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  • One of the Hoarders, Andrew, allowed a homeless man to live in small structure on his front lawn (calling it a "shack" would be generous). Inside, the crew discovered a bucket the man had used as a bathroom, leading Matt Paxton to comment, "We're all four or five bad decisions away from shitting in a bucket."
  • Augustine's grown-up children find a half-used pack of early Eighties vintage diapers while cleaning out her filthy house, leading to this exchange.
    Susan: We found some toddler diapers. Jason, how old are you?
    Jason: Twenty-eight.
    Susan: You don't need these any more, do you?
    Jason: Well, sometimes I get nervous.
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  • They show one family on a Sesame Street meet and greet or photo op of some kind. The wife is wearing a Cookie Monster shirt that is pretty obvious, but the Sesame Street sign and Elmo's face are blurred out like the children's faces. Poor Elmo.
  • In one episode Matt Paxton tries reasoning with a woman who wants to keep even broken things. This is par for the course on the show but the item the owner wants to keep is just the snapped rake head. Matt wants to know what she would do with something broken and she insists she'll hang it up for decoration. Cue Matt going into the house and finding a spot to hang it for her and leaving her almost speechless. Matt admits he did it just to see how she would react.
  • Lonnie the Las Vegas memorabilia hoarder has an auction to sell off some of his items, including a pair of gaudy red rinestone-covered platform boots that once belonged to Liberace. At the end of the episode, we find that Matt Paxton bought them and is wearing them.
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  • Adelle hitting on Mark Pfeffer, and him asking her if she left some poop to demonstrate how she flushes her toilet.


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