to come back and watch the real version when you're all caught up... wuss!
  • "From fiction's most notorious serial killer, comes the TV adaptation of the medieval encyclopedia/dungeon master's guide/porno that is: Game of Thrones."
    Narrator: [humming the show's theme song] Duh-duh! Duh-nuh-duh-duh! Duh-nuh-duh-duh! God that song's cool!
  • "Travel to Westeros, a place where everything is the Thing of Nouns."
    King Robert: The Hand of the King!
    Sam Tarly: Light of the Seven...
    Brienne of Tarth: Brienne of Tarth.
    Ygritte: Lord of Bones...
    Lord Beric: Lord of Light...
    Lord Tywin: Master of Coin...
    Queen Daenerys: Mother of Dragons...
    Shagga: Son of Dolf.
    Melisandre: Son of Fire...
    Melisandre: Warrior of Light...
    Tyrion: Bank of Braavos...
    Lord Stark: Lord of Winterfell, and Warden of the North...
  • The video's summary of the series:
    Narrator: It's the abusive show you keep watching, no matter how many times it hurts you; full of disturbing imagery like incest, beheadings, attempted child murder, more incest...and that's just the first episode!
  • "Watch as everyone fights to sit on the world's most uncomfortable chair, while completely ignoring the invasion of ice zombies that threatens to kill them all. [shows the huge invasion of 'White Walkers'] Seriously, somebody should really get on that!"
  • "Meet unforgettable heroes... that were still alive at the time we wrote this Honest Trailer." For unintentional bonus points, right as he says it, the shot is of Barristan Selmy, who died in Season Five.
    Narrator: [Like] Tyrion Lannister, a character who's so awesome, [shows Tyrion slapping Joffrey Baratheon] (Imp slap!) Peter Dinklage will get every good dwarf role until he dies. Or Warwick Davis kills him.
  • The narrator, like many fans of the show, really hated Joffrey Baratheon.
    Narrator: Watch as these heroes struggle to end the reign of King Justin Bieber. God, if he doesn't die this season, I'm gonna f*cking kill him myself! F*cking HATE that kid!
  • The narrator lampshading the show's Anyone Can Die nature (while also noting that most cases are related to one famous Chronically Killed Actor)...
    Narrator: Ride along on an adventure where any lead character can die, whether you're Sean Bean, Sean Bean's wife, Sean Bean's best friend, Sean Bean's son, Sean Bean's daughter-in-law, Sean Bean's family dogs, or Sean Bean's unborn grandkid. All men must die... who are in anyway close to Sean Bean!
  • ...while also noting its infamous Fanservice status.
    Narrator: Settle in for a show with so many monologues, HBO will desperately try to keep your attention by any BEWBS necessary! [30-second long montage of (censored) boobs set to epic music] ...not that I'm complaining! BEWBS!
  • The narrator giving up on naming, or remembering, the Loads and Loads of Characters.
    Narrator: Starring... the ten characters whose names you actually remember! [Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, Robb Stark, Eddard Stark, Tyrion Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Cersei Lannister, Catelyn Stark, Joffrey Baratheon, Ayra Stark] And all these other characters whose names you actually don't remember! [Jojen and Meera Reed, Yara Greyjoy, Gendry, Giantsbane and Orell] Like: The Sneaky Guy [Littlefinger]; The Sneaky Bald Guy [Varys]; Carl Drago [Khal Drogo]; Those Gay Dudes [Ser Loras Tyrell and Renly Baratheon]; Lord Friend Zone [Ser Jorah Mormont]; Grumpy Old Dad [Tywin Lannister]; The Same Person? [Stannis Baratheon]; Sand-San-Sansa? [Sansa]; Bronn? [Bran Stark]; Bran? [Bronn]; Bronn Again? [Robin Arryn]; Sam? Not Sam?note  [Sam]; The One Who Had A Demon Baby [Melisandre]; The Guy That Got His Dick Cut Off [Theon Greyjoy]; I don't remember her name, but she's Super Hot [Margaery]; Tyrion's Hooker Girlfriend [Shae]; Oh, Hodor! That's Hodor! [Hodor]; Uhh... [Xaro Xhoan Daxos]; Uhhhhh... [Commander Jeor Mormont]; Now You're Just Messing With Me [Walder Frey]; No Idea [Ser Davos]; Faceless Assassin. That Guy's Awesome [Jaqen H'ghar]; Not A Clue [Pycelle]; No [Rodrick]; Uh-uh [Osha]; Nope [Benjen]; Nope [Balon Greyjoy]; Nope [Syrio Forel]; Dunno [Luwin]; I Got Nothin' [Mance Rayder]; Not Ringing A Bell [Beric Dondarrion]; Go Make Up Your Own Names, Nerds! [Barristan Selmy].
    • It's even funnier if you've read the books. If you have, you'll notice that the writers of the show actually changed the names of some of the characters with similar-sounding names so that it wouldn't be even harder to keep them all straight. Asha Greyjoy became Yara Greyjoy so that people wouldn't get her mixed up with Osha the wildling, and Robert Arryn became Robin Arryn so that people wouldn't get him mixed up with Robert Baratheon.
  • In The Stinger:
    Narrator: If you put any spoilers in the comments, I'll kill you. But to all my book bros, R + L = J. You know what I'm talking about!

