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Funny / Hell and High Water

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  • After being released from her holding cell and being pardoned, Lightning Dust happily watches from the sidelines, chewing on a recently crafted BLT while Rainbow and Sunset are talking with Fluttershy. She then takes a moment to snark at Rainbow's mute anger over the situation.
    "But what do I know? I’m just some rookie that flunked off the team and wound up as her [Gilda's] lackie for a year." She took a poignant bite of her BLT, chewing with a bemused expression.
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  • A moment later, Aria drags Princess Twilight in by the scruff of the neck, declaring:
    Aria: Hey, I found some litter on your lawn. Know who it belongs to?
  • In Chapter 16, when Rainbow wants to chase after and investigate Sour Sweet.
    Sunset: We don't need to get distracted again, Marred. The girls are waiting for us. She’s just some angry Alpha Bitch. It's nothing.
    Rainbow: All due respect, Stanza?
    Sunset: Am I not gonna like this?
    Rainbow: Last time there was an angry alpha bitch attending a school that involved magic-?
    Sunset (hesitantly): Point made.
  • All of chapter 16.5, the April Fools' chapter, in which the story is set up as a movie directed by the actual Uria, Lord of Searing Flames.