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  • In "I am Hannah, Hear Me Croak", Jackson and Robbie are making breakfast, singing a parody of "I Got Nerve", when they run out of grape jam.
    Jackson: We're outta grape. So sad! It's all your fault, you bad dad.
    Robbie: (stopped singing) You know what, son?
    Jackson: Yeah, Dad?
    Robbie: Ya got nerve!
  • The beginning of "She's a Super Sneak" when Robbie has the fish. Especially when the fish is staring Jackson right in the face.
    Robbie: What's it going to be, Bucky? Pan-Fried or Barbecue?
    Jackson: Dad, remember what we said about naming the fish?
    Robbie: What? (sticks fish in face)
    Jackson: Makes it kind of hard to eat!
  • The subplot in "O Say, Can You Remember the Words?". After Jackson helps cure Rico of his candy habit, he winds up becoming a bit of a sugar fiend himself, which has apparently happened at least twice before.
    Jackson: Hey,Dad!Howyoudoin'?What'sfordinner?Hopeit'smeatloaf!Howwasyourday?Minewasgood!Niceshirt!Itgoeswithyourhair!What'sfordinner?Didn'tIalreadyaskthat?Meatloaf?
    Robbie: Jackson, how much candy have you had today?
    Jackson: W-W-W-Wh-Wh-Why would you even ask that?
    Robbie: We both know you have a problem when you've had too much sweets.
    Jackson: Let it go, I was 8, it was Easter, I'd never seen a chocolate bunny before! Mmm, big chocolate bunny ears, with candy eyes, ooooh…
    Robbie: Okay, let me smell your breath.
    Jackon: (hesitantly blows a small breath out the corner of his mouth)
    Robbie: Dang! You smell like the inside of a piñata!
    Jackson: Big deal, so I've had a few… dozen pieces of candy! I can stop anytime I want! (takes out a chocolate bar and takes a huge whiff of it as he's walking away)
    Miley: (walks in) Hey, what you eating?
    Jackson: NOTHING! GET OFF MY BACK, WOMAN! (runs out)
    Miley: Daddy, I haven't seen him like this since Halloween of '99.
    Robbie: Oh, I remember. I clocked him at 58 miles an hour in his roller skates. In a Yoda costume!
    • When he's learned his addiction to candy will have consequences, Jackson has a nightmare where he's become so fat he can barely stand up, while Rico has on an obviously fake set of six pack abs and chides him for eating too much sugar. Jackson tries to follow him up a hill only to trip and literally roll down it.
  • When Miley is considering sharing her secret, and Robbie Ray tells her that he trusts she'll do the right thing, she immediately tells him: "I'm fourteen, I'm almost guaranteed to screw this up".
  • In an early episode Hannah blows off the Queen of England to go to Jackson's volleyball game, and the confused queen asks her majordomo "Simon, have we been Punked?". The sheer incongruity of having the Queen of fricking England not only know what being Punked is, but thinking it might have happened to her is hilarious.
  • In "I Will Always Loathe You", Ruthie and Dolly visit Miley when she wins a music award as Hannah Montana. The only problem is they hold a grudge against each other, mainly because Dolly took Mamaw's dream guy, Elvis Presley. Then they decide to fight backstage, while Miley is giving her speech.
    Hannah Montana: And what makes this night perfect is I can share it with the two women who had inspired me with their character, strength and of course...
    Ruthie: Man Stealer!
    Dolly: Sore Loser!
    Hannah Montana: (sees Ruthie and Dolly fighting) ...Their class. I can always count on these two very special ladies (addressing Ruthie and Dolly) to stop what they're doing when I need them. Uh, I-I-I remember when I— when I got my first review. They both (addressing the ladies again) cut it out, and sent it to me. They sent me so many clippings, I finally just had to say (addresses them again) ENOUGH ALREADY!!!
    • Miley manages to break up the fight... by ripping off Ruthie and Dolly's wigs, much to their horror. Then when she comes back on stage...
