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Even a theme park attraction concentrating on scaring the pants off of you can make you burst into tears of laughter!

  • Back in 2005, someone thought that one of the toilets in the Demon Cantina haunted house was a real working toilet and peed in it.
  • The Usher's press appearances are half hilarious due to his dark, dry humor and half due to how uncomfortable he makes the anchors. This is especially apparent in the CBS News video, since he lingers in the studio after his interview and even comments on several news stories, including a traffic jam...
    The Usher: And should you be one of those people not in traffic, wave to the people waiting in traffic as you drive by! Rub it in. [evil laugh]
    Anchor: Usher, I have a question for you, do you know what the most annoying phrase you hear every single day is?
    The Usher: "You smell like death!"
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  • Jack's Carnival of Carnage show in 2007 and The Carnage Returns show in 2015 feature biting humor and clever kills with Jack and Chance.
  • 2018's event was all centered around the 1980s. Not only did we get houses based off of Stranger Things, Halloween 4 and Poltergeist and a scarezone based off of Killer Klowns From Outer Space, but also original content that makes you feel like you're walking into one of the more silly movies from the 80's like Slaughter Sinema, a house very similar to Silver Screams and H.R. Bloodengutz presents: Holidays of Horror.
  • 2015 shows that HHN can agree with Disney on one thing: the promotional gift given to press was a chopped off limb still firmly grasping a selfie stick with Jack's writing in the flesh demanding that they not bring one when they come to the event. Said selfie stick still has a phone attached. When the press connected it to their computers, they found a wide assortment of pictures from the unfortunate guy that got presumably got killed by Jack and Chance for sneaking into the backstage area...but not before they took a few selfies themselves.
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  • During the 2019 version of the unofficial chainsaw events in the Springfield, U.S.A. area, one of the actors was reported to have recieved a broken chainsaw prop, making up for this by humorously shouting "chainsaw noises".
  • At one point during Academy of Villains: House of Fear, the doctor puts a device called the Dream Machine on one of the patients. When he does, a sexy woman appears on-screen (in silhouette) and starts dancing. The doctor covers both the patient's eyes and his (though he does take a quick peek), and takes the helmet off. When he puts it on again, the woman reappears and continues dancing. The doctor takes off the helmet again, this time causing the words "What's your problem, dude?!?" to appear on the screen. After he puts the helmet back on one more time, the woman reappears, now pissed off at the interruptions, and flips the doctor off before storming off-screen.