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This being a comedic game written by Yahtzee, a lot of Funny Moments were inevitable.

  • A good many of the messages right before a stage, after getting a hat, and after failing, really. Weirdly enough, the reverse swear jar is a lot less amusing.
  • The wizard is worth a lark, from the text reactions to his effects to the ways he calms down after you catch the hat. And his stall in the bonus card sequence is a Peanuts reference, to boot.
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  • The satellite gift basically only just points out what and what is not a hat... And always too late for it to be actually useful.
  • The survival mode gift makes fun of survival games, with a hunger and thirst meter that slowly rises with each hat acquired until they max, making Yahztee need to hunt some rabbits and bears. However, soon enough, a bear with a suit appears, and upon shooting him, it turns out he's an important figure in a corporation, and thus Yahtzee decides to steal his job for some reason, triggering the next part of the mini-game.
    • While running the company, the player can just embezzle the acorns they have. If the player lasts long enough without embezzling, they will be informed that the company has decided that they're the least likely to embezzle. All three choices prove otherwise.
  • If you think the gold desk seems suspicious, you'd be right. It gets stolen very quickly. Thankfully, it was insured. However, Yahtzee decides to start drinking while answering the insurance claim form. And then there's the questions and their choices. And finally, if you actually answer everything correctly, the claim will still be rejected because of the "dumb signature".
  • Getting both tires will cause the desk to go down a hill, resulting in a "catch as many hats as you can" mini-game. It ends with the desk crashing into a huge imp at the bottom. Stage 2 is basically you trying to align yourself with the hat floating in space, with a story scrolling past in the background. The moment you get it, the text changes to "NEVERMIND SOMEONE PUT A HAT ON".
  • The entire visual novel parody. It starts with the game crashing, shows that your girlfriend is a hat with anime girl eyes, forces you into using a random self-depreciating name, and it gets better from there.
    • You can go to the fun fair, and go on the rides several times. Riding too many times, however, causes Hat-chan to start vomiting everwhere. You then get a paper message from the park owner reimbursing you for the hat that got crushed in the rides as a result with more than a dozen more hats.
    • Alternatively, going home after taking the rides results in an amusing "merry go round" ride which is really just a big guy with really long arms holding a basket. The player decides to get off because the poor guy holding the basket is getting a hernia.
    • Going on a dog walk results in Hat-chan introducing the player to Spoon-kun. Turns out Spoon-kun is an old acquaintance of the player's from their days in organized crime, and has been acting as her dog for years in order to get a chance at revenge for a previous incident. The whole thing is written like it's entirely serious, but the premise is entirely ludicrous. Even better, while killing Spoon-kun when you have the chance to results in chuckle-worthy notes, the best of it is the choice to tell the truth to Hat-chan... Only for her to take it in stride and make the player and Spoon-kun apologize to each other. The date concludes as normal, too.
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    • Going to Spandau Prison results a discussion about Rudolf Hess. The next choice promptly reveals that the player is in fact Rudolf Hess. That's funny enough on its own, but trying to reveal it to Hat-chan is even better.
    • Hilariously, in this mini-game, the player is a high school student, a guy previously involved in organized crime, a serial killer who hears voices, and Rudolf Hess, all at the same time.
  • Catching something that isn't a hat results in being smashed into a flapjack, no matter how light they might be. And then you are roundly insulted by Yahtzee for it.


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