    Hannah Montana: Once again, I would just like to say thank you so much for this award... (holds up Dolly's wig) I mean this award. (holds up Ruthie's wig) Oh, sweet niblets. I hope you two are HAPPY!!!
    • When Lilly finds out why Ruthie and Dolly are at each other's throats:
    Miley: Mamaw never forgave Dolly for stealing the love of her life... Mr. Elvis Presley.
    Lilly: No.
    Miley: Yes.
    Lilly: No!
    Miley: Yes!
    Lilly: NO!
    Jackson: YES! Yes, yes. Elvis! Elvis with the pelvis and the hair and the hunka-hunka burnin' love! Guys, I haven't slept all night and my back is killing me. So please, for the love of all that is good and pure in this forsaken universe... ZIP IT!!!
  • In "(We're So Sorry) Uncle Earl" which features Gilbert Gottfried, Jackson is flipping through the channels and at one point you hear the Hannah Montana theme song starting from their television set. Jackson sighs in exasperation and yells "WHEN IS THIS NOT ON?" This is made funnier when you realize that not only did he come across his own show, but also stumbled upon a Creator In-Joke lampshading how popular the show was when it was still airing.
    • Jackson's attempt to fool the Gottfried character with a Paper-Thin Disguise of Ozzy Osbourne. This exchange makes it more humorous.
      Critic: I just have one question. (Removes Jackson's wig) How stupid do you think I am!?
      Jackson: I-I was hoping a lot. Enjoy the show.
      Jackson runs
    • Before that, we have the following exchange:
      Jackson: Listen...uh, listen...uh, liste—
      Critic: I'M LISTENING!
      Jackson: Well?
    • Jackson is full of these in this episode:
      Miley: Well, what's the worst [the Critic] could say?
      Jackson: How about this: (doing a hilariously accurate Gilbert Gottfried impression) "HANNAH MONTANA! WHAT DID THAT POOR STATE EVER DO TO YOU!?"
  • In the episode "Sleepwalk This Way", the beginning of the episode. The expressions on their faces are priceless.
    • Everything Miley says to her teacher when she's zoned out while sleep-walking.
    Teacher: (after Miley insults her shoes) They're comfortable and I walk to work!
    Miley: Why? Broom in the shop?
  • During the fourth season, at the end of one episode, Miley and Lily decide to move their room to the barn. The reason for it? Jackson is eating a chili-dog and he walks to their doorway, burps into the room and promptly leaves. It was hilarious in a farce-like manner.
  • Some of Rico and Jackson's songs in the He Could Be The One episode are hilarious. What comes to mind is one where they're singing about boys doing stuff wrong (or something along those lines), and end with "We don't even know how to end this song". They then pause, look at each other, then look back to the screen and sing "la la la la" while they dance out.
    • They bring Siena with them for "I'll Always Remember You". The jazz song is the funniest including Siena telling Jackson. who thought he and Rico were going to be more than backup singers, that she had a better agent and Rico saying if Miley leaves they'll have no ride...leading them to run after her.
  • From "Bye-Bye Ball":
    • When Robbie tries to console Miley over her teddy bear that Jackson accidentally ruined.
      Robbie: Hey, I'm sorry Darlin', but you're in high school, now. Don't you think you're a little too old…
      Miley: (Death Glares at him)
      Robbie: …To be waitin' this long for your brother to apologize? DO IT, BOY!
    • Jackson interrogating Lilly and Oliver.
      Jackson: (speaking in German accent) You vill tell me vat I vant to know. Ze choice is whether you will tell me before ze pain...OR AFTER! NOW WHERE IS ZE BALL?!
      Oliver: Uh, what ball? (turns to Lilly and gives a thumbs-up, but she hits him in the arm)
      Jackson: (speaking normally, whining) The Joey Vitolo my dad gave me for my thirteenth birthday! (back to speaking in German accent) ZAT BALL!
      Lilly: I don't know what you're talking about!
      Jackson: Fine. Perhaps a trip to ze closet vill jog your memory.
