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Who freaks out over missing a cereal toy?


Season 1

  • Harmony claiming at the girls: "I'm your #1 fan!"
  • Harmony's facts about the girls, much to Ami's embarrassment and Yumi's slight awkwardness. Especially with some of these facts that:
    • Ami draws a face on her bellybutton and makes it talk while she's alone.
    • Yumi being very nervous when it comes to squirrels, due to the pine nut incident when she was 5.
  • The moment where the girls have to give Harmony a gift to show how much they appreciate her. Ami gives her a guitar which Kaz finds "a little too appreciative"—which she is then given a purple pen. Yumi's gift? A souvenir dental impression...and then Harmony hugs Yumi at her legs. Tightly.
  • Ami and Yumi go to take pictures of themselves with Photo Mania. The last image involves Harmony licking a happy Yumi. And when she gets licked again, Yumi flips as the duo escape, kicks the booth down, and insults Harmony.
    Yumi: Take that, evil face licker!
  • Then, Ami and Yumi are taking a mud bath. Ami compliments that the duo also got soothing foot massages, which they actually didn't ask for...and Harmony's doing it. Then they get out of it as Yumi proceedingly flushes Harmony.
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  • The Travel Montage.
  • Kaz sings a poor edition of the theme song. Cue Harmony in the shower in the next shot, as she also claims that she's Kaz's number one fan, due to his "pretty voice". Then he proceeds yelling a girlish scream and runs out.
    • And then come Ami and Yumi, who became sad as they actually liked Harmony. Then they run out wanting her to come back!
Collect All 5
  • Ami explaining to Yumi about the Super Rainbow Blast, later resulting in this tiny exchange:
    Ami: Isn't it awesome?!
    Yumi: Yeah, awesomely sappy.
  • "I'm missing Bunny Huggles! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!"
  • Generally speaking, the entire time Ami attempts to get her own Bunny Huggles. Desperately and insanely, at first.
    • A mall cop insists she must step away from all of the Super Rainbow Blast cereal. She hisses at him complete with a demonic form, much to his fear.
    • Especially when she tried to take one from a young girl...and the girl really doesn't approve of it, as she then harms Ami and throws the latter away.
      Girl: Bunny Huggles mine! (holds up the aforementioned figure) There, there, Bunny Huggles! I love you! (kiss)
    • Ami then proceeds to go to its respective factory. She notices Bunny Huggles, but accidentally falls into a box.
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  • This moment:
    Yumi: Ami! What happened to you?! You look almost as bad as Kaz on a good day!
    Kaz: (offscreen) I heard that!
  • Then, Ami—after many failed attempts to get Bunny Huggles—dresses Kaz up as one for a tea party.
  • At the end, Yumi will eat a bowl of Panda Pals cereal...which have 100 pandas. Ami then checks out most of the pandas there, while Yumi stands beside her unamused.
  • "This traffic stinks. I'm going to go insane from boredom."
  • Later, Ami proceedingly gives Yumi a test from her magazine:
    Ami: Question 1: "Which do you like better? Unicorns or rainbows?"
    (cut to Yumi rolling her eyes)
    Ami: Okay, let's try another. "If you could be any flower"...
    (cue a fade out to Ami after (what might be) a while)
    Ami: Finished! See, that wasn't so horrible.
    (pan to Yumi, who is asleep)
    Yumi: (wakes up) And why is my brain numb?
  • Yumi struggling to get the stone from Ai Ming Pang and assumes he is unfairly cheating. Cue Yumi stepping on his foot to get the stone.
  • To a lesser extent, Yumi's ninja Training Montage.
  • "Locks, like intruders, cannot be trusted!"
  • Yumi, as a ninja, isn't really good when it comes to her absurd new behavior.
    • After the girls' gig, a guy wants their autograph. Yumi thought he was about to commit violence, much to Ami's chagrin.
    • Then people take pictures of the girls. Ami says that was enough for now, but the people still want to take a few more pictures. Yumi then scares all of them away.
  • Yumi attempts to break a rock with her head. It indeed broke.
Talent Suckers
  • Ami and Yumi realize that the Talent Suckers didn't suck their blood, or steal their souls. Cue a moment of them guessing what they sucked. The icing on the cake is how Kaz gives an Aside Glance, shortly before it dawns upon Ami and Yumi that the Talent Suckers live up to their name.
  • The Talent Suckers' mangled version of the show's theme song.
Olé!In The Cards
  • The addictive card game is named Stu-Pi-Doh, which is a tongue-in-cheek Take That! at Yu-Gi-Oh!.
    • The cards also can be funny.
  • Ami realizing Chad's only Stu-Pi-Doh.
  • After the girls forgive each other, they then see another man they fall in love with...and then have another duel.
Team Teen
  • The backwards logic in two Japanese pop stars questioning an American team of superheroes' shoes-off house rule.note  And Jarhead shouldn't abide by it.
Opera Yumi
  • Seeing Yumi dressed in ridiculous outfits singing opera.
Save the Farm
  • Kaz apparently enjoys eating hay.
  • The rooster alarm clock rings as the sun rises for the morning—Yumi then decides to crush the alarm clock. Then an actual rooster crows (loud) at Yumi, which pisses her off enough to call it a turkey. In the same moment, Ami was unusually still asleep somehow before the rooster came up.
  • And in the next few moments:
    • Kaz attempts to milk a cow, but then it gets mad and sprays milk at him.
    • He also couldn't get a donkey to budge, so he then used Ami and Yumi as donkeys.
  • During their attempt to help the farm:
    • The girls help to raise a building...only for it to fall and make several animals and Zeke tip over like dominoes.
    • Yumi accidentally got one of her boots in a milk bucket, and Kaz is in a bale of hay in the aftermath.
  • Kaz accidentally gets his head..."milked" when he accidentally turns on the "cow milking" device.

