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  • Captain Smek has a favorite fruit he discovered on Earth: Footballs.
  • Oh can't control himself when he dances. He hates it. Tip finds it hilarious.
    Oh: What is happening to my body?
    Tip: It's called dancing!
    Oh: Boovs do not do dancing!
    Tip: (laughing) I can tell!
    Oh: (while skin is changing to yellow) How long before this kills me?!
    Tip: UGH! What is that?!?
    Oh: Boov song. It is called "Motionless and Obedient." Very big hit.
    • Even funnier, Pig has a freak out over the music.
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  • Pig gets a lot with his Funny Background Event.
  • This bit of dialogue when Tip and Oh first meet:
    Oh: Can I come in to the out now?
    Tip: No! You can not come into the out.
  • "Our tradition is to punch you in the nose—hold still."
  • Tip teaching Oh about jokes, using possibly the oldest joke in history: The interrupting cow.
  • Before they sneak into Paris, Tip offers to disguise Oh so that the other Boov won't recognize him. She breaks out a ton of makeover supplies, decides to start with a Beauty Mark... and that's all. The Boov are completely fooled.
  • Oh: "I will now sing the Boov Death Song."
    • "It is rude to interrupt the Death Song."
      • During the credits: "The Boov Death Song - Written and Performed by Jim Parsons."
  • Oh's Imagine Spot when he considers hiding in Antarctica.
  • Seeing Tip make a mad face has Oh asking "What is the purpose of your face?"
  • As squicky as it is, Oh takes a bite out of a urinal cake and drinks a bowl of lemonade.
    Oh: AAH! DO NOT EAT THE BLUE MINTS! Thankfully, there's a large bowl of lemonade. (SLuuUUuuUUUuuRP) UGH! DO NOT DRINK THE LEMONADE!
    • Doubled is that Tip can hear Oh from the girl's bathroom and is desperately trying to surppress her laughter.
  • The running gag of one of the Big Brain Boov's plan to avoid the Gorg....lying on the ground and playing dead, all with their tongue out, eyes glassy and a comedic death rattle sounding. Even just before the credits role, the Big Brain Boov is STILL doing it!
  • The "Legend of the Shusher", where Captain Smek was invited to a peace meeting with the Gorg. The two sit in total silence across a table from each other, with a pitcher of water between them. The Gorg shifts his leg under the table and makes the ice cubes give the slightest rattle....and Captain Smek freaks out, screaming as he runs away. The Gorgs reaction is total shock at this freakout.
  • The invitation that Oh sends out is a total moment of hilarity as well, down to the animation style, music, Oh giving directions how to get there from SPACE and the Boov's total bewilderment. "LOOK FOR MY BALLOONS!"
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  • Running towards the Gorg mothership, Oh reaches the boundaries of Happy Human Town, where the backblast of wind has left nothing of the white picket fence standing except its gate. Even after all his adventures with Tip, Oh is still Boov enough that he takes time to open the gate and shut it behind him, before rushing onward while the gate, too, is blown away.



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