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  • "He's so accidentally cool!"
  • Everything out of Ramón's mouth.
    Ramón: (to Gloria) Hello! I know size can be daunting... but don't be afraid... I love you!
    Gloria: UGH!!!!!
    • "I know I can do this. I'll just trick myself. Hey, look at that! What? Aaaaaaaaaaaah!"
  • Memphis's reaction to Mumble's dancing.
    Memphis: I wouldn't do that around folks, son.
    Mumble: Why not?
    Memphis: Well...just ain't penguin.
  • Lovelace's Large Ham moments.
  • The suggestions of how Mumble can convince Lovelace to answer his questions:
    "Unimaginable torture?"
    "Imaginable torture?"
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  • "You lost the baby?! Memphis!"
  • Mumble hatching. His feet were the first thing to pop out, and he started dancing with his shell still attached.
    Memphis: That's different.
  • Then there's Memphis telling his son he has to attend school.
    Mumble: I'll try, Pa.
    Memphis: You bet you will. The word "Triumph" starts with "try", and it ends with...
    Mumble: "Umph".
    Memphis: That's right. A great big, -Strikes a pose- "Umph!" I'm going fishing.
  • The conclusion of the chase scene of Mumble and the leopard seal.
    • Complete with taunting the leopard seal.
      Leopard seal: Come here, sausage. I take you with ketchup.
      Ramon: Yeah, but first, you got to catch up!
    • "Oh no, he's coming! We'd better move in half an hour!" And then slow-mo running. Yeah.
    • "Oh, he's leaving! Wait, that was his face!" "See ya, fatty."
  • When Mumble first displays his awful singing to the Amigos. "Yeah, I knew an animal who made that noise once. But then we turned him over and he was dead."
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  • When baby Mumble asks about the GPS tracker on the lead skua's ankle, the skua (which for some reason has a Boston accent), launches into a story about how he was "abducted by aliens" (tagged by researchers and released). The others in his band kvetch about it to no end, and it's strongly implied that they've heard this story many times— to the point where they're mouthing along with his spiel behind his back.
  • When being attacked by the orca:
    Raul: They're making us appeteasers!
    Ramón: They're appe-teasing us!
    Rinaldo: Ha, ha, ha! (beat) We're all gonna die!
  • During the "Boogie Wonderland" scene, when the elders are watching the graduates dance, you can see one of them dancing along, before one of the others hits him on the back of his head.