Season 2

Hungry Yumi
  • Yumi's over-the-top Imagine Spot of the consequences of stealing the fat guy's burger. She imagines that the guy's overwhelming hunger will cause him to be unable to get to work on time, resulting in him getting fired and out on the street holding a sign that says "Will work for burgers".
  • When Yumi laments how she has to say goodbye to the one she loves, she's referring to the burger, but the fat guy thought she was talking about him.
  • The fat guy later gives Yumi a half of his burger, much to her delight...only for Kaz to eat it.
  • Yumi tries to call Kaz on the phone to give him a piece of her mind for not inviting her and Ami to his party.
    Yumi: Kaz, invite us to your party!
    Kaz: What? You're saying you want to go potty? Leave me out of it!

Season 3

Stop the Presses
  • When Ami finds that there is one copy of the newspaper with the embarrassing photo of her remaining, she starts to get a little psychotic.
    Ami: Let's beat him up, take the paper, and eat his bike!
Agent Y
  • When Yumi is told to go to the C.O.W., she at first thinks that she's to talk to an actual cow, but it turns out she's really supposed to talk to the organizations' leader, whose title happens to spell "cow".
  • At the end of the episode, before Agent X wipes her memory, Yumi reads in the book of secrets that the President is a robot.
Motor-Psycho Mamas
  • Kaz appears in a trivia pop-up to give the fact that in England, people drive on the left side of the road. He then complains about this being his only line in the episode.
  • At the end of the episode, it turns out that Kaz was the one throwing pies at Ami and Yumi when they made puns, remarking that it serves them right for not giving him much screentime.
Trouble With Mimes
  • Yumi remarks that sometimes she worries about Ami when Ami is somehow able to read Sy Lantz' invisible card.
  • Ami and Yumi trick Sy Lantz and the other mimes into violating the rule of mimes being silent by pestering them with incessant phone calls.
Tooth Decay
  • Ami and Yumi get the bratty boy to surrender his loose tooth by pretending that his disbelief in the tooth fairy is killing them. When it turns out they don't have a quarter to give for the tooth, Yumi gets the boy to agree to an I.O.U. by claiming that they'll die if he refuses one.
Gridiron Maidens
  • Kaz manipulates Ami into continuing to play football by claiming that his great aunt needs an operation. Yumi asks how he can look at himself in the mirror. Kaz replies that it's easy to look in the mirror when one is as handsome as he is.
Sound Off
  • The episode starts with the inexplicable change of Ami talking with Yumi's voice, Yumi talking with Kaz's voice, and Kaz only able to make animal sounds. It only gets funnier from there.
  • By the end of the episode, everything's normal except Kaz and Domo have swapped voices now.
Small Stuff
  • When the shrunken Ami and Yumi encounter Kaz vacuuming, they call him Kaz-zilla. Kaz even does the same stock roar used in the Godzilla franchise.
  • The ending fake-out where "The End" appears on the screen while Ami and Yumi are chewed up by their cats.
  • Near the end of the episode, the Darth Vader Clone prepares to get even with Ami and Yumi, only for the monkey who threw himself out of Ami and Yumi's ship to land into the villain's ship and mess with the controls.
Evil AmiYumi
  • The evil versions of Puffy AmiYumi manage to be funny in general, especially since Evil Ami and Evil Yumi both have beards and the band's Evil Plan is apparently to use their lousy playing to make everyone despise music forever.
  • The twist ending where it's implied that Slim Chance's horse Butterscotch is actually two people in a costume, when Ami and Yumi had spent the episode disguising themselves as the horse to cover up Kaz accidentally knocking her comatose.
Big Waldo
  • Kaz mentions that he got the idea to buy swamp land from a website called wwww.moneydownthegopherhole.scam.
Manga Madness, Part II
  • When Mr. Master states that he won't actually know his own master plan until next issue, Kaz is quick to question how the villain assumes he'd be a threat to the plan if he doesn't even know what it is yet. Mr. Master replies "Don't try to confuse me with rational questions!"
  • Ami accidentally erasing Kaz's face.
Julie AmiYumi
  • Julie's meltdown over the audience booing her for pinning Ami and Yumi under a speaker.
    Julie: That's not love! That's mean!
It's Alive!
  • When Harmony rounds up an angry mob, we see among the raised hands of torches and pitchforks a hand carrying an ice cream cone.
  • At the end of the episode, Ami and Yumi reward Kaz by making him a bride, whose head ends up falling off.

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