    Attack of the Clones 
  • The opening line.
    Narrator: From the man (George Lucas) who created some of your fondest childhood memories, then took a huge dump on 'em, comes the prequel-sequel that proved Phantom Menace wasn't an accident.
    Nute Gunray: This isn't how it's supposed to be!
  • The narrator's response to the infamous "I don't like sand" line:
    Narrator: Come on, J.J., there's no way you can do any worse than this.
  • "Obi Wan Kenobi, a man forced to act opposite lifeless CGI characters like Hayden Christensen."
  • The Stinger.
    Narrator: So, correct me if I'm wrong here, but the clones never actually attack anyone in this movie, SO WHY THE F*CK WOULD YOU CALL THIS MOVIE "ATTACK OF THE CLONES"?!

    The Wolf of Wall Street 

    The X-Men Trilogy 
  • While listing off everyone's favorite X-Men, the narrator lists Gambit: "FOOTAGE NOT FOUND."

    The Lion King 

    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 
  • The trailer gives a credit for the one true star of any Michael Bay film: "BEWMS!"
  • The warning at the beginning of the trailer: "The following trailer contains scenes from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen."
  • "From the director who would most likely masturbate to an explosion comes two hours of moving pictures and loud noises that, because if was filmed on a camera, technically qualifies as a movie."
  • "Megan Fox, who once again combines the looks of a professional porn star, with the acting ability of an amateur porn star."
  • After going through the long, long list of asspulls and glaring plot holes, the narrator disgustedly exclaims "we've already put more thought into this movie than the people who made it did."
  • Closing with a clip of Michael Bay getting completely flustered in the middle of a speech and walking off stage, saying he's sorry, followed by the narrator saying "now you know how we felt watching this movie, Mikey."

    Alice in Wonderland (2010) 

  • Epic Voice Guy insisting that Divergent and The Hunger Games are in fact one and the same, and getting into an argument over it with the sound engineer and director.
    "Guys, I'm telling you, we did this already!"
  • The trailer invites us to "sit back for a film full of obvious attempts to pander to teenage girls, like: staring at yourself in the mirror, having perfect hair no matter how much you work out, hot older boys who see how special you are on the inside, and telling them that choosing your clique is the most important decision you'll ever make."

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze 

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier 

    Everything Wrong With The Amazing Spider-Man 2 
  • As a crossover, Screen Junkies and CinemaSins swapped around and did the other channel's most famous video for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.note 
  • When Gwen phones Peter:
    Narrator: Where was Spidey hiding that cell phone? In a skintight suit, there's only one place he could be stashing his stuff. And you don't want to know where it is.
  • Two back-to-back sins:
    Narrator: [after feathers fly when Spidey takes his suit off] Did he just fight a chicken?
    Narrator: [when Spidey's holding a fish] Did he just fight a fish?
  • When Norman Osborn's on his deathbed:
    Norman Osborn: This is not how I imagined I would die.
    Narrator: "I always imagined I'd be impaled on my own glider."
  • The next sin:
    Harry: On my 16th birthday, you send me Scotch.
    Narrator: Sounds like a pretty cool dad to me.
  • Before Max Dillion becomes Electro:
    Narrator: There's your problem. The thingy's all unplugged.
  • And when he becomes Electro: "Hey boss, should we put a lid on these tanks?" "Nah, what's the worst that could happen?"
  • During the first Spidey vs. Electro fight, Electro hits a couple of advertisements for a couple of Broadway musicals:
    Narrator: [in fake Italian accent] Mamma Mia! Not the Jersey Boys!
  • When the scientist introduces himself:
    Doctor Kafka [in stereotypical German accent] I am Doctor Kafka.
    Narrator: [also in stereotypical German accent] "Ze stereotypical German scientist, ja?"
  • When Peter crashes into a wall behind Gwen: "Kramer entrance."
  • When Peter arrives at the disused subway station where his father did his secret research:
  • After Gwen tells Peter that she's been given a scholarship to the University of Oxford:
    Narrator: "With great power comes great responsibility." Unless the girl you're porking moves to England.
  • During the final fight between Electro and Spidey, Electro plays "Itsy Bitsy Spider" on the electrical pylons:
    Spider-Man: I hate this song.
    Narrator: That makes all of us.
  • At the end, when Spidey's about to hit Rhino with a manhole cover:
    Narrator: This was such a great shot in the trailer! I can't want to see what comes ne— [film ends] It's over?! Well, f*ck you too, then!
  • The video ends with 157 sins. And then they have a Bonus Round, full of all the Sony product placements. Final total? 2,899,270.

