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Funny / Heta Hazard

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  • France's first worry when he wakes up after the earthquake being whether or not his "vital regions" are ok.
  • The nine nations that landed together try to find a working cell phone among them so they can call for help. Only America has one, but guess what? It broke into several tiny pieces when they fell.
    • Made even funnier when Prussia, the only one to land separate from them, uses up his phone battery taking photos of himself after defeating a zombie.
  • America's class being "Fat Hero".
  • France locking America in the bathroom to cheer him up.
    • Made even better by America using France to break down the door.
  • America's table of food in 14 2/2.
    • Especially the lone, gray burger among all the normal ones. I think we all know who cooked that one...
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  • This exchange between Kumajiro and Spain in part 25:
    Kumajiro: I found someone I don't know!
    Spain: Someone you don't know? Who?
    Kumajiro: I don't know!
  • Hong Kong's weapon being fireworks and Finland's being his cellphone (Probably a Nokia phone).