      Lilly: You'll never get me to squeal.
      Jackson: You're right, you are strong, BUT HE IS WEAK! (grabs Oliver and drags him to the closet, as Oliver screams in a high-pitched voice.)
      Lilly: Oliver, don't let him break you!
      Oliver: (as Jackson opens the closet) It's okay. It's just a closet. WHAT IS THAT?! (Jackson shoves him into the closet and closes it) No, no, no! (Beat) Help me. (Jackson opens the closet.) She's at... Vitolo's. (collapses)
  • One episode features Miley accidentally blowing her secret by bragging to a TV star that she's Hannah Montana. In order to save her from being hounded by paparazzi, she (and her family) pretend to be lunatics who only think they're celebrities. This is funny enough, but it becomes hilarious when
    Robbie Ray: (Wearing a over-the-top mullet wig) Hi, I'm Billy Ray Cyrus!
  • In "We Are Family: Now Get Me Some Water", the beginning. Miley is practicing for an awards show, while Jackson is playing a crazy car video game.
    Jackson: You'll never take me alive, coppers eh!
    *Miley tries to get back to playing*
    Jackson: Outta me way, Grandma! Got the popo on my tail.
    Miley: Jackson, I'm trying to practice for the awards show.
    Jackson: Yeah, don't worry. You're not bothering me.
    Miley: But you're bothering me.
    Jackson: Oh, right. Don't care. Look out cow! *crashing and mooing can be heard* Oooh, look at that heifer fly, right into the marching band.
    *Miley gets up from the piano to watch*
    Miley: You know Jackson, you have a real car. Here's a thought: get in it and drive away!
    Jackson: Yeah, I would but that takes real gas which costs real money, which Rico doesn't pay me a real lot.
    Miley: Why don't you just ask Rico for a raise?
    Jackson: (in cartoony voice) Ask for a raise. Gee that sounds like a good idea. Oh wait. I did.
    • Just watch it here.
  • In "Me and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas", there is the beginning where Miley as Hannah is shocked to learn Robbie Ray's answer to the Jonas Brothers asking him to write them a song:
    Robbie Ray: I'd love to!
    Miley Song-writin' daddy say what?!
  • Rico's reaction when he finds out from Jay Leno that Hannah Montana is Miley and he had not realized in spite of knowing Miley (meaning he's been made a fool by people he considers stupid), and Jackson rubbing salt in the wound. Especially when he gets help from a Gospel choir. Behold!
  • In The Movie, during "You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home", we see the camera moving across the crowd, and Jackson gives Miley a "loser" sign. But the look on his face still says "I love you."
  • After Miley's bodyguard gets overprotective to the point of harassing the school to keep her safe from one bully, Miley asks Lilly what would happen if her bodyguard wasn't protecting her. Lilly responds by saying that the bully would "beat [Miley] open like a pinata and probably use Dandruff Danny as the stick".
  • The entirety of the Pancake Buffalo episode. Especially the outcome.
  • The little song Miley and Jackson sang in the episode "You Give Lunch A Bad Name." Can be seen here.
    Miley: We're gonna paaarty!
    Jackson: And party heaaarty!
    Miley: With my friend Maaarty!
    Jackson: You don't know a Maaarty!
    Miley: But it rhymes with paaarty!
    Jackson: ...That's kinda smaaarty!
  • Episode 13 of Season 4 has the following line:
    Miley: Oversized sweatshirt buying daddy who just said three time academy award winning director producer of Jaws, Jurassic Park, ET, Men in Black 1 and 2, wants me to star in his next big block buster opposite of Mission Impossible hunky hunk Tom Cruise, Say What?
    • Note, the above is all said in one breath... without stopping.
  • Miley getting a whiff of Lilly's smelly feet in "Cuffs Will Keep Us Together".
    Lilly: Okay this is definitely not an improvement.
    Miley: (gags) Your feet stink!
    Lilly: Yeah? How do you like em' now? (puts her feet closer to Miley's face)
    Miley: (gags)