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Funny / Haiyore! Nyarko-san

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  • Hiro searching the great library with the keywords "Nyarko" "Kuuko" "age". After the expected reaction from the girls, Hastur informs them the database froze up, showing a screen filled entirely with Nyarlehotep's pseudonyms, then zooms out to show a bunch of large holoscreens of the same.
  • SMOOCH YEAH!!!!note 
  • In Episode 2, Nyaruko gives Mahiro a magic charm, initially saying it's an engagement ring. He takes it... and promptly stomps on it.
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  • The eyecatch for episode 2 - Nyarko drinking "Cola of Cthulhu".
  • Nyarko puts on a pair of glasses in an attempt to be more Meganekko for Mahiro, who isn't impressed. Kuuko, on the other hand?
    Kuuko: I'm wet.
  • Since there are few to no adaptations that make it all the way through the light novels and they're unlikely to be officially translated, would you like to know the ending? Mahiro finally accepts Nyarko's love and marries her, only to have his fears turn out to be justified all along when he loses all his SAN points on their wedding night, screaming such things as "No!", "Help!" ...and "I can't do it anymore!"


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