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     How Terminator Dark Fate Should Have Ended 
  • While trapped underwater, Sarah explains how they'll blind the Rev-9 with a parachute once it gets close then escape. Instead, the Rev-9 simply waits them out.


     The Avengers - Best Picture Summary 2020 

     How Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Should Have Ended 
  • The thumbnail for the video already lampoons the fact that Rey and Kylo become a couple in the film, with Rey and Kylo appearing in the same light saber-wielding poses from the film's poster... except that here they're leaning over each other for a kiss, lips puckered up. With Palpatine doing the heart hand symbol behind of them.
  • One word: REEEEEEEEYYYY!!!
  • Palpatine trying to rehearse a dramatic entrance with the Sith spirits, trying to make them "extra spooky".
  • Once again, Anakin starts gushing about familial relations when Palpatine offhandedly mentions Rey is his granddaughter, much to Palps' horrified annoyance. Ahsoka ends up questioning how it is possible Palps produced offscreen, prompting Obi-Wan to answer that he prefers not to think on it.
    • Anakin even addresses the Sith spirits and Snoke torsos in the background in his excited screechy voice.
  • In the post credits scene, the final scene of the original movie is changed.
    Old woman: Who are you?
    Rey: I'm Rey.
    Old woman: Rey who?
    Rey: Rey-venge of the Sith! Bow down to your new empress! Dark side!
    Loki: He's in denial, isn't he?
    Palpatine: Everyone, get out!

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