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Funny / Hibiki's Magic

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  • Just after Shi is born she goes on a hilarious rampage all throughout the school.
  • Hibiki with Ahito's sunglasses and pistol, which makes it impossible for anyone to take her seriously in that outfit.
  • Nazuna expects the force haunting her to be a dragon or tiger spirit. Hibiki tells her she can see it, Nazuna is ecstatic and thinks this is the answer to a prayer. So what dose the "Evil Spirit" turn out to be, you ask? A baby chick.
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  • The first third or so of chapter 21, which consists pretty much entirely of characters being uncharacteristically blunt and rude to each other as a result of a magic experiment gone wrong. Seeing the usually reserved Misaki outright telling a pair of wizards that they're "so utterly useless that I wonder why we even let you into the lab at all" is just priceless.


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