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Funny / Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni

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  • When Higanbana gave us the impression that Kanamori had become Mesomeso, and had won, we wouldn't consider it funny. However, it's shown that she was pulling his leg, and told him that he failed the test regarding the rules of Mesomeso.
  • During the "After School" segment at the end of the Second Night, there are a few "daydreams" that Kyō of the Mirrors observes. Quite a few of them are rather humorous, and often elicit a Flat "What" reaction from him.
    • The first "daydream" that we see is of the two Sadist Teachers, Kanamori and Shintani, pretty much getting into a pissing contest and accusing the other of being more perverted. There's something bizarrely amusing about seeing these two child molesters bickering about who's worse. It's the Pot Calling The Kettle Black at its finest.
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    • Hikaru and Michiru arguing over who has the superior supernatural power, with them summoning their most powerful allies to battle each other. Instead of fighting as they expected, Hameln just gives Sakunoshin a snack and they chat like friends.
    • The Nurse asking Renoir to use his powers to send her into the pictures in her stash of manga so she can flirt with the hot guys in them.
    • When Kyō drops in on a tea party that Marie and Higanbana were having, they run into some conflict about how to partition Marie's two sugar cookies.

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