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  • After church, Mary is openly Eating the Eye Candy that is Jim Johnson. Katherine tries and fails to get her to tone it down, with Dorothy quietly laughing at the side.
    Katherine: Mary, it's Sunday. Please, have some shame.
    Mary: I will not.
    • Subsequently, when Jim does go over to them, Dorothy and Mary "happened" to want to get more food to give Katherine and Jim some alone time together.
  • At the end of the scene where Katherine revealed how she used data that was supposed to be withheld from her to do her work, Paul walks out of Harrison's office holding a paper with dark ink to the light, trying to see how Katherine did it.
  • How this conversation between Vivian and Dorothy ended:
    Vivian: Despite what you may think, I have nothing against y'all.
    Dorothy: I know. [Beat] I know that you probably believe that.
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  • The three ladies are introduced having car trouble when a policeman pulls up. He starts out as a typical racist ass, but is positively star-struck when they reveal they work at NASA and even gives them an escort. Mary can't help but note that three black women are currently chasing a squad car.
    Ladies, that there is a God-ordained miracle!
  • The IBM man yelling at Dorothy for messing around with his machine...only to be interrupted when his assistant announces the machine is finally working and spitting out numbers.
  • In the movie's finale, the scientists watching John Glenn's reentry dash to Katherine to confirm the math needed to get him home safely. The music builds and the other black female computers gather around her as she rushes through the calculations. When she's finally done, she leans back with a sigh and the music pauses, triumphant...until Mary reminds her that she still needs to bring the paperwork to Mission Control. The music starts up again as Katherine and the envoy from the office run out of the room.
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  • When the ladies meet John Glenn and the rest of the astronauts who will be going to space, Mary yet again blatantly ogles him. When Katherine and Dorothy scold her, she remarks that, as a proponent of equal rights, she "has the right to see fine in every color."

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