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Funny / Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

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  • This conversation:
    Chance: I'll give him the old puppy-eyed look. (whimpering)
    Chef: Sorry fella, not for doggies. (some meatballs fall off the table)
    Chance: Flying meat! (eating the meatballs) Ahh! Hot! Hot!
    • He's much less enthused about broccoli, though no less entertaining.
  • About trying to get table scraps from humans.
    Sassy: I'll get food by acting like I don't want food.
    Chance: That's stupid.
    Sassy: I'll prove it!
    Chance: Oh, you don't have to prove it. I believe you're stupid.
  • "He bit me with his butt!!!!!"
  • Chance sniffing the fat chef's butt (including closeup).
    "Must be someone new. I never forget a face."
  • Chance chasing chickens:
    Chance: Hallelujah, I've died and gone to Kentucky!
    Chance: Hey, which ones of you are regular and which ones are extra crispy?
    • He also chases a goose into a corner.
      Chance: Hey hey, come on, I'm not gonna hurt you I just wanna chew on your neck.
    • He later gets chased off by a turkey, unsure of what it is.
      Chance: Whoa! What the?! (Runs away) Help! It's Birdzilla! I swear I'll never eat a McNugget again!
  • While sleeping in the forest.
    (Chance gets startled by the sound of wings flapping over them)
    Shadow: (annoyed) Now what?
    Chance: (voice shaking) There's something out there.
    Sassy: (trying to scare Chance) Ooooooooooooohhhh!
    Shadow: Enough, Sassy! Now sleep!
    • "I'm too pooped to poop."
  • At one point in the movie, the dog playing Chance charges face-first into a sapling at full throttle and then just keeps on running. This event was clearly accidental, but the sheer spontaneity and reality of it is what makes it so hilarious; it wouldn't have been nearly as funny if it had been planned in advance with a CG dog.
  • And this gem:
    Chance: Hey! Remember hot dogs?
    Shadow: Yeah. Never much cared for the name though...
    Chance: Well, I don't think they're really made out of dog...
    Shadow: I don't think they're made of meat.
  • While trying to escape a cougar:
    Chance: I'm such a wimp! I'm running from a cat!
    Shadow: I won't tell if you won't!
    Chance: 'Course, this is no ordinary housecat. This is, like, Arnold Schwarzenkitty!
  • This too:
    Guard: Here, kitty kitty kitty kitty.
    Sassy: "Here kitty kitty kitty." Not on your life, chubby.
    Guard: Here kitty kittty. Here, kitty. SCAT! Here, kitty kitty kitty.
    Sassy: No, dummy dummy dummy dummy.
    Guard: [walking away] Stupid cat!
    Sassy: Hmmm! What a bozo.
    • Later, when Sassy gets him to chase her:
      Sassy: Alright, this way, Thunder Butt!
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    • During that chase, they're seen running back and forth between halls from an intersection. At one instance, he chases Sassy down the hall going right and appearing from the left end. As they to into the right hall, Sassy appears right from the hall she just walked out of.
  • Chance's confession.
    Chance: Okay, okay, I'll talk! I left a gift on the carpet. I let Sassy take the heat for when I unrolled the toilet paper all over the house. I stole underwear on three occasions! [the vet yanks a quill out of his face] Okay, okay, four, four!
  • The entire 'fishing scene'
    Chance: Woah, there's one! Oh, there's one! Woah, sit fish! Stay fish. Hey, Shadow, how'd you get one of those?
    Shadow: Sassy.
    Chance:: Stay fish! Sassy, help me out here will you, I'm starving.
    Sassy: (*taunting*) Say it first.
    Chance:: Oh come on!
    Sassy:Say it!
    Chance: *Grudgingly* OK, cats rule and dogs drool!
    Sassy: I can't hear you.
    Chance: Cats rule and dogs drool, you happy?
    Chance You're welcome, cup cake.
    • Then right after that, when he chases away some bear cubs, and along comes Mama Bear
      Chance: Gosh, you look hungry may I recommend a trout?! *yelps and runs off*
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    • Sassy in general is funny, she is well-named.
  • There are two funny moments in the ending, amidst all the tearjerking and heartwarming: first, when Sassy shows up, Hope scoops her up and begins hugging her with all her might.
    Sassy: Hope, sweetheart—Sassy can't breathe.
    • Then, after Chance gives his heartfelt speech about how he finally feels like he's home and they all go inside:
    Chance: Turkey! Turkey turkey turkey!


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