    Godzilla (2014) 
  • Ken Watanabe is credited as "DUHHHHH".
  • Godzilla himself is listed as "Real Kaiju Have Curves".

    The Fault In Our Stars 
  • Or Cancer F*cking Sucks.
  • TEWBS.

    Transformers: Age of Extinction 
  • Transformers: Age of Extinction (a.k.a. Transformers 4: Welcome to China)
    • The last third of the trailer is spoken in Chinese to mock Bay's pandering to China.
    • "In a franchise that's known for objectifying hot young women, prepare for a new low, as they make the movie's hot chick an underage girl, make her boyfriend a legal adult, and literally stop the movie to explain why it's okay for them to pork. If only they'd put as much time into justifying the plot as they did for having sex with a minor."
    • Instead of the usual funny names for the cast members, the "Starring..." segment is just one Long List of all of the Product Placement that appeared in the film.

    Fight Club 

    X-Men: Days of Future Past 


  • Describing the title character as "How Jennifer Aniston sees Angelina Jolie".
  • Their opinion of Maleficent not turning into a dragon like in Sleeping Beauty:
    Narrator: You had one job, Disney.
  • Noting that the title character is only mean in this version because she was roofied and mutilated by her childhood love.
    Narrator: Have fun explaining that to your kids.
  • "The three fairies you loved from the original, who are now three hideous idiots whose stupidity borders on child abuse. Way to fuck up fairies, Disney."

    The Little Mermaid 
  • The Little Mermaid (1989) (aka The Little Waistline)
    • Starring: She Swells Seashells (Ariel), White Aladdin (Prince Eric), Inki Minaj (Ursula), Phish (some fish extras), the closest thing this movie has to a black person (Sebastian), Jacked Gandalf (Triton), and Whining Nemo (Flounder).
    • The Stinger has the narrator noting that the movie would have been different if Ariel's top half was fish, followed by a scene of a fish-headed Ariel gargling and Eric's disgusted reaction.

    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 
  • The narrator describing the themes of the movie.
    Narrator: Settle for the thinking man's blockbuster chock full of complicated characters, political maneuvering, family dynamics, and a monkey duel-wielding machine guns on horseback, fighting a tank. (Beat) Okay, that was kind of dumb, but who cares? It's still awesome, right?
  • This line about the acting.
    Narrator: See Andy Serkis deliver an Oscar-worthy performance by capturing the graceful movements and emotions of Caesar and doing his best Christian Bale Batman impression, while the cast and crew deliver an even MORE Oscar-worthy performance by not laughing at a tiny British man in a unitard pretending to be a monkey.

    Guardians of the Galaxy 

Honest Game Trailers

    Mario Kart 
    God of War 
    Grand Theft Auto V 
    Assasin's Creed 4 
    Elder Scrolls: Skyrim 
    Star Fox 64 
    Candy Crush 
    Mortal Kombat 
    Final Fantasy VII 
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 
    Pokémon: Red and Blue 
  • The Long List of nicknames for all 151 original Pokémon. The list continues in the Honest Trailers for Gold and Silver, Ruby and Sapphire, Diamond and Pearl, Black and White, X and Y and “Sun and Moon”.
    Mass Effect 
    Team Fortess 2 
    Zelda: The Ocarina of Time 
    Dark Souls 
  • The entirety of this game is full of win:
    Narrator: Get lost in beautiful scenery that you will actually get lost in, full of: NPCs with a dark sense of humor [shows several characters' laughing dialogue], one totally out of place optimist [shows Solaire], and some of gaming's most epic bosses [shows several large bosses]... that you'll take down with a hundred, perfectly timed butt pokes in a row [shows a sped-up clip of defeating Vendrick with countless hits from behind]
  • "Play through all three action RPGs that are challenging in the same way breaking bricks with your flaccid penis is challenging."
  • And the Narrator gets fed up with the "a-holes who won't shut up about beating the game".
    Narrator: Oh, good for you! Do it with a Rock Band controller. Then we'll talk. [cue someone beating it while using a Rock Band controller] Okay... wow.
    Five Nights at Freddy's 
  • The Jump Scare Running Gag.
  • Describing it as "the horror game sensation, that no one enjoys playing, but everyone loves watching other people play".
  • The Shout-Outs and clever puns in the "starring" cast: Winnie the Boo, Los Pollos Hermana, Bonnie Darko, and Sonic the Hedgefox, complete with Sonic's music paired with Foxy's run footage.
  • The narrator feeling relieved that it's a one-off internet fad, immediately followed by the end of the sequel's game trailer.
    Narrator: Aw, f***, we're gonna have a million of these, aren't we?
    World of Warcraft 
  • Saying the epic raids require "more cooperating nerds than the space program."
  • "This is what Warcraft looked like in the nineties, kids! 'Zug-zug', am I right?"
    Super Smash Bros. 
    Pokémon: Gold and Silver 
    The Walking Dead 
    The Last of Us 
    League of Legends 
    FIFA 2015 


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